Justin Bieber Performance With Siblings!

In Cordoba, Argentina.

  • lolumadhuh

    Damage control.

    • anonymous

      master of emotional blackmail

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      my FUCKING thoughts exactly. I typed the entire thing out, bc iasfm

    • MCMimi

      Wow I was expecting idiots commenting like this, he can’t even be nice to his brother and sister without you telling him shit for it? Bieber cannot please his haters ever, he does bad fuck the douche, he does good he’s fake douche for attention ? Really? Grow the fuck up already. God how you even live with yourself so fucking ignorant?

  • A.U.

    Now this is the side of Justin a lot of people will appreciate. Why can’t he be like this all the time?

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      bc he’s naturally a douchebag.

      • Guest

        Do you know him? NO. What you say about others says more about you then them. Have some morals kid.

      • anon

        takes one to know one ;)

    • Hov

      Are you the same way all the time? No. Everyone has bad days or weeks or months lol, I bet you would not be good all the time since no one can specially having cameras in your face every day and people talking shit to you for even being nice and calling it pr stunts ( pathetic ). I think he’s tired of being misjudged so much, even before he started messing up he was treated the same way, now he just doesn’t give a shit what those peasants think of him :) I actually like it more now.

  • Silver

    Lol… But she is adorable. All kids are. Can’t wait for Gracie to grow up.

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    if this is his attempt to try to repair his image, it’s not working cuz we dont care.

    • Guest

      You don’t care? Is that why you’re on ALL OF BIEBER POSTS TALKING SHIT? Yeah. Obsessed brainwashed sheep hater, nothing else. Have some morals.

  • Jeanette Grimshaw


  • boo

    Seriously dislike Bieber, but this is way cute. Hopefully his siblings aren’t exposed to too much of his shenanigans and only see the cool part of their big brother’s job, at least while they’re still so young.