Justin Bieber WEHO Red Boxers Flash

Justin Bieber Out Shopping In West Hollywood
Justin Bieber Out Shopping In West Hollywood
Justin Bieber and his crew out shopping in West Hollywood, California on November 16, 2013. Justin stopped to take some pictures with a couple of young girls on his way back to the car.

  • Cici

    There’s nothing attractive about that..gross.

    • Godney

      agree.. why wearing pants if you are gonna use them like this? ew

  • threelittlebirds

    is he shopping to find pants that actually fit?

  • trufax

    Lil Twist’s dick has been inside there….

  • kdelly

    justin honey thats not how you wear pants….pathetic

  • Cimbom

    looking like diapers, those pants i mean.

  • ;)

    he’s showing any waiting Mandingo’s where it goes ;)

  • cerenagee

    Hahahahaa omg this is so hilarious to me. His ass is so round and like the fact that I can see the individual cheeks hahaha oh wow.

  • LAChris08

    Never never will understand this fashion. Was popular decades ago with Hispanic rappers, now its spread to mainstream. I see folks on the college campus doing this. Why as a man do you wanna show off your underwear? All it does it make you look like either you can’t pull your own pants up, or in some cases like ya dropped a load.