Miley Cyrus ‘I’m A Complete Hermit!’

Miley Cyrus revealed to US Weekly, that she is a complete hermit and does not party often! In her interview with BBC Radio 1 on Nov. 12, Cyrus says she’s not quite the party animal fans and critics make her out to be. “It’s good when I do this when I am traveling, but when I’m home, I don’t really leave my house. I tell people who think that I’m really cool ‘by the way I’m super lame,’” she continued. “What you read about me, it sounds like all I do is club and go and party with [photographer] Terry Richardson, but really I’m like the lamest, I never leave my house because I’m a complete hermit.”

That’s a bit different from the image she projected on Nov. 10 at the 2013 MTV European Music Awards (EMAs) when she smoked a joint on stage while accepting the award for Best Video. But that’s not the only attention-getting device Cyrus has used. Though she loved her vocally stripped-down rendition of “Wrecking Ball” at the EMAs, she admitted to strategically showing off some skin in her skimpy white leotard. “You know I’m going to be kind of naked so it makes people stick around and watch a little bit more and then they’re like ‘oh wait, she can hold a note,'” she said. Do YOU think Miley is lying to the interviewer or is she in fact being fake in the public eye?

  • XaskTaylorX

    Sure you are. Explains why you do most things.

  • smb

    She’s not being fake, she’s putting on a act, a performance, which is what entertainers do. Most entertainers, in real life, are nothing like the persona’s they portray on the stage or on screen.

    • lols

      I don’t think it’s true. Shy and reserved people would never feel comfy to “portray” a druggie half-naked. Plus, I’ve heard her say at least twice in interviews that she was a party hard person, but works a lot too. Now she says she doesn’t party often? WTF, this girl contradicts herself ALL the time.

    • sim

      She is totally like what she portrays on stage. So, she’s being true to herself. She may not leave her house alot, other than to go to Beacher’s Madhouse every week, but people come over to her house to party all the time, where pot and alcohol are a must have. I know of several people who have been to her Toluca Lake house and her Studio City house where she has now moved back to since Liam left.

      • :)

        You know of several people who’ve been to her house, yeah ok. So you or your several people that you know must be the source that all these tabloids are talking about.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      I see where you’re coming from: Lana Del Rey for example who wears literally t-shirt, jeans and flats in her downtime, but then plays some old-hollywood vintage goddess (whos he is completely not).

      But Miley’s case is different tbqh… Lana does it not for attention, but to uphold an image. Miley’s is literally attention-seeking.

  • Guest

    Yeah, and I’m not broke as fuck.

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    Nobody believes you Miley… you’re going on tour with a coke head, Sky Ferreira. nuff said tbqh. You also have pix of you out and about all over the places at clubs on the weekly. So can you stop lying?

    • tre

      actually what she saying is true, the times she been to the clubs is for work reasons and for birthday parties she has been invited to, same with her house holiday party and birthdays, but she usually is at home, but of course you all believing what the media tells you the few times she goes out is usually for birthday parties, not necessarily to go clubbing, she not in clubs every week like paris Hilton, think about all the times she has been out, is usually for someone party who she was invited to.

      • :)

        True dat!!! It’s called ‘media brainwashing.’ Unfortunately people will believe everything they read. Idiots.