Miley Cyrus Turban Outfit UK X-Factor

Do YOU think this is disrespectful to Muslims?

  • Sandy McFarlane

    I honestly don’t think it’s disrespectful but it does look ugly as FUCK.

  • Lina

    Better than selenaa ateast!

    • no

      Well…the singing is, not the looks, style or personality though…yikes on all of those!

  • JR

    No because Muslims don’t wear Turbans, Sikh’s do.

    • A.U.

      Not all Muslims, but some do. The choose to wear it or not. But Sikhs definitely do wear it.

      • R

        Both Sikhs and Muslims wear turbans.

        • ss

          it’s not even a turban !


      I was just about to comment this! People are so ignorant about Turbans. Idk why people associate them with Muslims when most don’t even wear them. The Turban is, however, an important part of the Sikh faith.

      Either way, yes it is disrespectful because turbans are not accessories. They serve a religious purpose. Perrie Edwards wore one as an accessory a while ago too and they both need to stop tbh.

      • Silver

        lol. No one really cares dude. That is why people are ignorant about them, it’s not like schools are rushing to teach kids about turbans let alone some dim witted celebrity who barely graduated High School. Don’t know why she chose that look, looks like Professor Quirrell chose her outfit.


          Ethnocentrism at its finest. I feel sorry for you, “dude.”

          • Silver

            It is true. No one gives a shit, turban, cloth hat, hijab… whatever, they are all the same repressive shitty cultures. Couldn’t care any less.

          • ur a cunt :)

            shows how fucking stupid you are.
            “all the same cultures”

            go learn something instead of worrying about what stupid tween gossip is new.
            maybe you can be actually useful to the world instead of a waste of space then. :)

          • Silver

            No, actually it shows how stupid you are…. lol… if you are too much of an idiot to understand what I meant then I have no words for you.
            About the tween gossip…. look who is talking now. lol.

          • LOL @such stupidity :)

            seeing how you’ve trolled this post with crap about sikhs and muslims and basically any other culture “are all the same”, obviously you’re just an ignorant prick who knows nothing better than what they learned in the homeschool trailer park system.
            look who’s talking? yeah, b/c i’m here in my free time reading articles….as opposed to some ignorant asshole trolling posts to make racial claims their too stupid to even know the slightest about. ;)

            haha get a life and some sense of culture outside your trailer trash home. and a brain while you’re at it.

          • Silver

            Take your “educated” brain and try to talk sense into the muslims.




            And you talk to me about culture. Shut the fuck up kid. Everyone does not give a crap about whether that is worn by muslims or whoever…. we do not care, just take your raging private parts out of our children and women and keep them to your own. Disgusting.

          • :)

            Hey fuck head, I never mentioned anything about the cultures.

          • :)

            Omg, I’m sorry dude. You were talking about someone else. I apologize!!!!!

          • :)

            My computer is fucked up. Sorry for my reply. I just realized you were talking to someone else.

          • cerenagee

            bahaha I love this.

          • smh

            yet another of your pointless comments……

            NOBODY CARES dumbass.

            you and this need to be top commenter must do wonders for your self esteem issues! cause otherwise it’s nuts you need it that desperately!

          • Pixie01

            @Sliver – Excuse me…? ‘’ they are all the same repressive shitty cultures.’’ Why
            are you combining them? Actually they all have different cultures. And if you
            had any knowledge of Sikhism, the religion is not repressive, one example being
            women and men are treated equally and have the same freedom and rights. Why don’t
            you go learn something about what you’ve typed and realise how wrong you are.

          • Silver

            Yeah man, tell that to the women who flee that religion because they are being forced to marry some stranger


            Now, why don’t YOU go learn something about what you typed and realise how deluded you are.

          • cerenagee

            Seriously you are so ignorant and racist! Just because somebody is BORN into a religion/race that you may not like does not mean every single Muslim or whatever is bad. You are so ignorant its so offensive.

          • Silver

            True. But if you know your religion is bad why don’t you change it? If you willingly support a religion that lets murderers, child abusers and terrorists do what they do then you are an accomplice. Sorry if I offended you, but this is America, I have freedom of speech, even if what I say is not what you have been told.

          • You’re clearly deranged…

            you make such stupid points, none of them are valid.
            the same could be said about ANY racial group or religion.

            Was the Sandy Hook murderer a muslim? no, he was a white christian “all american”. one of COUNTLESS examples.

            you can’t pin all bad things in the world on ONE religion. and if you think that’s accurate, you need a psychiatric evaluation STAT.

            ur probably just as psychotic if thats how your mind works..

          • Silver

            sigh. My point is they do not do anything about it. A Christian church would never marry a young child to an old man or anyone else for that matter.

            I am not saying white people are perfect where on earth did you get that? I am saying a culture that allows such gross suffering of children is not worth anything to me and shouldn’t to you. Sandy Hook thing was a white person but did the white community defend him???? NO, we ALL would have killed him had he not killed himself.

          • (:

            oh like the “dark knight” theatre shooter, right?
            (another WHITE christian male)…

            b/c him getting off on the insanity plea like is what’s going to happen, is definitely ok by you ;)

            LOL so pathetic.
            honestly, get out of the trailer trash community you no doubt grew up in, learn to formulate your own opinion, and maybe finish high school :)
            maybe then you’ll have the capacity in your brain to make logical points.

            just maybe =)
            *here’s hoping!* :)

          • Silver

            That’s International Law. Not belief. International Law says you can’t persecute someone who is clearly insane. Had I personally had the chance to deal with any of them, there would be talking of something totally different.

          • .

            he’s not insane. he copped to knowing exactly what he did.

            the point is it was a COPOUT for them to use the insanity plea b/c they know he can get off with it.

            now, had he been muslim and not a white christian, you would have no doubt ranted about it in here too…
            but he wasn’t, so you didnt :)

          • Silver

            Who made him insane? 3 independent Doctors have to declare you insane for you to go free. If the doctors say he is insane what do you want us to do? No one was on his side. I would have loved to see him die a horrible death but unfortunately he is protected by International Law. Whether he is insane or not (which I am sure he is not) the law protects him.

          • Safe

            Im sorry if this offends you but you are very brainwashed by the media. If you actually think in my religion forced marriage is allowed then you have to actually research. There is so many sex offenders on the news who are christian but does that mean in Christianity they allow people to commit those crimes. Remember muslims aren’t perfect the religion is. :)

          • Silver

            Christians do not let child abusers and murderers free, let alone allow children to be married to complete strangers…. no Christian Church would EVER allow that. They incarcerate them and make sure the children are safe. What does the religion in the article above do? Their family disowns the child who has been forced to marry some stranger at such a young age. Go figure. Anyway I am not a Christian, and even though Christians are also not perfect.

          • silver, ur a full on cunt :)

            LMFAO i cant even stop laughing at such a stupid response.

            have you not heard of ANY of the child victims of priests in the CHURCH preying on them for their homosexual fantasies?

            lol what a stupid moron you must be, to omit anything that disproves you but yet you come up with generalizations for millions of people based on a few’s actions.

          • Silver

            Again. Hopefully for the last time.

            I AM NOT SAYING WHITE PEOPLE ARE PERFECT. But the culture does not allow for such occurrences, never has and never will. Child abusers no matter who they are will be punished. A priest who is proved to have abused a child WILL be sent to prison, and those in prison will make sure he gets what is coming to him. But that other culture defends and even encourages child marriages… which is basically child abuse.

          • smh

            Yeah, because the church is SO good about sending flaming priests to jail after they’ve taken advantage of a pre-pubescent boy….. ;)

            *roll eyes*

            someone else called you deranged for the way your brain thinks (or fails to at least).
            thats probably the best term to describe it: DERANGED.

          • Silver

            The church is also flawed. Hell I know it, but of all the religions I know…. it’s a much better option. I really don’t mind Christianity except when they spew their pretentious bible verses. At least they do not BELIEVE a child should be married and raped by some old dude at age 10. I do not why you added a winky face at the end of your comment., The rape of a young boy by someone as trusted as a priest is not a laughing matter.

          • SMFH

            You don’t know why a winky face was added??

            You clearly think WAY more of your intelligence level than there really is. first, you make TONS of mistakes throughout multiple posts and then go back later to edit the words once someone corrects them for you in comments :) lol
            secondly, its obvious the person was being sarcastic as to how you must think thats ok since it’s a white person doing it. and the “roll eyes” was a hint too, sherlock.

            you’re clearly a troll.
            with no life. and ignorant views of the world outside your trailer park.

          • Silver

            If it was a joke it was not funny. You could have easily made your point without making child abuse into a joke.

          • lol

            nobody made it into a joke.

            you claim that muslims let child abuse go scott-free, while the white community and/or the christian religion would do something about it.

            it was brought up that priests who are accused of abusing and raping little boys are never actually brought to justice for doing so, and now all of a sudden you (coincidentally i’m sure ;) ) can’t make any arguments to that.
            since it’s a fact.


          • yay

            haha THISSS
            shut the racist ignorant troll down =)

          • Silver

            I am officially tired.

            FOR THE LAST TIME.
            A muslim family/ or sikh or whatever I do not know. Will give their daughter away to an old man to be abused and married at a young age because their culture says it’s ok. If she refuses they will disown her. And I am talking of the MAJORITY OF MUSLIMS HERE. The minority maybe those raised in the west might protest but it is rare. THE MAJORITY OF CHRISTIAN FAMILIES WOULD NEVER ALLOW THEIR 13 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER TO BE MARRIED.
            A CHRISTIAN FATHER WOULD DIE TO PROTECT HIS DAUGHTER. A small minority probably those form the south would be perverted and disgusting but not the majority. Do you get it now?

          • SMFH; GTFO troll !!!!

            LOL tired of your spouting so much bullshit?! finally!!

            where you get your “facts” from, beats me.
            do you even KNOW a muslim or sikh person? i’m guessing not, since anyone outside the trailer park is probably foreign to you (and since you clearly don’t even know the difference between the two, they are no way similar) so shows how small minded and ignorant you are.

            i’m sorry if thats what one of your moms told you inbetween collecting cans from people’s recycling bins for food stamp money, but you are honestly pathetic if you just assume all this random shit to be true. and then on top of that, claim that a “majority” of these two vastly different religions both do this because you saw it in a bootleg version of a movie from 1980 or something.

            wow you and your pathetic viewpoints that are SO off base yet you claim to be like fact, actually make me disappointed in the next generation. :(

            pull your ignorant head out of your ass. grow up. go out into the world beyond the trailer-park community. LEARN something about people and other cultures.
            instead of just regulating anyone non-christian into one big “other” category.

          • Silver

            Not a single fact or argument here. Just insults.

          • Kelly

            that’s kind of everyone’s point.

            you’re trolling here with just insults and rude things to say about religions you clearly have NO knowledge about. or any facts to back up what you’re saying.
            JUST INSULTS.
            exactly as you said it ..

            unfortunate that you can dish it, but clearly cant take it :(

          • Silver

            I provided links to show you proof and yet you say I am insulting them…. Too bad they can dish it out to 10 year old girls but can’t take it when we comment and protest about it hey. Nowhere did I insult anyone without proof here.

          • .

            you, of all people, should know that just by writing something on the internet doesn’t make it true.

            “Silver is a great, upstanding human being who is culturally aware of others besides himself and able to comprehend thoughts beyond a 3rd grade level.”
            see. it’s written on the internet and obviously a lie.

            i’m not even a sikh nor a muslim, and i take offense at the fact that you have clearly stated multiple times you don’t even know the difference between the two, yet just group them together as if they’re the same.
            probably during WW2 you would have been grouping Jews and Germans together too because “they have 10 fingers” ((your line of grouping things; baseless similarities)).

          • omg STFU already!

            good god, give it a rest already with your tireless bullshit!! i’m sick of seeing your stupid posts clog up the home page.

            none of what you’re spouting is even remotely true, but even if it were, WHY DO YOU THINK A TWEEN GOSSIP SITE IS THE FORUM TO VOICE IT!?!?!?!?!?

            i’m sure you’re a member of a white supremacist group or something, go bullshit your way through there!

          • Mc

            OMG, this>>>

            “””none of what you’re spouting is even remotely true, but even if it were, WHY DO YOU THINK A TWEEN GOSSIP SITE IS THE FORUM TO VOICE IT!?!?!?!?!?”””


          • Hehehe :)

            +11111 !!!!!!

          • Julie L.

            HHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH so true.

            and i love how that troll Silver now magically disappeared from here as soon as someone said what we were all thinking:
            how pathetic it is that his trailertrash vendetta is being ranted about in a post about…..miley cyrus!
            hahah like that’ll do anything LMFAO ROTFLMFAO :D

          • cluelessly random

            i know this is late, and off topic… but i think silver is a girl o.o just saying

          • Ocean up .com

            You need to get your facts straight there are different kind of Muslims and the she-ah kind of Muslims are the ones that do that not all Muslims do that so go fuck you and the rest if you christens how does it feel just cause some Muslims do that don’t be a bitch to the rest fuck you your a waist of time don’t even bother to write back fuck you and you families after u bitch

          • Silver

            Please go to school and learn how to use full stops, semi-colons and commas. Then come back and post again so that I can get at least 50% of what you are trying to say. Thank you.

          • Pixie01

            @Sliver –

            First of all, well done for learning how to use the internet. You’ve just copied and pasted a link to make my point invalid. You do know that in all walks of life nothing is problem free. There are always going to be flaws in everything and that there is no perfection. We don’t live in a perfect or ideal world.

            Secondly, that link doesn’t represent what Sikhism is about nor does it represent what I’ve written. Religion and cultures are two completely different things. Which is an entirely different conversation. Some people combine the two, some people don’t, some people follow one over the other.

            So In terms of honour and stuff, that is more to do with culture than religion. Another thing is that everybody’s interpretation is different. So the point that I have raised about Sikhism is correct. However due to society and peoples different interpretation, it doesn’t necessarily mean what they are doing is right.

            In all religions, there is always going to be those who are not doing something correctly. This is due to the way they have viewed something and in their eyes it is right. But doesn’t mean that it is. So stop representing everything with one problem or issue.

            I’m am going to stop here. Those who are not narrow minded and are intelligent along with those who have common sense will realise who is in the right and who isn’t.

            Good day.

          • Silver

            Too long to read. Don’t care.

          • hahahah

            must suck being capped at a 6th grade education level, huh =/

            sucks for you.
            go flip some burgers or something now, most you’ll amount to in life :)

          • Silver

            I thought you would have a decent argument in there. I respect those who stand up for themselves with fact not low level insults.

          • Godney

            LOL, “shitty cultures”… says the white person. oh ok!

          • cerenagee

            wow your comments are SO ignorant. same shitty cultures? wow.

        • :)

          You are so fucked up!!!

          • Silver

            I know man… it’s the Jews and the Muslims man.

  • Larissa

    Muslims don’t wear turbans, sikh’s do, muslims wear hijabs. Man Americans are so stupid and ignorant. Who cares what Miley wears, its a freedom of expression.

    • JJ

      I love when ignorant people generalize an entire group of people by calling them all ignorant. It’s hilarious. Thank you for the laughs.

      • Silver

        IKR? People come to our country, stalk our celebrities and watch our shows and movies expect US to know their culture, if we don’t we are ignorant…. lol stay in Muslim land then.

        • Godney

          But white people dont come from US tho, learn that.
          It is not “your” land honey.

          • Silver

            Lol… You might want to read your history book again honey… And add in some basic intellect.
            If you originate from Texas and acquire a house in Cali…. does that not make your house in Cali yours???? WTF is wrong with youngsters these days?

          • Godney

            Honey, if your history books says that then your education is really fuckd up.

            I really hope all this is some bad trolling and not real thing.

          • Godney

            Besides… when did white people buy the us land? oh yeah… they didnt!!!.
            White people did not buy land in the US (+more), just like spain did not buy land in south america.

        • JJ

          You’re not helping with the whole Americans aren’t ignorant thing. Step back.

          • Silver

            define IGNORANT:

            “lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated.” – tell me one thing I have said that is not fact?

  • threelittlebirds

    That turban is ugly.

  • anon

    She did better at EMAs

  • nope

    Cultural appropriation is offensive. I don’t hate Miley but dammit is she that ignorant? but I guess even if she knew she’d still do it to keep people talking. smdh.

    • lols

      Cultural appropriation is not offensive in my opinion. I mean, unless someone’s doing malicious acts with it and disrespecting it. But wearing something from another culture may show that the person is keen on that culture, likes the vestment, etc. I have some friends that love Japan and buy things that are from there. Also, plenty of people that are not from USA or England wear shirts with USA and England’s flag printed on it. It shows nothing else but admiration from that culture.

      • nope

        If a person is using something from another culture for “expressing themselves” or “fashion” without actually understanding the culture and its beliefs, wouldn’t you agree that they have crossed the line between “appreciating” that culture to appropriating it? there’s a difference between the two, and think about how Sikhs or anyone who wears a turban as a part of their culture would feel about Miley wearing a turban to give a performance, she does not represent them in anyway.

        • tors

          since when she can’t wear anything she wants because you said so? please go suck on a pineapple. Miley is not doing absolutely disrespectful with it, she only singing a song that its all, did she do anything that was questionable NOPE! this is America people can express themselves any way they want to at least she not dancing so sort of sexy dance like selena try to do!!! or sing a sex song with an outfit of a culture, miley is just singing and she not even acting sexy on it or dancing sexy she just singing the song.

    • no

      She’s doing it for attention like everything else. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just too into her. I like her, she’s a great singer, but put yourself in her shoes…why would you do all the things she’s doing unless it was to get attention?

  • JJ

    So I know i’m just an ignorant American over here – but Muslim men do actually wear turbans. Muslim women wear the hijab. But yes sikhs also wear turbans – in fact many different cultures do. So let’s not try to over simplify people’s cultural and religious heritage, OU. It’s not very nice.

  • A.U.

    I think it is disrespectful. I think its wrong to wear something like that as a fashion item instead of actually wearing it because you follow the culture and the beliefs of Sikhism. I think she is just wearing for attention again. So people can talk about how its disrespectful. She just getting people to talk about her. Its not because she follows the beliefs or anything, just for attention

  • JJ

    Sidenote: Miley sounds awful. Sometimes I wonder if she suffers from narcissistic personality disorder. And that’s not me being insensitive to mental illness. She very well could have it.

  • muslims dont wear turbans dumb

    lol turbans arent for muslims you dipshit

    • JJ

      Most of the time if you see someone wearing a turban – they will Sikh. But there are other countries and cultures that wear the turban. I wouldn’t say that the turban is a muslim garment, but some muslims DO wear turbans. Although I believe that they vary slightly from the Sikh turban.

  • R

    No, it’s not offensive at all. I thought it was a great performance- vocally, especially considering the whole performance was live. Performances like these become increasingly refreshing when more and more pop artists are auto-tuned and lip-sync. People need to give her more credit.

  • Efrah

    Oceanup you guys are ignorant idoits muslims dont wear turbans!!! Sikhs wear turbans not MUSLIMS!! If anyone should feel disrespected it should be Sikhs!!

  • fuck ya

    thats not even a turban you are all so stupid i cant even deal

    • Sou


  • lara

    did anyone noticed what an awful performance it was? She sounded just meh.

  • Tash

    Um, and Selena Gomez and all her Hindu antics. Basically taking it to some whole other level. From the music(which had a very vague connection to the wardrobe and dance) to the Indian bhindi, outfits and dance. She didn’t care. She just carried on doing it, performance after performance. OU stuff your Miley hate up your ass. When you get you manage to catch your breath and get your senses back after you pull your head out of Selenas ass. But that aside, many stars do it and have done it. We see it in movies, etc etc. Don’t hate just because the planet is on some lets hate on Miley trip. Main point, great performance. So glad she says no to pre-rerecording and doesn’t lip sync or rely on a bunch of back up singers and a backing track like some people we know/lots of people we know. Love or hate, she’s a genuine performer, artist and entertainer.

    • :)

      Fucking right!!!!! Well said my friend. FUCK YOU OU!!!!!!!! They’re just jealous cause Miley is wiping the damn floor with their little sweetie.

      • TRUTH

        You guys are crazy to think that OU really cares that much about Selena or Miley. They care about what is going to cause the biggest reaction. Because money.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      JFYI, OU also reported on the Hindu criticism when Selena wore the bindi thing:

      • cerenagee

        thank you. I was thinking this the whole time that I’ve been reading these comments.

      • Tash

        I know. But just because it was news. Cos that Hindu organisation wrote to selena. And she ignored their requests. Yep, what a ‘respectful’ person. Unlike her saintly claims. OU also just reported it as a happening. OU themselves attack Miley. They pick favourites. Granted they bitch at everyone. But you can see who they like and don’t. They make jokes about selena but they will flat out call Miley ugly. I was just pointing out, miley will get another label thrown at her, while Selenas actions are justified, not made a big deal or swept under the rug. By OU themselves too. Not just selena stans. They are not in the least objective. They want to dog on miley and turn people on her too. They wanna boost selena. Just like how they hate Jonas, have a love hate relationship with the biebs but super love 1D. And most of everyone dumbly falls prey to the power of suggestion.

  • jessie

    but selena is singing indian music and wearing bindis…

    • rew

      yeap and selena is alson singing about sex and trying to sex it up on those outfit if anyone was disrespecting a culture it will had been selena. miley is not doing that sort of thing. I say selena because usually the ones talking bullshit are her fans and ocean up why didn’t you say that about selena performance?

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      Selena also got bashed by the Hindu community JFYI & OU reported it… so don’t act like she doesnt get criticism either

  • Katherine

    Muslims dont wear turbans ! And sh was relating it to the scenery

  • mickey

    This wasn’t her best performance but she did say she was sick and I think she did pretty good for someone who’s sick. And I loved how she kept the performance so simple and nice

  • me

    I feel like everyone’s missing the point/meaning of the performance… The set on stage is clearly supposed to be a desert… which goes with the whole theme of loneliness and isolation in the song… and a turban is appropriate attire for the desert whether you’re religious or not. people wear it so they don’t get so affected by the heat.

    i do not think this was meant to be offensive, but at the same time i see how it can be.

  • :)

    Geeeeeee, for someone who has been sick for the last couple of days, because of traveling from country to county to country to do interviews, tv appearances, photo shoots and film a music video, I think she sounded totally awsome as usual. Like Miley said, damn if you do damn if you don’t!!!!!

  • Silver

    Reminded me of Hannah Montana for a while there…. simply beautiful music Miley. I am not surprised at all, girl is a winner. No crazy shit and people get to focus on her vocals only. Lovely.

  • XaskTaylorX

    If this is true, then I’m glad she did the performance love. They could tweak the performance if it was pre-recorded. Miley likes natural right? ^__^

  • Bebe

    LOL this is not a turban. This was an extremely popular look in the 20’s and early 30’s. I actually think it’s MORE disrespectful that you think this is a turban

  • cerenagee

    She’s not being racist at all. This isn’t one of my fave performances though. Her voice sounds amazing but a bit pitchy and she just kind of seems like she was singing just to sing. There was no presence. Her voice is so crazy powerful though. I love it. I actually heard Wrecking Ball on the radio righttt after I watched this and it sounded so weird on the radio to me compared to her live. She sounds better singing live. In the studio version of the song they make her voice higher and you can’t here how great of a singer it is. Its so auto tuned and not to her benefit. Her natural live singing voice is so much more beautiful.

  • boystan

    ok gaga

    • :]

      thats such an insult to gaga!

      slutty cyrus is trying (and failing miserably) to just get attention by being a cunt.
      at least gaga had the original weird costumes/attention seeking thing down first!

      (plus it helps that gaga actually has some morself of talent) =)

  • mountainmiracle

    She can not sing live at all. That was horrible.

  • Swaggieem

    Lol I’m muslim and she can wear whatever she wants to wear.. So no it’s not

  • Omar

    Wow, I think the real ignorance in this post, is the fact that you cannot even differentiate the customs of Sikhs and Muslims. Muslim’s wear the “hijab”, and Sikhs were the turban.

  • LikeICare

    Muslims don’t have to wear that, SOME arabs do.