Miley WARNED By XFactor About Antics

According to The Daily Star, Miley was warned prior to her XFactor UK performance. Apparently the production team have had a bit of a word after she refused to pre-record the performance, preferring to do it live. “Miley has been read the riot act and told it’s a family show and none of her recent behaviour will be acceptable,” a show insider apparently told The Daily Star. “She has been banned from smoking, swearing, twerking provocatively or implying any kind of sex act while on stage. She has been warned her performance will be cut short if she breaks any of the rules.

That’s not it though and apparently her refusal to tell show execs what she’s planning to wear has got them worried she’s going to show up showing off her, erm, assets in all their glory. Miley was booked to perform on the show ages ago – months before her shocking performances of late,” the source added. “Then we saw the video of Wrecking Ball with her riding around naked and realised anything was possible.”

  • cerenagee

    If this has any truth to it hats bullshit on her end. Like come on they have to literally be like look its a family show and she’s still being stubborn? Come on.

    • :)

      Why don’t we ask Sharon Osbourne what really went down???? This article is such fucking BS!!!!!!!! If they felt this way why did they even ask Miley to perform??? By the way, didn’t Lady Gaga perform on there a few weeks ago??? I heard her performance was risque. Did they say anything to her about what she can or can’t do??? I mean, after all, it is a family show!!! lmfao.

      • cerenagee

        I just said IF its true then thats what I think about it, not that it was true.

        • :)

          I know what you said. I was sorta just stating a fact. This wasn’t towards you.

          This person in the picture with Miley is the same one who slammed her on twitter and now she wants a picture with her, smh!!!

          • cerenagee

            hahahaah omg wow. didnt know that.

  • kristin6410

    I think its cool she wanted to do it live and not pre recorded. and she did listen to the “guidelines” so no harm -shrugs-

  • kik

    Yep, she did live, unlike Selena who doesn’t have good vocals enough to do it too :)

    • A.U.

      Where do you see Selena in this post? Idk why people keep comparing Selena and Miley nowadays. A lot of celebrities don’t sing live and would prefer it pre recorded, Idk you HAD to compare just Selena with Miley.

      • kik

        I know that some celebs don’t sing live honey, specially the ones that don’t know how to sing! lol I compare Miley with whoever the fuck I want, bby

        • A.U.

          But why specifically Selena? Of all singers, you choose Selena to compare with Miley..I will agree with you that Selena may not be the best singer. But there was no need to bring her up on Miley post.

          • party

            the reason miley fans compared to selena is not because she has a chance because we all know miley beats the hell out of her in performance and singing everyone knows that, selena is a joke of Disney, they settle for her because their best singer left and they had no choice but to settle for selena, the reason miley fans do that is because selena fans are 1 always batching miley yet they are so obsessed they watch everything she does, 2 they think that because nick dated miley they think selena had any chance at competing with miley when she can’t, she don’t have the talent at miley’s level, just because a guy try to date a girl because miley was too busy to date him because of work and selena was available because she was not working as hard as miley and follow him doesn’t give selena a pass. to be compare to the biggest artist of the world in teen. 3 selena fans thinks that because selena tries to grab all of miley left over from fans to friend to job to movies they think she at miley level she second in everything and miley leaves things for a reason, selena kepts taking miley left overs, 4 selena loves to be compare to miley and she even goes to shade miley just so they have that comparison and she can gained fame from miley never which an all time low of her. 5she copies everything miley does from her clothes to who miley like to what she says in interview she copies miley, miley says something a few months later she copying the same exact speech miley has said, as well as miley clothes and career choices, she has copied every single miley cchoice of course miley out do her because she more confident with her skin, something selena has stared saying something miley said months ago. so those are the reason and more but am too tired to keep on. why miley is not compared to other artist because they are not as obsessed as selena is with miley and selena fans are obsessed with miley.6 also miley fans like to shoved on their face everything they critized miley about their idol selena does a couple months later, so we just love to make them see the light of their critizism, they have to eat up their words, because they call miley names such as slut and whore yet when selena does the same exact thing they change their version to so classy jajaja something selena has said multiple time to brain washed her fans and other people to repeat when she worst than miley in a lot of things!!!

          • shay

            Ok I’m a Selena fan, and I couldn’t even finish your rant about us cause it’s bullshit. There are not many fans that compare Selena to Miley anymore and the ones that do can’t find any good in Selena, so I, don’t consider them real fans. Also why I’m at it why do you only focus on the bad stuff about her why not on the good. 30,000 dollars or more from her tour was donated to charity. Over 90% of her instagram is pics with her fans. She climbed over fences for her fans. She let her fans choose her perfume scent. She was at the time the youngest ambassador for UNICEF, not sure if she still is, she takes hate like people calling her whore or saying she’s terrible and says “how am I a whore” even admitting to sounding terrible but still tries. Her perfume “Vivamore” sold out in 15 minutes in Canada she even admits to making mistakes but you know what jackasses like you seem to find bad in everything she does,and im not even going to keep going. As her fan I don’t agree with everything she has said or even done but I’m still going to support her. Also let me get this out I’m not fucking obsessed with Miley not many fans are to be honest I don’t even give a shit about Miley. Same goes for Miley fans though I’m pretty sure it’s not all but somehow when miley does something controversial Selena is brought into the situation as seen by the comments above. So don’t categorize one person with a whole group of people jackass.

      • ashleyofcourse

        take a look at the 2007 archives love ;D

    • ads

      Miley fans compare her to Selena because they know she is the only one she can beat

      • kik

        What? Your comment made no sense, Selena could beat many other artists, since there are tons of mediocre artists out there. On the other hand, I don’t think she could ever ever beat Miley. Even with all her scandals and people hating on her, at the end of the day, she’ll always be more talented in music than Selena. Talent is something that you have or you don’t. Selena in this case, doesn’t. She’s just “fine”.

        • shay

          Her comment made plenty of sense. She saying Selena is the only performer Miley could out do. Like vocally Mileys better, performing wise Miley is better… but Miley will never compare to other great artists. Just explaining the comment, not actually my opinion, though I MIGHT agree, idk I’ve seen bad performances by her and ok performances, nothing that blew me out of the water, not even in her music videos. Sorry if this came out mean I was just explaining then thought “might as well add in my opinion” I wasn’t trying to change anyone’s opinion, just didn’t want to write a whole other comment. Sorry again.

    • RedneckAtHeart

      Pop Princess Britney Spears doesn’t sing live either, like ever!

    • Anna

      Miley doesn’t sing live well either she is really flat and out of tune most of the time, at least selena admits she isn’t the best singer unlike miley who thinks she is perfect. But really there is not need to bring up this comparison again. They are two totally different people now and really don’t have anything in common. If your really gonna do a comparison singing isn’t the way to go since they both aren’t that great at it. Compare their acting skills if your going to do anything with those two.

  • anonymous

    shows that when you have rules people follow them and when you don’t people go basic

  • Rosemary


  • RedneckAtHeart

    I like that she does things live. She was a bit pitchy in parts, but as an overall she sounded great. And for once her actions weren’t overshadowing her talent.

  • getlikemiley

    i actually liked her performance

  • anon