• cerenagee


    • ..

      calm yo lazy eye down. nothing special going on here.

      • cerenagee

        haha how rude are you. i don’t have a lazy eye so you can stop right there and he looks hot, hop the fuck off there was zero reason to be so rude.

      • Julia

        lol calm your tits all the girl said was dammnnn which is the truth ;)

  • anon
    • lolz :)

      such puffy nipples :P lollololz

      • Kamikapse

        You’re right… didn’t even notice with his butt being in the picture.

  • anon
  • anon
    • Julie

      that one single tooth of his that’s not right….it bothers me each time he smiles, idk why :P lollz

      • Kamikapse

        Apparently it bothers him too, that’s why he keeps his mouth closed when he can help it.

        Although I don’t get it, why he just won’t get his teeth fixed.. god knows he has the money for it.

  • party

    this are the type of shirts nick should wear, when he hide his muscle he look s like a child, when he show his muscle he looks like a man.

  • Happy

    *drools* I’m now pregnant with his child XD

  • mhmm

    wow at him calling the paps

    • lala

      He learned from his big bro Joe.

    • Kamikapse

      IKR.. and people accuse Olivia of being the attention whore.

  • Anonymous

    He looks way buffer here than when he took off his shirt in Hawaii 5 what up with that? Is it the angle of the pictures or the shirt that makes him look so fit? Amyways how come he doesn’t ever support Joe in anything he does? What a bad brother

    • Tash

      He supports his brother’s much. Always promoting their projects and adding them in everything, even when it’s just supposed to be about him. He’ll always talk up his bros. He stayed pretty much low key and behind the scenes when Joe was doing his solo project and nick even played Joes music to support his bro. Joe never did that for nick. His bros always look unhappy for him or envious. Joe always seems like he’d rather be off with his friends than support his bro on one night here and there. Kevin is a Deleasa and is too busy up his wifes ass 24/7 to even pitch to work. I miss JB. But this is for the best. Nick took that, ‘we don’t wanna work’ and ‘lets let nick do the majority of the work’ shit for too long. He needed to speak up. They can be prissy and pretend all they want. But somebody can only allow their life to revolve around your desires for so long. Nick needs to be happy and think about his happiness too.

  • Anonymous
  • Loser

    Never actually realized how girly his tattoo is…

    • Thujjj

      Shut up you retard

  • Hylee

    After watching the Hawaii 5-O episode, he was ok and everything but not as hot as his twitter photo looked. His acting improved since “Jonas”. But he should go back to music. You can see he’s trying very hard but his is just not his thing.

    • womp womp

      trying TOO hard it seemed almost the entire time.

  • Naomi

    wow there she goes again, the one that people call famewhore!! Olivia this post is for Nick, wth you are doing in here?????

  • Naomi

    btw they are many girls including me more beautiful than her. i think Nick needs to open his eyes and see what she really is. i don’t feel here, looks fake to me.

  • k

    wow this isn’t normal. nick is on steroids.

    • Anon

      Well they do say insulin can be used to increase muscle mass. If you inject more insulin after a workout. But it’s confusing me because he looks normal in the Hawaii 5-0 episode.

      • anon

        either way it’s kind of funny to me that Nick lifts weights at the gym and he cant do a proper push up. I always see these really big guys lifting huge weights at the gym not being able to do one single push up. Which means they dont have a strong core/ upper body.

        • Kamikapse

          Not surprising.. Nick’s chest / core has always been lacking… he’s the type of guy that just focuses on his biceps.

          • anon
          • Kamikapse

            It truly is cringeworthy…
            Way too fast, no range of motion.

            I mean, he knew he was being filmed and he couldn’t do just a couple of actual push ups for show?

            I wonder if after his “acting job” and instagram photo he’ll try to go further in this direction and try to become a sex symbol… he probably sees himself as one.

          • anon

            lmao and he doesnt even go all the way down. You’re supposed to go all the way down until you’re almost on the floor and get up. His push ups are as bad as Biebers.

  • anon

    Kinda like the hilarious pictures of Justin flauting that he can lift 150 pounds (which is pretty weak for a man) and he cant even do a pull up. Hilarious stuff!


    • lolumadhuh