Ariana Grande ‘I’m No Longer Christian’

ariana-grande-kaballahAriana Grande revealed that she left the Roman Catholic church and is transitioning into Kabbalah: ‘I was born Roman Catholic but I lost faith when the Pope decided to tell me everything I loved and believed in was wrong.”

[The church] said Spongebob Squarepants is gay and he’s a sinner and he should burn in hell. And Harry Potter was a sin. And working women. I was like ‘Enough! First the gays, then Spongebob and now Harry Potter? Get out my house!’ I was not having it. And the working woman thing? It was a moment for me. I needed something else to believe in.

On converting to Kabbalah: ‘It is the practice of being a good person and how that will manifest good things in your life. People don’t really realise that if you are kind you can make all sorts of things happen for you.

Would YOU leave your religion to anti-gay stance?

  • Sean Blishen


    • Debz

      Amen! So right on.

      • amy

        You all need to stop. Ariana doesn’t need anything accept for what she thinks she needs. If she doesn’t want Jesus, she doesn’t “NEED JESUS”. Just because that is your opinion doesn’t make it the truth.

        • Heni

          everyone needs Jesus

          • Dina


          • amy

            In the opinion of a Christian. No other religion in the world believes that. I know that as a Christian you think that everyone needs Jesus. But in my opinion, telling an adult woman that she needs Jesus and acting like there is something wrong with her not being a Christian is disrespectful.

          • James

            Jesus said I am the way, the truth and the life. Religion is not what Jesus offers, but a relationship with Him…God wants your soul because he loves you. He wants to you to know Him. Its impossible to know God without Jesus Christ.

          • henry

            she is not an adult. she does not speak like an adult, think like one, or act like one. she is too young to understand anything or have any common sense in her.

          • doggy

            And supposedly you know everything

          • jeff

            As an athiest….. you are incredibly unintelligent…

          • Big Kok

            Once again, the atheist spews random nonsense and never wants to prove his point.

          • billie

            Well thats arianas desicion no one should convert anyones believes but i believe in jesus and always will

        • Jim

          All lost people including you need Jesus. Without Him you are lost in HELL forever…

          • Dan Stacks

            And you are mentally retarded and have created yourself your own hell to burn in. Oh and how can you “burn” in hell when pain is only felt by nerves. Your soul don’t have nerves. You’re brainwashed by your criminal church. You need guidance and help immediately.

          • Big Kok

            Jeez, you really don’t understand how the whole hell thing works, do you?

          • Dan Stacks


      • Miki J

        Well, you DO know that Jesus was Jewish, right?

        He’s not anymore… cause he’s dead but.. well… Yeah. :|

        • Big Kok

          Jesus died, but he rose from the dead, and he’s living in heaven. He wasn’t a Jew, he just claimed to be their king.

    • Just a person

      Everyone needs Jesus. I think that she would do better as just a Christian. Because as Christians we don’t call out people for their sins, we know that everyone sins, and that Jesus Christ died on the cross so we can live in heaven with Him for eternity. Bringing spongebob and Harry Potter into this was ridiculous and wrong.

      • Michell Moya

        umm clearly all the Christians on here have no clue that there is only one God and only he can judge us. smh this I exactly why so many people are turned off from church its the religion and the people who criticize and judge and tell you what u should do. If you ever read the bible it doesn’t say to point out peoples flaws and make them so shameful that they come to the God, it tells us to be the light that people see to lead by example, it tells us that everyone will know the truth, in other words it’s a choice. So many critics here I wasn’t aware that god was hiring

        • Allan Emery

          Amen to that!

      • glori1d

        You’re right. But has she stopped believing in god too or just stopped practicing the religion

        • pissed off

          What her fellow “christians” did was wrong. I know how she feels. I’ve been told that I’m on the highway to hell because I have multiple body piercings. It’s just their opinion. Your relationship with Jesus has nothing to do with other fellow “christians”. And as far as I’m concerned Jesus loves everyone regardless of whether they are gay, straight, bi, or pansexual.


    She worships a cult.

    • Penelope

      sadly, most celebrities do

    • LAChris08

      Kabbalah is hardly a cult. Its been around longer than Christianity, based in Judaism. Its a Jewish/Rabbinical school of thought and belief. If you call it a cult, so is Christianity…

      • billie

        Well aslong as kabbalah is good but i disagree with ariana.

        • LAChris08

          About what exactly? That she chose to not be a Christian anymore? Not your call to agree or disagree. And arguably, no religion is good. All religions have blood on their hands, Christianity has a great deal on its own hands, due to atrocities that have been done throughout the centuries that have left entire civilizations dead and cultures destroyed. Not to mention the damage it has done to itself during schisms. God is likely looking down on us now, shaking his head, throwing his hands up, and saying they got it all wrong, and giving up to start somewhere new, if you believe that he even really cares about us.

          • Dexter

            Christianity has a great deal on their hands? Entire civilizations dead? You mean Aztecs for example? The one that could sacrifice 20 thousand indians for thier gods in one day. The one that indians destroyed with Spanish help to end atrocities. You mean this one?

            You always say “How many people died for example because of religion – for example inquisition?” I will tell you – about 2 thousand for 500 years in entire europe. And all of them had a right to defend themselves. If you like to see how we can live without religion look at French Revolution for example. They denounced God and killed 100 thousand people in ten years. Later we had Hitler (he wasn’t Christian, he despised christianity), Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot and many more (more than 150 million dead).

            Billy and I can agree or disagree with her and anybody can try to persuade her – thats everybody’s right. We just can’t force her to change her decision, because we are christians and not for example muslims.

            Please stop saying this nonsense again and again.

            I really love her, and I wish her best and I hope she will change her decision.

            P.S. Sorry for my bad English. It’s not my first language.

          • Sal

            Don’t confuse religion with politics. A lot of people use the excuse of religion to hurt people. It’s sick.

          • tdog

            Don’t blame God and Jesus for the acts of man and his acts of evil in the name of religion. God’s commandments are NOT TO MURDER and Jesus is about peace, love and forgiveness for everyone. He wants us all to be in his love and apart of his family. Not worshiping the cult-like magic rituals of Kabbalah. Just because some jews did it before Jesus doesn’t make it right or Godly. God has punished the Jews over and over for not worshiping or trusting in God. And if she turned away from Christianity because of what a Pope says then she needs to READ the bible, not be read to or dictated to. A personal relationship with God, through Jesus Christ is what we all need, without it we are all lost and separated from God.

      • Mj

        Dude no. Christianity has been around since the creation of man. Also I think that Ariana should follow the advice of just a person. What he has said is very smart and true.

        • LAChris08

          Dude. Yes. You are either a creationist, and if that is the case, nothing I say here will matter, a troll, and I am just feeding you, or a third option, uneducated about history. I choose the third option, as i try and think that everyone can be educated.

          The age of Christianity is actually built in to our dating system. We use a varient now of teh BC/AD calendar. BC is Before Christ, AD is Anno Domini, often thought to be After Death. We currently are in 2014 AD, or as old time chroniclers would say, In the Year of Our Lord, 2014. Recently, that system was changed to a mirror system of BCE and CE, or Before Common Era and Common Era, to allow for a more multicultural, secular system. Not everyone in the world is a Christian, and we really shouldn’t try and force that on other countries/cultures. It is thought Christ was born in 6-4 BC, of course there is zero actual evidence he existed outside of a Book written by dozens of people, from different sects, an compiled at the start of the Constantine Era of the Holy Roman Empire. The Bible is NOT a historical document, it is a theological/political work of literature.
          Mankind as we know it has existed far longer than 2000ish years. Homo sapiens have walked the earth for 200,000 years, with civilization marked at possibly starting at 50000 years ago. There have been 48,000 years of human history where Christianity has NOT existed. In fact, according to anthropologists, for the most part the idea of a monotheistic belief system is kinda new. As far as I know, one of the first true monotheistic systems was in Egypt in 1348/1346 BCE started by Pharaoh Amenhotep IV, it was so liked by the people, they destroyed as many of the idols as they could find and returned to their polytheistic religion. Judaism is pretty much the first of the monotheistic faiths that has held on, followed by Christianity and Islam. In that order. The funny thing, Christiaity is not a true monothiestic faith. We, and yes, I am a Christian, belive in the Trinity, God the Father, God the Son (Jesus), and God the Holy Spirit (Holy Spirit) A true monotheistic faith would have God, and only God.

          There, a little history lesson. I got most of info from years of study, but posted links to Wikipedia. While most colleges won’t accept wiki as scholastic source, its good enough for here. All this information can be gotten from your local library as well. But the essense of this novel that is likely TLDR for most people on this site, Christianity is not as old as man, not by a long-shot. And btw, even Young Earth Creationism doesn’t believe that. To them, the earth is 6000 years old. Christianity is still only 2000ish years old. But creationism vs evolution/actual dating of the planet is a whole other lesson that I won’t be getting into today:P

    • WM3

      The difference between a cult and a religion.
      In a cult there is a person at the top who knows it’s a scam.
      In a religion that person is dead.

  • cerenagee

    I respect her and think that those are great reasons to leave a religion. If your religion is practicing things you don’t like than why be something you don’t believe in? You don’t get to pick and choose what parts of the religion you want to stand by and ignore the ones you dont. I think the fact that she found a religion that works for her and represents the things she believes in is great.

    • James

      In other words its all about self not truth. Jesus said he was the way. There is no other way and what Jesus offers in not a false religion, but a relationship with God.

      • cerenagee

        Your truth and your religions truth is not the same for everyone else. I respect that you have something you believe in and honestly I’m just going to keep silent on my opinions about what you just said.

        • Dexter

          Christianity may be true or false. If it’s true, it is true for everybody, if it’s false it is false for everybody. Truth is universal. You don’t have to be silent on your opinions :)

  • amy

    No one should pass judgment on anyone else’s religious decisions. Religion is a personal matter and it doesn’t matter whether or not anyone agrees with it.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      perfectly said bb, preach it

      • in jesus name i pray amen

        why was I downgraded? I was literally agreeing with her comment…. bitches stop sipping that haterade.

        • amy

          Obviously someone doesn’t think that people should have the freedom of religious choice and expression…

          • LAChris08

            Most folks in this country don’t.

    • nickjata

      if she doesn’t want people giving her shit for it she shouldn’t talk about it. then no one will talk about it.

      • amy

        She has the right to freedom of speech. She should have the right to talk about her beliefs without people giving her crap.

        • Dexter

          Of course she has a right to freedom of speech – so do We.

        • :p

          everyone has the right of freedom of speech, but i can’t guarantee your freedom afterwards.

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    The world (America particularly) is so secular now, I’m not sure it matters. Religion doesn’t play a huge role in everyone’s lives anymore– it’s become more political than anything. There are many Christian (& Catholic) churches in LA that accept/embrace the gay community. Weird to me how she would switch entirely just bc the pope doesn’t condone it. But then again, her brother is gay and I know gays play a huge part in her life so I can see why she would make a life change especially when it impacts her so much.

    • Hello

      If you think that the US is secular, then you are seriously deluded. An atheist would never be elected president right now.

      It’s moving that way, as it should and as is constitutional. “In God we trust” on the money etc.. what the hell? How is that freedom of religion?!

      I understand that the US is becoming more accepting of gays though. But to Europe if you said you didn’t believe homosexuality was right, then you would have no friends. In America, you have plenty.

      • Dina

        Because, IN GOD WE TRUST.

        • amy

          Not everyone believes in god…

        • LAChris08

          Yeah, from 1956. It was reaffirmed, but really isn’t supposed to be our Motto, or any type of official anything. Our original motto was E pluribus unim, or Out of Many, One. Please remember, US Constitution guarantees separation of church and state.

      • laura

        I must say, that if you would say that you’re against gays in Europe many would probably slap you in the face BUT there are also very radical religious people (not going to say which religions because I don’t want hell to break loose) who still believe that gay is evil and unnatural.
        It also depends on the country, off course, but normally people are less conservative in Europe than they are in America and more rational.
        I don’t know why but it’s true and if you deny that, you’re probably a republican… I’m honestly scared for what will happen if a republican wins the next elections because it will not only have a great impact on America but an even greater impact on Europe. Since most republicans spit on Europe.

    • LAChris08

      America is hardly secular. It is supposed to be. By law it is. But the fanatical Christian Right thinks it should be a theocracy. And they have a lot of power. I would love to see complete separation of Church and State. When religion stops being political, and just gets out of the way of progress, our country will achieve great things.

  • anon

    The new Pope is pro gay though and he’s said he’s no one to judge so she’s being really ignorant and uncultured right now. Most Roman Catholic priests have become pro gay and when it comes to the Harry Potter and Spongebob thing, what the fuck, that is bullshit, that was never said by the Roman Catholic church, EVER, unless she’s not Catholic and she’s another type of Christian then that would make more sense.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      She’s been practicing Kabbalah for a while now.. this interview is old! I don’t belive the new Pope was in at that time. If you look up the original interview, I think she said she’s been kabbalah since like 2009 or something like that…

    • Jellybean

      As I mentioned before, I go to a Catholic school and I’ve never heard of the new Pope being pro-gay. He just said we did not need to focus that much on that matter. And I’ve also never heard the Harry Potter and Spongebob thing. I’ve heard it from my evangelical family, but not from any Catholic. I think she left because of the gay issue.

      • A Cat

        I’ve never personally heard of the Spongebob thing but Christians have conflicting views on Harry Potter since it deals with witchcraft (which is forbidden in the Bible). I think they’ve been trying to say: “hey, you can watch the movies and read the books if it’s strictly entertainment but do not start actually practicing witchcraft.”

        • Jellybean

          Yeah, that’s what most of the people I know do. Some of my friends’ parents did not let them watch anything that had to do with witches until they were well instructed that practicing witchcraft was not a good thing.

    • A Cat

      I don’t think he’s ever said that he was “pro gay”. He just said that we don’t need to focus on that as much and that any gay man/woman can be accepted and uphold a Christian faith/lifestyle. Even though Christians have different opinions on the marriage laws being changed debate, we still are being taught to love and accept people no matter what, you know?

      But I do agree with the Spongebob thing. I have never heard anybody claim that he was gay and should rot in hell. Like whaaaaat?

  • Debbie

    That is SO not what Christianity is. Ariana does not need to have a “religion”. She needs to have a Relationship with Jesus.

    • amy

      What Ariana needs is for people to not tell her what she needs. I am assuming that you are a Christian based on your comment, and I know like you feel like it is your job to spread the good news of God and make disciples, but it really isn’t your place to say that. Ariana knows what is right for Ariana. Just because you think she needs Jesus doesn’t mean that she does.

      • sadasad

        Obviously she doesn’t if she’s practically in a cult.

      • Debz

        It says in the bible that we are to spread the Good News of God. That is Gods word. It’s truth. Everyone needs Jesus, even if they think they don’t. It’s truth.

        • Ana

          Allright honey you are acting all high and mighty because supposedly it’s your job to “Spread the good news” but in reality its not your place to tell people what to believe in, as you probably can see I’m an atheist but I have no problem with other religions, in fact I like how different ideas and stories manifest all around the world but the fact is if I straight up told you that there was no God and start going on about it you would of course get mad and say that I need Jesus, everyone acts like there religion is the only one that’s right, because you just so happen to be born into the right one but there is over aIllinois of religions out there, are you actually going to start saying to everyone else that doesn’t believe in “God” that they need to start worshipping him?

    • laura

      I’m sorry to burst your bubble but Jesus doesn’t exist and you are basing your opinion on a book that has been written 3000 years ago and ever since has been copied by writing many many times. So how true can that book be?

      • BangBang

        I’m sorry to burst your bubble but Jesus did in fact exist and there’s evidence enough to back this statement up. Whether you want to believe that he’s the son of God is something you need to decide for yourself.

        • laura

          There’s never been found evidence whether he has existed or hasn’t. What I meant, is that he definitely doesn’t exist now, hence the “doesn’t”..

          • quuenamanda

            what evidence do you expect to find,bones?this was 3000 years ago .fact of the matter is jesus was in college and he is included in my HISTORY class.there are multiple sources who knew him and wrote about him so there is your evidence.

            btw there was no camera or fb back then what evidence do you expect, he was just a normal guy really and his death on the cross was common back then btw so his bones were disposed of like the rest of the prisoners.

          • laura

            In which country do you study?
            What I mean with evidence are various texts that are not written in the Bible and have similarities in them. Indeed, a lot of texts do describe a person as Jesus but those don’t match and they barely ever describe his appearance, just his personality.
            The thing is that historians don’t know whether he is just a myth or that he really existed because of the absence of different texts that say (more or less) the same.
            I studied Latin for 6 years and there also are descriptions of people where historians still don’t know whether those persons really existed or were just ‘myths’.
            So I am not saying he never existed, because that’s something we will never know.
            I hope you understand what I meant now :)

          • Debz

            He’s real. I’ve heard him. I’ve seen him. He moves physically in my life. The miracles that happened “then”, still happen NOW. Jesus is more real then ever, but the devil will do anything to make him not seem so.

          • zara

            wow why you gotta go burst other peoples bubble by saying that just because you dont believe in jesus just keep it to yourself and let people believe what they want

  • true

    i cant even take what she said about harry potter and spongebob seriously. that is not even legit reasons i dont even think the church/pope has ever said that? maybe her priest or whatever individual church she went to. she sounds ignorant and really young/childish. but God gave us the right to choose so each their own.

    • amy

      I’m sure she was using those examples as sort of a joke to make the topic more lighthearted.

      • amy

        Also, I’m not sure what the Catholic church has said about Harry Potter, but I know that there are many Christians who condemn the books as being sinful because they are about witchcraft and think people shouldn’t read them.

        • Anna

          Also because Dumbledore was gay

        • amy

          Why did people down vote me for a fact? I personally know 2 families that wouldn’t let their children read Harry Potter because they thought it wasn’t Christian.

    • Matt Kehhster

      I think the gays should be enough. Who cares what the church says about fictional works, focus on the oppression they’re encouraging/enabling/enforcing.

  • Caroline

    People you’re not well inform, actually the Catholic Church and many other religions are against Harry Potter there’s even a Wikipedia about it lol
    I’m not the biggest fan of her but I’ts her descicion at the end of the day, and I really don’t think she leaved it because of Sponge bob and HP, clearly It’s sort of a Joke, she leave it because the chruche is against gays, and yes a lot of prist have became pro gay but they are the minimum.

  • RedneckAtHeart

    I’ve been told by many on here and in real life(?) that I should denounce my religion because I support gay rights. My beliefs are that you can still have a relationship with god and want equality for everyone.

    • parishiltonsbff

      I just think Ariana had some bad experiences in the church and Catholic community, especially since her brother’s gay, which probably caused her to not want anything to do with her religion again. I’ve seen it happen a lot. It’s unfortunate, but you can’t blame her.

  • RedneckAtHeart

    But to say you’re leaving a religion because of the dislike of a show and some movies is a bit weird.

    • amy

      I feel like she just used those as easy examples of things she disagrees with the church about. I’m sure it goes much deeper than that.

      • RedneckAtHeart

        It just sounds very idiotic to me lol. I mean, why not state the whole reason? If it’s to personal then just tell them you don’t want to answer… You know?

        • amy

          She did hint at a more major reason with the gay marriage thing. She probably just wanted to provide a simple answer. She might have wanted to share that she wasn’t a Christian and give the general reason of why as being that she doesn’t agree with the teachings of the church, but didn’t feel like making it super complicated.

          • RedneckAtHeart

            I can see that. But I don’t even think she was Christian, she was raised Roman Catholic.. I could be wrong though.

          • amy

            You realize that Catholicism is a denomination of Christianity, right?

          • RedneckAtHeart

            I do, but if you walk up to a Christian and call them Catholic or vise versa they will jump down your throat lol.

          • A Cat

            Catholicism is apart of Christianity. :) Christianity is basically any faith/religion that has to do with believing that Jesus is the son of God.

  • disqus_qfyOBdJfvT

    I mean she can come back to the catholic church because the new pope is all about not judging anyone and being a good person. He thinks no person has the right to judge anyone else for any reason. Not only that but he donated all the money he has made this year to help the Phillipenes. Hes a pretty wonderful guy

  • Jellybean

    The pope said that a woman should not work? And that Harry Potter was bad? I did not know that, and it’s weird, because I’ve attended an Opus Dei school my entire life.

  • anon

    “It is the practice of being a good person.” I honestly don’t think that this Kabbalah thing is helping her then because she is one of the most fake celebrities that this generation has. And I’m not only judging her based on things that I’ve read online. I’ve had the privilege (or so I thought it was a privilege at the time) to meet her and she was so rude to not only me but my little cousins that I had with me. Jai was with her at the time and he was the sweetest person. You could tell that he was trying to make up for her rude behavior and if anything, I thought that it would be the other way around.. with him being the rude one and her being sweet. She’s the type that acts nice and squeaky clean to interviewers and to the public but in reality, she’s the exact opposite. I can’t count how many times she’s shamed Victoria Justice, only to say that she was misquoted or didn’t mean it when people started confronting her about it and she got hate for it. And with the whole Jai thing, it was kind of obvious that her responses were fabricated and that she was full of shit. When I met the two of them, you could tell just by looking at him that he was in love with her and he wouldn’t ever do anything to hurt her. Shame on her for trying to make him look bad.

  • alysha

    yea this is totally an older interview because ive heard this before. that’s why she wears the red string around her wrist

  • Emily

    You have a voice like the angles but only hell with get to hear it :/

  • Mary Magdalene

    This article is so bizarre I wonder if it’s real. Sounds like if came from someone else’s mouth not Ariana’s. Just recently she was telling people on twitter that they needed Jesus when that whole dildo thing went down. Why would she say that if she didn’t believe? Also recently she said in an article that she was Catholic, then started learning about Kabbalah (typical Hollywood) but admitted that she meditates everyday. WTF? Either she’s the UN of religions or she’s just doing what younger people do, exploring & trying to find something that fits her lifestyle.
    She’s clearly lacking in Christian education because as a Catholic specifically, it’s all about being Christ like, concentrating on the New Testament. Also in addition, I read she’s now trying to be vegan? The most famous vegan ever was St. Francis of Assisi. He created the idea of being one as a sign of devotion to Christ. Let Ariana explore different avenues of spiritualty. She should ask a ton of questions. I just want her to do it far away from Hollywood people because that crowd is trash

  • boystan

    Omg is this true?

  • Janey

    why is she SELLING Christmas songs? Christmas is about Christ. Just for the money, honeys.

    • threelittlebirds

      Christmas has nothing to do with Jesus. It never said anywhere in the bible Jesus was born on dec 25.

      • cerenagee

        sorry girlfriend but Christmas is a Christian holiday and is a holiday dedicated to Christ :/ I’m not Christian but I celebrate Christmas. The holiday has become less about Christ and more of just an American holiday.

      • cerenagee

        Sorry girlfriend but Christmas is a Christian holiday. I am not personally Christian and don’t believe in God but still celebrate it. It’s become less about Christ and more of just a festive winter holiday.

  • Larry: It hurts staying apart!

    Everyone needs jesus at some point of life. I knew she was a nobhead.

  • sam

    since when was christianity catholicism?

    • amy

      Christianity is divided into two major sections: Catholicism and Protestantism. Then within each of those groups their are countless denominations. Christianity is a religion that believes in the god of Abraham and believes that Jesus is the son of god. Since Catholicism has those beliefs, it is a denomination of Christianity.

  • hjg

    Uhm she shouldn’t leave her religion just because she supports some stuff her religion does. Everyone has a different opinion

  • adrian

    first of all she was catholic….why are they saying she’s no longer Christian? Being on what i’ve studied no offense to anyone either….but being a good person doesn’t get us into heaven…thats what we learn as Christian’s the only way is Jesus Christ.

    • parishiltonsbff

      Catholicism is a branch of Christianity.

  • gest

    she needs jesus!

  • Aldath Le’Carde

    I’m a Catholic and half of those things she said are serious BS, I am not very fond of the gay community, but I don’t HATE gays, I have gay friends who know I belive it’s not right, and I like to hang out with them as they like to hang out with me. AND I love Spongebob by the way, and my ex girfriend wanted to work and my family had no problem with it and she’s still my friend… I dunno what sort of hellhole she visited, but it was that, a hellhole.

  • that gods girl

    i think ariana grand is a very talented girl, but she needs JESUS….. does she even know how she got here. she has millions of fans across the whole nation, she is winning #1 awards in music and all of that. she needs JESUS, i can not help but to respect ariaa grandes choice but she needs jesus. i want my idol to belive in god just not take it as with someone said. those people at the church need to stop telling her that stuff because there is no reason to call spongbob gay and all that stuff…….. i hope one day she will for give the chuch and remain a chrisian again.

    thank you

  • billie

    I wouldnt leave christ because of something dumb who cares bout sponge bob i just would not went to that church or stay home with a bible and pray. This just shows how easily when ur famous orjust a regular person u dont pray to God or u dont trust him and thats the devil tempting u but ariana could whatever she want she grown im just commenting

  • Ariana Grande`

    Thanks guys for your support, you people are the best!

  • billie

    Omg the real ariana! Thanks for hearing from u

  • Ariana` Grande

    My pic wouldnt upload.

  • Ariana Grande`

    Who the hell r u

  • AinsleyAnne

    If Ariana really said those things, she’s being fed with LIES. I am a Catholic, though I’m not devout, and I have never heard of the Spongebob thing and the Harry Potter thing. If I’m not mistaken, the references on HP about witchcraft and wizards were denounced by other Christians, not necessarily the Pope. Again, if she did say those things, she’s uneducated and it’s quite disappointing.

  • jacqueline

    im sad:( i was born in roman caholic chruch, and i do believe in gays and i believe that no one should burn in hell unless they do a terrible sin. My mom works and i love the harry potter series! Although I disagree with the pope on those desicions its still not enough for me to switch my religion. Im terrible that ariana left us but shes enlightened. i believe her brother is gay so thats probably why she switched. oh well.

  • jacqueline

    im terribly sad* lol not im terrible

  • MeowCat

    Why does she need a religion at all? It offers nothing that you can’t get elsewhere. She was very smart to assess the Catholic church as she did but why substitute one for yet another debilitating smokescreen?

  • 116guy

    Sad that she had to hear those things from someone like that. I don’t blame her for leaving, but that shouldn’t be a reason to leave know what I’m saying. Jesus all the way though in my opinion. :)

  • Carlos

    Choosing Spongebob over Jesus? She doesn’t seem to know much about Christianity. Women can’t work?
    Homosexuality is condemned in the Jewish Old Testament. So is magic. Kaballah is Jewish Wicca repackaged into a feel good Hollywood cult Madonna has given millions of dollars to.

  • Anjelo Manliguez

    I guess she just thought yhe pope was too harsh. But she should still be a roman catholic.

  • Sarita

    Roman Catholic is not really “Christian”. There are differences. I think everyone needs Jesus. Ariana just hasn’t realized it yet, and so have a lot of people. True Christians don’t point out your sins. Everyone sins. So, what Ariana thought was “Christian” really wasn’t Christian. Christians don’t tell people they’re going to burn in hell They tell people how to get into heaven so they don’t have to suffer in hell. There is no negativity in Christianity. Plus, the “Pope” is not a Christian figure. People may think he is, but true believers/Christians know he’s not.

    • Aubree


  • Anonymous

    I disagree with Catholic religion too, which ia why I’m Baptist. Ariana, you don’t have to leave Christianity. Knowing God has nothing to with those Catholic rules. It’s just about accepting Christ as your Lord & Salvation & if you truly believe that, you are Christian.

  • Franz Cisco

    ariana should go back to christianity

    • Bunny


  • isaac

    yo she really dose need Jesus these guys are just trying to help her out alright we all love her on earth and we all want to love her in heaven ok so don’t say crap like yall need to stop you need to stop and help Ariana i love her and if u did u would help her meet Jesus in heaven case it is sickly by faith she made it that far in her life

  • Grace

    I’m a christian and there’s nothing wrong with working women!!

  • derome

    Everyone is entitled to their on religion. STOP FUCKING JUDGING PEOPLE you’ll burn in HELL for that ASSHOLES.

  • Sam

    Join the jewminati for more fame

  • Matt Gilliam

    It’s better to just make up your own religion. Then your faith demands nothing of you. A lot easier.

    • Becky

      The best way to make money is to start your own religion – L RON HUBBARD – father of Scientology

  • extremely irritated

    it was wrong for the pope to say that. jesus loves gays he just doesnt like their sin. he love liars he just does like their lies. he loves murderers he just doesnt like their murders. can you see where i’m coming from? Its so frustrating trying to tell people about jesus when christians like these go off saying gays will burn in hell for being gay. Its SIN that sends you to hell not having emotions for the opposite sex. Jesus said we should love everyone. We shouldn’t judge others or he will judge us.

    • Bunny

      Agreed, The Lord calls us to be kind and respectful towards other peoples, this pope is evil, it’s no coincidence that lighting fell from the sky and hit the Vatican moments after he introduce himself to the world..

    • Becky

      There is NO SUCH THING as a good person


    In other words, she left the Catholic church because it offended her real religion, the religion of Ariana. She was never part of the Catholic religion if she left it because it disagreed with her.

  • morena97

    Have a seat. The parrot syndrome again. Trivializing a lifestyle by what society disagrees with. Such baloney.

  • Allan Nichols

    NEWSFLASH… Earth to Arianna we are all sinners you dolt! Really weather you believe in religion or not think about it we are all sinners as it is impossible to live without negatively affecting ourselves or someone else at one point or another. Honestly how many times have any one of us done things or said things that seem normal and were done with ill intent yet somehow to someone else they were taken that way. It happens every day to every one of us and to deny this is to live in such blissful ignorance I can not even comprehend it. Where do people like her come up with this stuff their psycho families?

    FACT… I have never heard the Pope or anyone from the Catholic Church say ANY of the things she claims.

    Sure as Catholics we believe to be gay is to sin yet we also believe that to become drunk is to sin. I am catholic and came her in sin as I wanted to see pics of this sexy lil minx wondering who she was.

    What really stinks is that when people like Mrs. Grande unfairly SMEAR christianity like she did. No mainstream christian church I know of says the things

    Sounds to me like Ariana is playing politics here consider the mention of gay people one of the hottest political topics of the last few years in particular for the entertainment industry who seems to think it’s their job to force all of society to say their is nothing wrong with being gay.

    NEWSFLASH #2 just because a christian believes it’s a sin to be gay and does not personally agree with that choice it does not mean they are “Anti-Gay” nor does it mean they are against gays or intolerant of them. Quite the contrary christians are perfectly accepting of gay people we work with them live next them and many of us like myself are great friends with man gay people. As I said before I believe it’s a sin and wrong to drink as well does this mean I am Anti-Drunks or Anti-Wino ???

    • Emily

      It is not wrong to drink, but like you said before, it’s a sin to get DRUNK.


    ✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞THAT IS STUPID I CANT EVEN!!! who Changes there religon for such a dumb reason!!! Christianity is the best religon and the only true religon!!! I love Jesus!!! ✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞✞

  • xpsy10

    Hmm the kaballa, isnt that what the illuminati believe in?

  • jheariana your biggest fan!!!!!!!!!! you should leave kaballah!! you dont even know satan!! hes a devil! someday! you will go to hell after you die and being in extreme torment and pain! your soul will never die!! but can only feel extremepain!! so ariana! believe inJesus Christ! shall wego to heaven together?? in hel, there is loud screams pain and fire not an ordinary fire!! a lava or somethin!! im 11 and ima christian! im warning you ariana! im doin this coz i love you!!! please be with me!!

    • dexie saavedra

      jheariana i agree with you

  • FuckYouLydiaYouStupidWhore


  • CG

    Oh it makes my heart ache thinking about this. Ariana does need Jesus because Jesus is the way it’s that simple. I want to so badly be able to talk to her and explain to her nicely. And just because I love her doesn’t mean she’s the only one who needs Jesus, everyone does, anyone reading this right now, give him a chance.

  • tris

    all of them are bullshit include jesus, mohammad, jahweh…the only thing is important is you and what you do and ariana is doing well.that’s enough

    • DerNeo SuperGeil

      Thats quite true

    • NJ

      Do some proper research before disrespecting.

    • duckman0605

      You can always tell an atheist by their foul mouths and the swearing. Atheists and liberals are full of hate and intolerance.

      • Paul O’Daniel

        Funny they say same thing about you people, but they have way more evidence to back it up. Get smarter.

        • Emily

          Evidence? What do you mean by evidence? As far as I know Christians give to people in struggles, believe that they can become a better person, and pray that they find the happiness in God that we know they can get. What do atheists do? Oh and why would Christians use foul mouths. Why would we do that if one of our commandments state “do not take the Lord’s name in vein”??? Huh? Oh and by the way, most atheists believe in the big bang theory, right? If the big bang theory is correct then earth came in a big bang and it just appeared, so why can’t God just make earth appear? By the way I’m not sure if what I said about the big bang theory is correct, but that’s what I got out of it.

        • duckman0605

          Prove to me God doesn’t exist. (without saying ‘prove to me He does’)

  • jacob

    Ariana grande has a awosme gift that Jesus gave her but god is the truth and the way but god did not force no one to love him he will let u do what u want but if u do rong he still loves u and yes I hope Ariana grande come back to a Christian and yes if Ariana comes back to a Christian she is a awesome sis in the lord

  • Juan

    I really don’t understand why Ariana left Christianity I mean like I’m a fan of her I really love her but it just doesn’t make any sense for her to leave a religion she was born into. I just hope that she’ll come around again. I really Love her

    • jimmy

      I know y because she is the illuminati

    • RainneNot

      she turned into illuminati, I think someone forced and threatened her to change, because I know she really believe in God

  • jimmy

    Y you become a santniss

  • cameron

    guys i’m sorry, but i truly don’t believe that Ariana Granda doesn’t believe in, god, because when i watched behind the scenes of all her music videos, she prays to god, and to jesus, i truly believe that she still christen , and this is just roomers , so we could hate her, and i don’t believe in hell or the devil, and even if i did, i wouldn’t be scared to face him, cause i have god, jesus and the holy spirit in my life, to make me very happy, like look at me, i signed a contact last year, cause ei’m an actor, but i’m still new, and i could do it with out god, cause we all can’t do things with out him, his love is inside us, even if you don’t believe in him, or your gay, what ever god will alwas love you… and don’t listen to, what most people are telling you

    • bruce

      You are right

    • Emily

      You may think you can do it without him, but really you can’t. God is in control of everything that happens. When bad things happen, it isn’t because he wants you to suffer, it’s because he wants to test your faith in him. When good things happen, he’s rewarding you for your strong faith. If you don’t believe in God and everything is okay for you, wait and you will find out what your punishment is…(going to hell) But, if you decide now that you believe in God, you know Jesus died on the cross for our sins, that Jesus’ prophesy came true, and you repent from your sin’s, you will go to heaven. And you are a christian. So Cameron, I disagree. Also, I know hell and the devil are real, I mean they obviously are. Do you really think everybody goes to heaven? How dumb would that be, getting rewarded for absolutely nothing? If that were true than why believe in God, other than the happiness it gives us, and the happiness of knowing the truth, why? (If your belief in the devil and hell being fake)

  • bruce

    I want her to change and still believe in Jesus.i luv Jesus and it breaks my heart to know that she doesn’t believe in him

  • sdv

    Omg, I wouldnt believe anything the pope says. It is all false, and if he did I would say this to my self “He is lying. Do not believe him or anything he says. Because you know it is not true” YO Harry Potter WTH is no sin what so ever. Sponge BOB Like CMON? What the heck. It’s a cartoon Pope .-. And seriously. If someone said “All the stuff you believe in is wrong” I would think like he is such an idiot.

  • Ana

    All right everyone is commenting that they hope ariana comes back to Christianity but I really don’t see the problem in her not believing in God, everyone says that because of God good things happen to them and I just don’t believe it. I’m sorry but everyone starts saying that she needs Jesus and it’s just plain up stupid, I feel the same way as ariana toward Christianity I was raised Catholic because it’s what religion I was born into, at this point you don’t really have a choice in believing what you want, people just tell you to think that way and follow the ways of the Lord because he loves you. I personally don’t like the idea of Christianityour because, some not all, Christians get triggered when atheist or other people start talking about their beliefs. But mainly every atheist I’ve met have no problem with other religions, I know there is atheist out there who are just plain up rude about it but it’s just how people are

  • Ddinox64

    Religion is bad. Jesus came and dwelt with man. He came for relationship. Not religion.

    • Joe Bigliogo

      Dictionary definition…”Religion: the belief in and especially worship of a supernatural god or deity.”
      Christianity perfectly conforms to the definition of religion whether or not you think a relationship exists.

    • Paul O’Daniel

      Thank you. So true. Whether or not there was a jesus, the most important message these kinds of people have given us throughout the ages is that we are supposed to be just like them, ‘proper stewards of being’, rather than a cancer of ‘life on earth’ (that ‘thing’ [greater individual that is comprised of us] that is necessary for us to exist)…and that this is what is supposed to be normal. Lets all together stop standing in the way of it. This abandonment attitude of ‘people thinking they are going to some kinda heaven cuz they repeated a couple of lines so, therefore, they can treat the environment that supports them poorly in the meantime’ is not going to get them to anywhere better. Ultimately we get to heaven by bringing it to where we are. Embrace what you have to work with NOW. That is religion.

      • Paul O’Daniel

        Praying and such still works though. Just breathe and listen. Let ‘them’ show you. Don’t decide or let anyone else decide for you what they are, what they want, what their names supposedly are, etc. But also, more importantly, pray by DOING. Don’t decide you have to pray at all. Just make it happen

  • Paul O’Daniel

    Thank you sista!, my new favorite celebrity. Jesus hates christianity. God hates religion. They want us to BE them not worship them. That way they can have someone to relate to out here. And thank you so much for being publicly vegan. I’ve been veggie for 20 years. I’m one of the kind who, upon being asked why, wants to say, “Why would I have to explain why I wouldn’t wanna eat THAT?!” Vegan off and on. Aspiring to be raw organic vegan.

  • mmiRandal Davidson

    Should people memorize the lyrics of songs put out by a mind so small as to not understand that God is not the teachings and edicts of any church but is what created all that is including herself and wrote in her heart the kindness she seeks to exhibit. Finding what she seeks will never be found looking outward for acceptance.