Demi Lovato Neon Lights Video Teaser

  • amy

    Ok, I love demi, but a couple things confuse me about this. First of all, I don’t understand how a person who keeps talking about how they are uncomfortable seeing themselves on camera in general feels comfortable wearing a skin tight body suit on camera. It doesn’t make sense to me. Also, as a person who struggled with drug addiction and does her best to stay out of the party scene, why would she emulate a rave in her video?

    • dlovCyr

      Well its a party song. What else do you want from her, to sit in a chair and soft sing it to you?

      • dancer145

        Well I get what your saying but I also completely get what amy is saying I was thinking the same thing. She’s being very hypocritical. I mean for a person who doesn’t like being on t.v is on how many shows. She best hosting GMA this week guest staring on glee and then making videos like this. Im not saying she shouldn’t of made a video like this but this is pretty intense for a person who keeps talking about being so uncomfortable. She still seems sketchy in some way.

        • Anon

          I understand this point. but as long as she’s exploring and becoming less and less insecure about herself, that’s all that matters. She hasn’t talked about it too much. She’s not the same person last year so this just means she’s just more comfortable with herself. She’s not necessarily being “hypocritical” she’s just slowly getting used to herself as she goes along with her career. She’s just using her old self as an example of how SHE was.

          • dancer145

            Yeah no she’s being very hypocritical. In every interview she’s done in the last few months she talks about how she doesn’t like being on t.v or is uncomfortable. I think to me what bother me the most isn’t the whole party theme its the sex appeal she’s giving off being in a skin tight body suit and all the water scenes and the rave scene. Thats what bothers me the most thats the type of person she’s been trying to stay away from. I just think she could have done the whole party theme in a way that the sex appeal was toned down.

        • dlovCyr

          I just think she stretched this whole “feeling uncomfortable” thing for too long that now everyone feels like they always need to relate it back to her problems.

    • Mary

      So she said that she feels uncomfortable in front of camera… She has two options: hide herself and feel that way forever or challenge herself and learn how to handle this feeling…
      As a fan, I’m loving to see her putting herself out of her comfort zone…

      • dancer145

        I completely agree but then she should stop bitching about being so uncomfortable. Its getting VERY old.

  • Duckyhoward15


  • FlawlesslikeSG

    LOL The scenes were demi is in the water totally remind me of Selena’s perfume ad & the CAGI music video scenes… ugh

    • A Cat

      That’s actually a thought I had too! I don’t think she got it from her perfume ad though. It just looks similar. :)

  • Ali

    OKAYYYY Amy. It’s a music video she’s having fun. “Neon Lights” I mean the first thing that comes to my mind at least are bright lights. Also, she hasn’t really mentioned anything about feeling uncomfortable on camera. She’s slowly stepping back out with X Factor and Glee. It’s not that big of a deal LOL

    • Pln

      She just mentioned it in like the last demi post..

      • amy

        Exactly. Demi literally just spoke about being uncomfortable on camera still. I’m not criticizing her for it. I’m just saying that it confuses me.

        • Anonymous

          She is bipolar after all

          • Al

            You people are all so judgemental. None of you actually know her or understand her, or what she’s going through. Joking about being bipolar is not funny. Yes she is, but that’s not a reason to criticize her.