• in jesus name i pray amen

    Can someone explain to me what the ACTUAL fuck is up with that dress & why she would wear it?… I usually bow down to Jennifer Lawrence, but this is almost unforgivable! MY QUEEN, fire your advisors.

    DROP YOUR DIOR SPOKESPERSON CONTRACT. Do not let them dress you again.

  • boystan

    she looks fab

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      but that dress?…

      • boystan

        not something you wear to a movie premiere but it’s cute.

  • ssuupp

    Don’t like that whole overly meshy exposed look! Just aint right. She’s stunning though!

    • in jesus name i pray amen


  • ISeeSparksFly

    Not a horrible dress choice, but not her best either. Oh well. She still radiates class.

    I wish her and Liam would date.

  • lalalala

    Poor Josh always the shortest one in the place.

  • teddy

    She looks amazing. I feel like this this is what Miley THINKS she looks like.

  • part

    why is Jennifer dressing like miley? first she gets her hair cut like miley and now she wearing that suit other that dress like miley wears.

  • laura

    that dress is ridiculously ugly and should be burned as soon as possible. Normally she always looks so beautiful but this just ruins her beautiful body.

  • cerenagee

    yeah I absolutely LOVE jlaw but not feeling the dress.

  • leggoofmahmeggo

    I don’t get why everyone is raving about this. I think it looks awful and stupid.

  • @nn@mmm

    Josh is very unattractive.