Justin Bieber PYD Full Song

PYD – Put You Down, released by Bieber.

  • grog09

    Damn his usual haters will come here and talk shit specially ones on this site but I am diggin this shit :O
    His vocals are on point, falsetto’s are good and rnb king R Kelly is damn good on this one.
    #1 on iTunes even if it won’t stay there for a long time I’m glad he’s taking a more mature sound then doing usual teen music that’s just radio friendly.

  • anon

    That’s funny have two men singing it because it looks like they are singing to each other

    • Silver

      R. Kelly is probably singing to some child…. he is a known paedophile. When you think about it, it is a pretty disgusting song.

      • LOLLLL =)



        you’re such a dumbass, it’s comical seeing your comments :) lmao

        • Silver


          There are different spellings of the word. An American one and a European one. Just like words like colour, behaviour and organisation.

          Who looks like the dumbass now?

          • Austin Ames

            Either way your comments approve the persons conclusion that YOU are the only dumbass around.

          • Silver


  • kk

    holy sex song

  • Silver

    I really never thought Justin Bieber would make me lol so hard….

    • MCMimi

      I never thought you could be so dumb and miserable with your comments. Seriously, grow the fuck up. Or just come out of the closet we all know you’re in love with Biebs since you keep up with every breath he takes.