Justin Bieber Wears A Changing Skirt?

justin-bieber-changing-skirt (32)Justin Bieber looked exahausted during video shoot in Downtown Los Angeles. Bieber appeared to be wearing black jeans with a black skirt over it. Do YOU think it’s attractive when men wear skirts or kilts? Photos: INF.

Justin Bieber had huge party in Calabasas this weekend with over 100 people including Snoop Lion and the cops were called 3 times by neighbors. At around 3 am Justin’s next door neighbor, the guy who Justin allegedly spit on during a prior altercation , called again and deputies came out a second time.

The neighbor told TMZ cops told him they smelled marijuana inside but left without arresting anyone. At 5:30 AM the neighbor couldn’t take it anymore.. deputies came out a third time and he filed a police report against Justin for disturbing the peace.

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    hell no, this is never attractive. Oh Bieber, when will you learn weed is a poor man’s drug.

  • no just(in) no

    why do these “men” wear skirts. i mean kanye, diddy, jaden, asap rocky. just stop unless you want to be a damn girl just stop. all its doing is trying to spread a certain agenda to younger people (us).

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I don’t get the skirt thing these boys are doing. To each their own but what is really up?

  • guesssst

    Oh god, I thought this skirt thing was just a kpop thing…