Justin Bieby Philippines Graffiti Savior

Justin Bieber’s graffiti street art obsession is being used to raise money for Phillippines! Justin Bieber tagged a wall alongside a friend named Milk Tyson Saturday night in Los Angeles … and TMZ was told the plan is to auction off the spray cans, and a signed pic of the wall and donate the money to a soon-to-be named Philippines typhoon relief group. One source tells us Justin wants to “get involved” in efforts to restore the Philippines & this is his first step.

  • Kim

    Well nice of him to write that, some of his team tweeted they’re doing something special to help out people in Philippines which I am glad he’s reaching out. Idgaf if it’s pr stunt he’s still doing good while his haters will usually trash him. Good JB!

  • cerenagee

    At least he’s paying his respects. Good for you Biebs

  • ChaoticDemise

    That’s a start for redemption for mocking Manny Pacquao

  • emjonas23

    I’m not a fan of Justin, but seeing him doing this for my country is a thumbs up. Great job, Biebs! He’s one of the most influential people today, so I know that this will really be a big help to raise money for the typhoon victims here in the Philippines. :)