• Silver

    I love how Kevin made that jibe at Selena earlier in the year…. and now she is just doing her thing, going on tour, getting decent sales and being happy. While he attends TEEN halo awards…. lol… Has Been.
    And then we have Miley who has more talent and fame than Demi and Selena combined but keeps her mouth shut and doesn’t talk smack, Kevin will always be Ugly Jonas.

    • HA!

      made a jibe??
      it’s **JAB** you fucking moron :)

      hahahaha what an idiot :)

      • Nikki

        lol “Silver” is obviously a fan of slutty cyrus.

        so that says it ALL about the (lack of an) ability to make and/or comprehend coherent thoughts.
        or function with the pathetic excuse they call their brain.

      • hahahaha!!

        HAHAHAHAHA silver is a moron =D

        they are CONSTANTLY making mistakes like that all over the place on here :) LOLLLZ

      • =D lmfaoooooaoooooo

        LMFAO “silver” changed the word in the post obviously after seeing this =) lmfao

        funny, how they troll other posts, but saw this and saw what an IDIOT they are and changed the word and then just went away, couldn’t even defend their use of a non-relevant word here hahahahahhahahah =)

        guess that’s what a likely future janitor’s education level is able to do

    • Ffghjbh

      Haha please don’t made that crap sweetie Kevin is handsome to stupid

  • Naomi

    omg he looks so gay!

    • Ok.

      He looks gay? The fact that you’re clearly a lesbian doesn’t mean everybody isn’t straight.

    • Ghhhjjj

      how many drugs that you consume ? Haha please haters like you need to get of here Kevin married a woman Danielle so stop puting ridiculous comments by own you are embarrassed to everyone

  • Naomi

    well he is lol, we all know that by now!!

    • Louise

      Why do you think he is gay? He’s obviously nuts
      about his wife.

      • Naomi

        Really? hahaha Kevin has a bf! and btw Danielle is not pregnant!

  • Asdfghjklljd

    Why was Brandi invited??????

  • cerenagee

    I think he looks very cute and put together

  • Cici

    Kevin looks sexy. Wtf are yall talkin about?

  • RedneckAtHeart

    I think he looks great. He’s always seemed to be the most put together out of the brothers.

  • An

    He looks fucking handsome to be honest… Jennette and Kevin did a great job! She looks so gorgeous <3

  • BrokenArrow18

    Austin :)