Taylor Swift Harry Styles Secret Date?

Exclusive... Taylor Swift Goes House Hunting In London
MSN’s Celebrity Fix reports that Taylor Swift, 23, will be spending yet another New Years with the One Direction star, Harry Styles. Is it time for album promo again? ‘Harry has never really gotten over Taylor and thinks she is gorgeous,” says the source. “He is going to spend some serious time with her in the run up to Christmas and New Year.’

Taylor has been house hunting in London, near Harry’s home.. with a source saying she was trying to win him back. But in fact, TheFIX can reveal that Harry has in fact helping Taylor in her househunt, even suggesting places in upmarket Regents Park, near his home.

When Taylor confided in Harry during a phone conversation how she wanted to live somewhere close to him in North London whilst she was in Europe working, Harry quickly was on hand to help.‘:

‘They still have feelings for each other. She’s definitely still in love with him and he’s got a massive soft spot for her. They’ll see how it works at Christmas and make it official in the New Year.’ Do YOU think HAYLOR is secretly dating and are getting back together for the holidays?

UPDATED with pictures of Taylor house hunting in London. FameFlynet.


  • No


  • Swifties 4 TayTay

    As fun as it would be to relive Haylor again. They’ve both clearly moved on. He’s with randoms and she’s supposedly w/ Douglas Booth now.

  • omgsowhat

    He should run fast af dat bitch is fuckin crazy

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      the girls got legs to run miles, I don’t think she minds

    • Tessa


  • Jellybean


  • Hollyhysteria


    • Cupcake


  • bs

    the pic is cute tho

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      this one where Harry looks entirely disinterested and Taylor is happily starring off into the distance? lol

      • Julia

        it was new years wasnt it? i think they where looking at the ball in times square.

  • zaina

    Haylor! Haylor! Haylor!

  • RedneckAtHeart

    I highly doubt it, but i wouldn’t be surprised if she still harbored feelings. Shes been known to go back to a few..

    • anon

      Nah. That’s Selena and Miley. Taylor never goes back. Ever

  • ijustneedyounow

    if this is really true he’s more stupid than i thought. that bitch is a man-eater

  • @nn@mmm

    was he ever really into her?

  • JUG

    I wish Harry’s team would realize that it’s bullshit stories like this that lead people to believe that Larry is real. At least with Harry and Louis there seems to be real chemistry and affection http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6d6orZ_-bHk&sns=em Taylor and Harry just seem awkward and uncomfortable together IMO.

    • in jesus name i pray amen


    • Anna

      Yeah real chemistry…they don’t even hang out together anymore and it is because of fans like you. Why mess up a perfectly good bromance for this stupid ship?

      • JUG

        Personally, I think Larry was a publicity stunt from the start. It may not have been planned from the outset but encouraged. It helped One Direction to create some invaluable buzz when the group was starting out and needed the buzz and the “stupid ship”. Yeah, they don’t like it anymore but it’s too late – You can’t un-ring the bell. Larry should be a lesson to all management. Publicity stunts have consequences.

  • Mack
  • Anon

    Fuck no. I would never want to see her get all that hate again just because the fucking crazy ass one directioner fans think they have a chance with him. Or because they think “larry is destined to be together.” I laughed just while typing that sentence.

    • ijustneedyounow

      ever thought that maybe she got all that hate because she acted like a bitter classless bitch that couldn’t wash her dirty laundry at home and had to call out yet another ex in public? i’m sick of people acting like she’s the poor victim in every relationship that went to hell when she goes through men faster then she can change her bedsheets -.- *sits back and waits for the crazy ass swifties to come at her*

      • Anon

        LOL, nope. A bitter classless bitch? How? Let me get some information through your head, dumbass. She did not diss him at the VMAs, ikywt is NOT about harry, and her and harry are still friends. And that little thing at the Grammys was legit nothing, she was just doing a deep voice as in the song, not a fucking british accent. Taylor doesn’t act like the victim, so stop using that old excuse. Its pathetic. She writes songs about her feelings, just like everybody else. Name me ONE 1D song not about a girl. I’ll name you twenty of Taylor’s. SIX FUCKING BOYFRIENDS. Thats not a lot for a girl almost in her mid-twenties. Her and Harry are friends, btw. So please just stop embarrassing yourself.

      • Anon

        Oh, and by the way, referring back to your first statement,NOBODY, not even the fucking crazy miley cyrus, deserves hate. Not Justin, not Taylor, not Selena, and not even 1D. Why do you think its acceptable to go tell someone to die and that you hate them? Thats seriously low and disgusting.

        • ijustneedyounow

          lol a person that just insulted me tells me that nobody deserves hate? :D i don’t know if you’re able to read properly but i never said it was acceptable for someone to tell her to die. i didn’t even say that i hate her. i simply voiced my opinion that she’s not as innocent as her fans like to think. you can not tell me she never bashed her exes, even IF ikywt isn’t about harry there is still dear john and her publically bashing joe jonas. to ME that is bitter, immature and classless. get that information through your head “dumbass”

          • Anon

            “Ever thought she got all that hate because she acted like a bitter classless bitch that couldn’t wash her dirty laundry at home.”

            There is a fine line between an opinion and hate, and you have just crossed it. And sorry to insult you, but your comment was just no. And I’m talking about the other one directioner fans who gave her so much hate and told her countless times to go die. That wasn’t an opinion. I’m part of her fanbase and I can guarantee you we don’t think she’s “all innocent” but she’s not terrible either like you made her out to be. The only thing people can hate on her for is dating guys. And I can tell you that she has never publicly blatantly called out an ex in an interview. After Joe, she has never once mentioned an exes’ name, besides in her songs. And that was ONLY dear john(in which she gives herself blame too). :)

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  • Clauber

    Oh shit! what is she thinking?

  • Anna

    This is just crap and everyone knows it. They have both moved on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NOPE

    “He looks so happy with Taylor!” SAID NO ONE EVER



    • Lol

      Okay harryscupcake

  • Duckyhoward15

    No wait he is obsessed with Miley lol , Harry doesn’t even live in his own house he lives with friends

  • Cici

    I hope so. They’re cute

  • jamylle

    haha obviously for PR for 1D latest record dropping we see u through stop with this BS