Zendaya Sings Nascar National Anthem

Zendaya appears at Nascar Finale
Zendaya Coleman sings ‘National Anthem’ at the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Ford EcoBoost 400 at Homestead-Miami Speedway in Homestead, Florida. Photos: WENN.

  • anon

    What the fuck she looks like she’s anorexic, she definitely is suffering from an eating disorder.

    • Cici

      I always thought she was just naturally built tall & thin. Who knows

  • alysha

    i think shes naturally thin.

  • Silver

    Is that her real hair or a weave? What is her ethnicity?
    She reminds me of a young Selena… tom boyish and care free. Like a girl next door type.

    • jw…

      are you honestly such a pathetic ignorant racist?
      or just really bad at trying to be a troll?

      • Silver

        Excuse me?

        • silver is a troll, duh

          you are excused! pleaseeee!

          get the fuck out of here.
          you go into EVERY post and state racial and ignorant, rude comments about basically anyone non-white.
          go and read about your aryan beliefs somewhere else or something, GTFO out of this site.

          • Silver

            I am sorry, where exactly did I post anything hateful to Zendaya? She is adorable! Are you completely nuts????

    • youre so pathetic & disgusting

      what a stupid thing to say, unless you’re blind or mentally retarded, you can clearly tell she’s black.
      but that was a nice touch, to add the comment about that since she’s black, she must be wearing a weave.
      real classy of you, after your whole ‘i hate muslims’ rant in the miley post…

      i see you’ve moved onto another racial group to profile and stereotype with your bullshit :)

      • Silver

        Dude I have no problem with black people. Zendaya is gorgeous. But she is clearly not fully black hence my question and her hair is long, even white celebrities wear weaves/extensions so don’t be a raging lunatic. I was just asking if anyone knew her exact ethnic background and if that’s her real hair.

        • Julie L

          you have no problem with black people????

          that’s a first for you! no racially insensitive and plain rude comments about anyone who’s non-white !
          bet it helps you out a bit that she’s mixed

          • -___-

            silver is just a big cunt overall, he/she can’t help it.
            clearly the way they were raised..

          • Silver

            Who is “they”?

          • so sad..

            i hope you’re not serious….

            do you really not understand the way ‘they’ is in reference to you? when you were mentioned earlier in that same comment?

            damn son.
            i had read those other comments about ppl saying you must not have had past a 9th grade education or whatever, but damn…this all but confirms that LOL!

          • Silver

            I was pointing out that your grammar is wrong. You should have written

            “silver is just a big cunt overall, he/she can’t help it.
            clearly the way he/she was raised.”

            They refers to 2 or more people. Not one.

            Surprising how a 9th grade education beats your College education, is it?

          • LMAOOOOOOOOO :D

            LMAO the last person i need to take advice from on writing is someone who write “jibe” when they mean “jab” or “paedophile” when they mean “pedophile” (or COUNTLESS other mistakes you’ve made, these are just examples)

            btw dimwit, “College education, is it?” should be “” **ISN’T it “”

            (also, even though you’re clearly nowhere near on your way there, college doesn’t need to be capitalized … it’s not a mystical place like they probably make it seem around the trailer park’s commonplace fire or whatever you do for heating)
            HAHAHAHAHHAHA fucking moron. writing a comment about trying to correct me, when you make simple mistakes in that very same comment !! lmfao i cant even make fun of you anymore now, its clear how stupid you truly must be =/

            i like btw how you left the other post you were trolling with your racist remarks, as soon as people started calling you out for what you must be: a pathetic loser

          • Silver

            college education, is it?

            …. Meant I do not know what level of education you have so I was asking is it? lol @ you.

            There are various spellings for some words. I went to a European school so how you spell a word can differ from how other people spell it


            Have no idea what the rest of the stuff you are talking about is.

          • Maryann

            …beats your college education, isN’T ************ it ?

            lollllllz just a fyi, next time you go and try and correct someone else’s grammar….it may help to actually use correct grammar yourself ;) hehehehe

          • lulz

            “go and try and correct”

            *TRY* being the key operative word there. hahahaha
            so pathetic.

          • Silver

            Wrong context.

          • Silver

            No actually, black people have a very interesting culture here in the US. From slavery to having a black President and black Congressmen… that is truly inspiring. Of course there are still problems here and there but no one race is completely perfect.

            And just so you know Islam is not a race, it is a religion, there are white people who are Muslims and Black people who are Muslims and Asians who are Muslims so my comments earlier were not racially insensitive. I was just commenting on the nature of their culture and you took offense. But let us not tarnish a rare Zendaya post with rubbish.

          • Julie L

            yeah, me and about everyone else who was born with a brain. and common sense to not believe everything we read on the web.

          • Silver

            Stubborn. smh.

          • Julie L

            what’s stubborn about it?

            stubborn that you not distort the truth? or make radical generalizations about groups of people you admitted repeatedly you know nothing about besides what you’ve read on one website?

            if thats it, then yeah i’m stubborn

            you don’t like that multiple people have pointed out your ignorance or stupidity, and extreme generalizations as “facts”.
            give it up already.

          • Silver

            Little girl. It is a fact that more than 1000 Swedish girls have been raped by Muslims in 2013 alone. Call the police in Stockholm they will tell you.

            It is a fact that 65% of girls in the Islamic community will be married at a young age, without them being given the chance to choose the partner. Call the UN. They will tell you.


          • LikeICare

            You’re so stupid, just because a bunch of people are messed up doesn’t mean you should generalize the whole thing, get the fuck outta here ignorant fool.

          • Silver

            My comment was just facts. No opinions.

          • LikeICare

            Fact is you’re stupid or 12

          • Silver


        • ashleyofcourse

          shes half black (dad) half white (mom). her hair is real. although she does sometimes wear extensions. in this pic its all her real hair.

          • Silver

            Its gorgeous.

      • Silver

        I googled her. She is not black. She is multiracial.


        Now, does anyone know if that is her real hair?

        • Sara

          what the hell? im muslim and we dont get married in a young age loool if you see how we live and how beautiful our city is and our houses cars and everything why would we be stealing if we are rich search QATAR we are the richest country and Dubai its a beautiful city arabs are rich we do not “kill people” its the media ~RUMMORS . at least muslims cover there bodies unlike others who get naked

          • Silver

            Not all of you sweetheart. But some people do take your culture/ religion a little too literally and cause a lot of harm. Dubai is beautiful.

          • Sara

            nobody does that these days that what they do before same as christian people the would get married when they are you but now? we get married like at 22,25 thats a great age to get married

        • ashleyofcourse

          one drop rule.

  • LikeICare

    All of you are so ignorant, she’s a dancer! that’s how they’re built omg get educated damn

    • ashleyofcourse

      actually thats not true
      im in the industry and went to university.
      i know many dancers. and only 2 had a body like hers. its just genetics. shes naturally thin. now im sure being on disney at such a young age prompted her to stay thin but its definitely not because of dance. look at her backup dancers in shake it up. theyre not that thin. a dancers body varies on the individual and type of dance.