1D Top Bieber + ‘Big Booty Strippers’

justin-bieber-harry-styles-sexOne Direction are #1 on iTunes tossing Bieber to #2!

Again, Justin Bieber made guests sign a confidentiality agreement prior to entering a big booty stripper 100 person party over the weekend. They were only allowed to enter on the condition they signed a binding contract, which if broke would result in them paying $3 million directly to him.

Guests and workers were prohibited from making posts on Twitter or Facebook, texting or using phones during the event or discussing in any way what went on behind the closed doors of his Calabasas mansion in Los Angeles County, California, on Friday night.

Bieber’s closest friends Floyd Mayweather and Chris Brown attended and there wee at least 20 ‘big booty’ strippers there and the girls who weren’t strippers felt self-conscious wearing clothes, so they stripped down too. Bieber had stacks of ones and made it rain all night, dumping more than $10,000 in cash on the girls. One dancer said she made $1,300 alone.


  • ivan

    Sounds like a great party to me; what’s the big deal. If it were another celebrity no body would care

    • Anon

      Other celebrities don’t an effect on millions of easily impressionable little girls. There is more to life than drugs and partying with naked girls.

      • ivan

        If the media were not so intrusive on every detail of what he does and says, we would not be talking about this; he should enjoy his life as other celebrities do who are not as severely scrutinized. What the media is doing led by TMZ amounts to bullying of a kid who does far more good than bad. He was named one of the most charitable celebrities and hardworking in the business-google it.

  • anon

    No big deal, it is his life, his choices. But he also shouldn’t get mad when parents stop buy his shit for their kids, their life, their choices too ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • JUG

      That’s my concern. If parents stop buying stuff for their kids, that would really hurt Justin. Why can’t he at least try to be good during important marketing moments like when he’s releasing his new perfume and new movie??? Have quiet dinner parties for a month. It’s not that hard. Just be good. Lot’s of 19/20 year old manage it.

  • boystan

    Yassss slay 1D!

  • Julia

    It always makes me wonder…if people had to sign a $3,000,000 confidentiality agreement…how is this known? who squealed? ooo now it gets even more interesting.

    • Silver

      Was just about to ask the same thing.