Evolution Of Miley Cyrus’ Life In Song

By Zoe Anne on YouTube!

  • cerenagee

    omg I love this hahaa its so funny and so fucking accurate haha hey at least her voice is good too

    • party

      why they always focus on negativity when miley has done tons and tons of good deeds, they should make a video about good deeds miley has done which is a lot more than any other Disney kid!

      • Cici

        Because that’s what Miley wants!

  • ash

    this is absolutely phenomenal wow

  • dlovCyr

    Haaa this is awesome.

  • Cici

    That was pretty funny..and she has a good voice

  • pily

    She sings really well, also the song is really funny

  • Gbjnjnn

    Wow Miley became way famous to that now everybody is singing that song or pretending to be her haha amazing

    • Ty

      Haha yeah now everybody wants to became like Miley because she is soooooo famous about that song

  • Dara

    I love this! This kinda reminds me of that guy that made the video of him singing about what happened to the Disney princesses after their happily ever after