Jake T. Austin Hit & Run Accident

jake-t-austin-drunkJake T. Austin was involved in 4-car hit-and-run crash this morning, reports TMZ. A 2010 Audi with NY plates slammed into 3 parked cars on a street in Sherman Oaks, CA around 3AM Tuesday morning. The cars suffered major damage.

The Audi is registered to 18-year-old Austin (real name Jake Szymanski). It’s unclear if Austin was driving the car at the time of the wreck. After the driver hit the parked cars, someone in the ride threw a bottle of Ciroc at a nearby property.

The driver and his passengers called a black car service to come pick them up before cops arrived to the scene. The witness described one of the guys as a white male with dark hair who looked really young and acted really drunk.

Once officers arrived, they saw the wrecked Audi, along with the path of destruction, but no Jake, and issued a document to one of the people who suffered damage, which explained that the incident was being handled as a hit-and-run. So far, no arrests have been made.

Do YOU think Jake is the new Amanda Bynes?

  • cerenagee

    No :( I loved him. Wow that’d so crazy. All the disney stars go cray.

    • Larry: It hurts staying apart!

      lil bieby lil bieby poor lil bieby knows that he is doomed now and its over…dead end! So he is overreacting and doing shit and this bloke is trying to get in news more to show what skills he has got now; noticing that only being bad n bitchy can give a better comeback in spotlight again. Such bad influences this world has got for us now, shame. RIP saint-teens of disney.

  • RedneckAtHeart

    I believe he has a lot of “yes men” in his life and that’s not good.

  • TheLostChord

    Unbelievable. Guys like him (if he was driving) and Justin Bieber are the reasons everyone assumes that guys are age are nothing but selfish, party addicted assholes. They wanna act like ‘adults’ and go out drinking, and say a giant ‘Fuck you’ to their careers and fanbases, and do whatever but they aren’t man enough to face the consequences? Driving drunk? Fleeing the scene? Come on….

    • cerenagee


  • rinni

    No it makes him the next mitchel musso

  • rinni

    This is why insurance is so high for guys but we all didnt make 20,000 per episdoe growing up as children jack ass

  • Alex

    Guys, this is TMZ – not exactly a trust-worthy site. Don’t jump to believe everything you read.

  • Anna

    It even says on here that is unclear if he was the one driving the car and it isn’t from a reliable source. Don’t believe everything you read people, there seems to be no proof in this incident and until there is I think it is unfair to call Jake out.

    • rinni

      Must be nice to have so many cars you can shre them with your friends, theaase celeb teen do it all the time.
      Real dudes never let there cars out of there sight

  • getlikemiley

    wow i love him

  • Julia

    It’d be such a shame if it is him, loved him in waverly. it always gets me though when celebs get arrested for DUI’s…all the money in the world and you can’t splash out for a taxi back to your hotel/home? and dude how dumb you gotta be? camera’s everywhere, you’re famous. You’re going to get caught sooner or later.

  • ashleyofcourse

    wait i think we’re missing the big factor here….
    his real name is Jake Szymanski??
    the fuhh? since when?!

    • TheLostChord

      It always has been. Jake T Austin is his stage name His middle initial, “T” is taken from his mother’s maiden name, “Toranzo. But Austin is his actual middle name, and Szymanski is his last name.

  • anon

    thats what you get for stealing my debit card and charging over 500 dollars worth of shit!