Justin Bieber Cailin Russo Kissing Photo

bieber-cailin-russoJustin Bieber & Cailin Russo kiss on All That Matters video set.

  • anon

    Just googled her and she is beautiful. Hopefully they date so he can calm down. She just need get him tested for STD before

  • anon
  • Ee

    Well this kid is sick

    • MCMimi

      What the hell did he do now for stupid comments? he is simply kissed by a model for his video? Gtfo peasants :)

  • Fguhjik

    Haha another prostitude wow

    • LOL

      She’s a model dumbass gtfo with your dumbass comments.

      • Fguhjik

        well she is model of slut maybe she is a prostitude your dumbass and you better fuck of

  • meme

    I think it’s really sad that people self destruct and ruin their lives and who they once were. It seems to be a never ending pattern for young people in the industry.