Justin Bieber Is Fading In Australia

justin-bieber-fadingJustin Bieber’s popularity is fading in Austrlaia, concert ticket sales in Australia has seen a 41% decrease ahead of his eight-show tour, reports News.Com.AU. Before Bieber’s stripper and drug use was out of control he sold-out shows in the past, his upcoming eight-show Aussie tour stop is seeing tickets barely reselling, some even going for half price, on websites like eBay.

His concert tour in Australia in 2011 sold out within minutes, but this time around people are trying to get rid of their tickets. A spokesperson for Viagogo.com, a major ticket reseller for the Australian market, told the news site that people have ‘lost interest’ in Bieber since the Believe Tour presales back in July. In fact, One Direction tickets are selling 187% more than Bieber’s.

‘With their squeaky clean image, One Direction is popular with fans and their parents alike. Bieber on the other hand is doing a very good impression of an enfant terrible, which seems to be putting off his fans and driving their parents to resell tickets.’

The alleged Brazilian brothel bust led to a 23% drop in the ‘Boyfriend’ singer’s ticket sales on Viagogo, Levenson said, followed by an 18% drop after the video of sleeping Bieber with the Brazilian woman Tati Neves surfaced on YouTube.

UPDATED with Lil’ Bieby’s cover of The Hollywood Reporter!


  • threelittlebirds

    Well it was gonna happen sooner or later…

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    “With their squeaky clean image, One Direction is popular with fans and their parents alike” oh. if parents really knew lol they’re quite mischievous fucks too! I mean 100x better than Bieber bc they dont do hard drugs nor is their behavior THAT terrible (spray painting walls etc minus Zayn but he does that for art purposes at his own home)

    • rinni

      They drink alot
      and have some scandolous sex lives,

  • Anon

    Him and Taylor are going to be on tour in Australia at around the same time. The only difference is she’s doing a stadium tour and he’s doing an arena tour. Then again, I’d also rather go see her perform live and actually put on a good show rather than watch him show up three hours late.

  • Hi!

    Can he fade away from the U.S or maybe everywhere else too???

    • hj

      He’s fading in Europe too. Next is USA and Canada. Latin America will be the last. But he can still turn all around with great music and better behavior, he does not need be a saint tho. But maybe he is over that.

  • boystan

    He’s fading everywhere lol.

  • RedneckAtHeart

    Can he start to fade here (US) as well?

  • cerenagee

    Biebs is done. He’s digging his grave with his antics which are fueled by his little crew but I guarantee you the second his career is over they will be gone.

  • jk

    wow! it is true. you can even get floor tickets

    Beliebers, Justin need you! What will be of those poor strippers and hookers? :(

  • JUG

    As I’ve asked before, why can’t Justin be good when he has stuff to sell. This is crazy. There is big money on the line. Be good or at least pretend to be good. Scooter has also got to do a better job on keeping a lid on all this bad publicity. If necessary, he’s gotta start suing some media because all these negative stories are starting to hurt the bottom line.

    • Julia

      Because he shouldn’t have to “be good” he should just be a good person all the time, it’s just common decency not to be a jackass? and Scooter isn’t his dad, he’s parents should tell him to cut this stupid shit out, and he can’t sue the media for releasing information that is true, if it was fake then he could but it isn’t. Scooter isn’t going to do anything as though this sort of behaviour may be hurting justins teenybopper rep but it will give him a new one has “the bad boy of pop”, it’s all publicity. AS they say publicity is publicity whether its good or bad, and justin has both just the bad is starting to out weigh the good.

  • Cici

    hahaha… take a break & grow up bieby. & ditch those shitty users you call friends.

  • byebiebs

    The difference between justin bieber and one direction is the boys of one direction don’t pretend to be something they’re not. They do what they do and they don’t hide it or apologize for it.They’re relateable and accessible and actually genuinely care about their fans which is why I doubt they will ever fade. Justin Bieber however acts like a complete arrogant douche, he’s rude and then he does these things like smoke weed and buys strippers he tries to apologize and cover it up by some publicity stunt of him being nice to children in hospitals or something. I feel bad for him honestly because despite his antics there is no denying his talent but at this point its quite apparent where his career is headed.

  • Silver

    Well… that is a shame.

    Is it because of the fans losing interest or their parents not allowing them to go? Because he seems to have a lot of fans on Twitter though.

  • nana

    is this surprising? every teenager star fades after a while,

    the same thing will happen to one direction,etc,etc. is what they do after all this fame that will show if they will able to make it or not in the music industry.