Justin Bieber Mexican President Meet Lie

bieber-mexican-lieJustin Bieber Tweeted that he met the President of Mexico on Monday before performing a concert at Foro Sol in Mexico City: ‘Just met some amazing Mexican beliebers and the president of mexico and his familia. Now its showtime. 60,000 tonight. Te amo.’

President Enrique Pena Nieto’s office Tweeted shortly after revealed that the meeting never took place: ‘denied that the president, Enrique Pena Nieto, held a meeting with singer Justin Bieber.. The agenda of the president has focused on internal activities with members of his cabinet.’

Bieber soon deleted his Tweet after the lie was revealed: ‘*correction. I met the presidente’s family and all their friends in the private meet and greet with security. They were very nice.

A lot of things get said about me. So many things not true. And it hurts especially that people believe it. But I got all of u…I’m built for this. It’s all gonna be alright.’

  • Hanna Ourimi

    Why does it , EVERY FUCKING TIME , he does something “controversial ” he has to deny it saying that a lot of what is written about him is false and that he’s ” always there for his beliebers/beliebers is all what matters to him ” Such bullshit annoys me the hell up , I sincerely care less about his actions , at the end of the day he’s not doing anything to harm others as far as we’re concerned but the amount of brain wash his team and himself do to the young girls to get their attention and their money is just fucking disgusting !!!

    • true

      agree with this so fucking much. im over his antics and the clear bs-ing that he keeps doing is just a normal now from him sadly because he’s pretty talented. but to say the same shit every time he gets called out on his bs behavior/lies/antics is getting really old. hopefully those girls open their eyes and see past the bullshit.

    • Queen


  • Larry: It hurts staying apart!

    Over-confidence dooms a person eventually. I blame those teeny boppers in the first place, who made him to stand, where he is now and thinks that he is flawless even if he is just taking every step towards the darkness of his life. RIP soon Bieber.

  • Julia

    Haha i love it how he says alot of things wrote about him are not true yet he wrote something about himself that wasn’t true either? SO WHO CAN THE FANS TRUST JUSTIN? WHO?

  • Cici

    He is on some serious shit…

  • getlikemiley

    He’s just getting on my nerves now. I used to love him. I was literally the fan who got floor seats back in 11? whenever he wasn’t such a thug. Everyone keeps making up excuses for him saying “well he’s just a teenager and they make mistakes” yeah i get you make mistakes, but you learn from them (which he clearly hasnt) and grow the hell up and stop acting like such a child when you’re about to be an adult. He changed and he’s spiraling down day after day. RIP BIEBER.

  • Ty

    This kid is sick

  • Ffghjbh

    That’s happen to many drugs affected him and doing porno and sleep with a prostitudes wow Justin bieber got serious problems and now he is a liar sonner or later he is gonna finish in jail and he deserves it

    • Ty

      Yeah and he is mean to everyone

  • Gbhnjm

    Well Justin bieber is homosexual that’s why

    • Joanne

      I seriously doubt he’s homosexual. All the gay guys I know would never ruin their looks with all those trashy tattoos. That kind of thing is strictly something douchbag straight guys do as a way of trying to look “tough” or “street”. But gay, straight or bi, Justin is joke any way you slice it.

      • Gbnhjm

        Please homosexual that’s that too they get tattoos not because us gay they have to be nice that’s not true i saw many homosexual who got tattoos and trashy

        • Gunhjm


      • Fvhbbb

        Haha please straight guys are not trashy what are you talking about

      • KK

        Wow tipical Justin bieber Stan likes to defend this homosexual and he is in drugs and he is mean to everybody he pee in the bucket disgusting and he likes sleep with prostitudes and sleep with man too wow your idol is disgusting

  • mrs. avicii

    “A lot of things get said about me. So many things not true. And it hurts especially that people believe it.” But boy, you tweeted that shit.

  • Fvunn

    I hope he dies soon