• Chelsea

    This is just sad!! Can Bieber do anything himself??? I hope they sue him because its not a far game to steal it esp since it says its trade marketed on the Team Jonas site and on there tees and stuff

  • lala

    Damn, watch beliebers say “oh no, Justin did it first”, dumbasses… I’m not even a jobas fan but this bothers me, how unoriginal of him. They should sue him but probably won’t, I really think they don’t care, the same in 2009.

    • Chelsea

      If beliebers say that I will lose it! Justin doesn’t even write his own songs nothing he does is his he copy’s shit

  • No


  • laura

    no offense but by the looks of it, it looks like these t-shirts are fake. like they’re not actual justin bieber franchise but they tried to copy it and sell it for less or something along those lines.
    I really don’t think his management is that stupid.

    • MCMimi

      Thanks,finally someone who uses common sense. This ”place” looks like anyone could make those shirts there and sell them what makes you so sure his team did it or they’re actual franchise from him? I love how people trash him now without even thinking or using facts. I guess the hate wagon is becoming bigger now since he finally gave them a reason to hate him( his behavior )

      • laura

        Oh well, you must be really stupid not to realize that that isn’t anything official haha but thanks :)
        Sometimes I really feel sorry for the kid though, he can’t really help it that he behaves like that. If they just gave him a few months off or something, I think he’d start ‘behaving’ again.. or at least would stop peeing in buckets and what not.
        I don’t know a lot about Justin Bieber but I can tell he’s a good kid but he’s just struggling.

        • LOL

          I agree with everything said, on this site everyone jumps on everything he does and believes it and trashes him for it. For example this is just some lame ass market trying to get his fans buy it but everyone is hating him :O what fools on this site it makes me sick.

          • laura

            everyone else on this thread seems so stupid to believe this is actually a legit company..
            It seriously annoys the shit out of me tbh. It’s obvious that these are just some people who make fake shirts, it’s like those fake disney stores in Florida. They probably thought that JB stood for Justin Bieber instead of Jonas Brothers and that’s why they made those.
            I get you don’t like Justin, I really do, but at least think rational for just five seconds..

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    If this is real than that is FUCKED up.

  • Silver

    Lol… Don’t like Justin that much, but seriously… it probably isn’t even his idea…. and aren’t the Jonas Brothers over? Do they still care?
    Although, I have always had a feeling that Justin never really liked the Jo Bros… but that is just me….

    • k

      It’s not about if they are over or not, wth…

    • RedneckAtHeart

      Doesn’t matter if they are over or not. That logo is still trademarked by them and using it without their permission is illegal.

      • Silver

        Like I said… only if they care. If they don’t care about it no one will press charges. And they probably won’t because there is a very small difference if you look closely.

        It probably isn’t even him but some thirsty Clothing company preying on Beliebers’ love of everything Justin bieber. Chill.

        • RedneckAtHeart

          True. I even said in my own comment that if his team did do this he would get sued UNLESS the Jonas Brothers okay it.

          I want to say that I don’t see his team letting him do anything that would get him sued, but they are letting him do some pretty questionable things lately…

      • anon

        you’re an idiot if you think this is real

        • RedneckAtHeart

          I never said I think it’s real, and in my own comment I said that IF it is true, so your idiot comment just makes you look like a jackass. She asked why it would matter since the Jonas Brothers are over and I simply answered..

  • Tash

    If it’s an unofficial supplier of merchandise, then it isn’t his fault. People do it all the time. Make and sell their own stuff. Option 2, they could’ve contacted Jonas now that they’ve disbanded and Jonas may have sold them the rights. And the last option, Justin and his team could have stolen it. They pushed for Justin to be called JB even though Jonas was very much alive and kicking when Justin came out. If it is so, they will act arrogantly as always or play the victim once people give them some heat. Either way, it’s pathetic. Annoys me in general with this dude. He wants to be treated like an adult but wants to slide by and get off or never accept any responsibility like a kid.

  • Dmluciah

    Jonas brothers aren’t even a thing anymore, not even a concept, why would you call it stealing?

    • ayy lmao

      the first belieber just showed up

    • RedneckAtHeart

      It’s stealing because the logo is trademarked by the Jonas Brothers. Together or not, it’s still their property and using it without their permission is illegal…

  • RedneckAtHeart

    I really hope this is fake for his sake.. If his team is using it without permission then he better get ready to be sued unless the Jonas Brothers okay it..

  • Meghan

    It’s not like the jonas brothers need it anymore…

    • pily

      Maybe, but the logo is of their property so is illegal to steal it

  • Rinni

    It’s not like there using it anymoree

  • jazzy

    hell no he just needs to go away he cant sing worth shit

    • Cici

      No, he can sing. He is just wasting away right now.

      • jazzy

        no singing means being able to not just sing in the studio means live as well and he cant sing live he fucking lips sings .so no the hell he cant sing you must be one off his dam people that worship the fucking ground he walks on no he was never able to sing he steals shit from everyone he cant even be orginal so what the fuck you on bitch

        • Cici

          Lmao. I can’t stand Bieber, but you just have an unnatural hate towards him..kinda scary. I’m just saying the kid is talented & it has been proven. Calm the fuck down.

          • jazzy

            What talent r u slow hes just another popstar that’s gonna fade away he can’t write his own songs dont play his own instruments so no he doesnt have talent in my eyes hes another over produced wanna be gangster

          • Cici

            If you are going to hate someone, at least be a little educated on who they are so you know exactly why you are hating.

          • jazzy

            He may play his own instruments but that’s it.nd he underage drinking which is telling his younger fans the wrong message.but he fade away soon .nd i only commented on the article cause i thought he stole the jonas brothers logo nd that a it cool

  • XaskTaylorX

    Seriously Bieber?!? Can’t think of anything style wise and you basically steal from a band of singers and talent you will never be on the same level?!? Wowwwwww. Team Jonas unless fake. Probably is. Hopefully.

    • MCMimi

      Wow why so sure HE personally has anything to do with this? So guillable and dumb you are. This is obviously some lame company getting out with their own ideas how to sell it easier to his fans. Damn how easy you are to just have something to trash him for?

  • Rhjugm

    Wow this fag is sick copy to jonas brothers logo ? What is wrong with him many drugs that he use and he’s fucking mind is not working poor guy he needs help but fast

  • bs

    ignorant people on here. Clearly, its not his official merchandise. Go on his website and check if you want. Its obviously fake, and just a store wanting to sell shirts with his name on it.
    Calling JUSTIN names for this is just stupid. Lets just say, he DID… it wouldn’t be HIS fault. Do you think he ACTUALLY DESIGNS all his shirts or has any input/care for what they look like? he has people do that for him & management that take care of his merch and stuff. The fact that some of you just jump at anything negatively said about him is disgusting.
    Congratz to OceanUp though for always making him look bad, and writing only negative things. If Miley does anything wrong, oh well ‘shes still queen’. Dont get me wrong I loveeee Miley, but it’s true

  • Queen

    IDIOTS! hahaha this picture is from Mexico and mexican people sell this type of blouses and reuse these logos to not print more, I mean they also sell this blouses at the Jonas Brothers Concert but they didnt sell all of them so they reuse them and then they put : Justin Bieber , those are fake! those are not original! dont believe everything you read!!