Niall ‘Liam Has Best Abs In One Direction’

liam-payne-shirtless-underwear-absNiall Horan told Seventeen that Liam Payne ‘works hard’ on his body. Asked which member of One Direction has the best torso, Niall said: ‘Payne-o! That fellow is ripped. He works hard at it though, so I’ll give him that.’

Louis: ‘I’ve been labelled the prankster. I change the words of songs when the guys least expect it, their reactions are priceless.’ Which grooming products they can’t live without when they are on tour? Liam: ‘Toothpaste. Got to have fresh breath, especially when we’re singing in each other’s faces.’ Zayn: ‘Lotion, you have to stay smooth.’

  • cerenagee

    maybe its just this particular pic but I dont see anything amazing about his abs?

    • boystan

      yeah this pic is kinda old, there’s way better pics.

  • Julia

    It’s because Liam is a Man, mmmm well the manliest of the band.

  • threelittlebirds

    Meh. I’ve seen better.

    • leggoofmahmeggo

      I agree, but it does say in 1D. So out of their group, he has the best.

  • Duckyhoward15

    I would say Harry’s tbh

  • boystan

    my hot daddy

  • boystan

    “especially when we’re singing in each other’s faces” #ziam