Selena ‘Disgusted’ By Bieber’s Strippers

Exclusive - Selena Gomez Shows Off Her Bikini Body In MiamiSource told Hollywood Life: ‘Selena has heard all about his party with all the naked girls, and add that to the hooker incident in Brazil and she just hates the guy Justin has become. He is trying to be super cool to his friends and has gone into a tailspin that Selena hates to see. But her overall thoughts are, that’s what he gets for messing up what he had with her.

Selena is disgusted with the way Justin has been acting or rather, acting out! She thinks Justin is a time bomb waiting to explode. She saw it coming and is relieved that she’s out of the relationship, but also she’s very sad for him. Very sad. Selena thinks Justin has just spiraled out of control and so has his ego. This is no longer just about teenager experimenting with life.’


  • cerenagee

    I think that any ex gf would be saddened and disgusted to see a guy she loved and was with for such a long time lead the type of life Justin is leading. I’m happy she was smart enough to realize the relationship was toxic and cut ties ties to him.


    selena did private strip show for bieber though :D

  • Cimbom

    yes show us all, how fat selena is :d

  • Javi

    Let me Guess ou have been reading if the can a lot of tabloids or visit to much of Hollywood life because tmz is bieber 24/7 news channel.

  • threelittlebirds

    Not sure why her stomach is sticking out like that…but i still want her body

  • cerenagee

    WOW. OU totally posted the most unflattering pic of Selena.

  • party

    why does selena look like she pregnant? is she? she has a huge stomach is she pregnant, miley looks better..I don’t know why people say selena has a good body look at it, I guess they do a lot photoshopped on her, she letting herself go.

    • threelittlebirds

      Her body is fine. Your acting like she’s obese.

      • kurty

        what am saying is her fans act like she has a nice body, she has a huge stomach, tiny bottom and skinny legs and has no waist, and a fat face, am just saying that they talk a lot of shit about other artist when selena is the worst singer of Disney and to be honest she the one with the worst body too, yet her fans act like she the shit either they need glasses or they don’t know what a good voice or body looks like. I mean she looks alright but what am saying is her fans exaggerate a lot!

        • getlikemiley

          SHUT UP. she has a great body. the angles of the shots make her body look weird and it would make anyones body look weird. No one has a perfect body, but her figure is nice!

          • kurty

            her upper stomach is big and everyone knows it, also she a skinny but outshape,flabby. like I said her fans make excuses

          • getlikemiley

            You’re talking about her fans making excuses? When you’re not a fan so clearly you’re going to bash her any way you can. I’m not a big fan of her so im not making excuses for her. I’m stating a fact that her body is not “flabby” and she has curves like a healthy woman.

        • cerenagee

          seriously, come off of it. Obviously this is a bad angle and it looks like shes arching her body in a way where obviously her tummy is sticking out. You can see other pictures where her stomach looks nothing like this.

    • no

      It’s called a bad picture, the type sleazy paps love to post. I can find you really bad pictures of Miley, too, and any other celebrity as well. Everyone has bad pictures. And her stomach could be sticking out for many reasons…unflattering angle, she just ate a lot…some foods like dairy can make you reaaaal bloated. You can tell she’s skinny, but this is just a bad pic.

      • kurty

        nobody is denying she skinny but we all know her upper stomach is big and she gained weight, we all know she skinny but she flabby which part you don’t get from what I said???

        • ashleyofcourse

          boom. she doesnt workout. thats her problem.

  • trying

    Is selena pregnant?

  • sme

    Selena should know by now that Justin has only ever dated girl who get around. Whoops!

  • mona

    It seems people will believe anything. The truth is that Selena’s relationship with Bieber was entirely phony and done for public relations reasons. Maybe she cares about him as a (former?) friend, but it’s hilarious how all the tweenies here were fooled into thinking that “jelena” was something real.

    • :)

      Preach it!!!!!

    • prep

      well for someone who supposedly was in a fake relationship she sure benefit from it by going in expensive hotel trips and Justin touching her vajaja, breast,her entired body, are you saying she was selling herself for pr for attention? lol from her very own fan selena sell herself.

  • danna

    That’s just the way she is bending her knees that makes her body awkward although her stomach is indeed salient.
    Hollywood Life is bullshit, why people still believe them?

    • party

      everyone knows the top of her stomach is big, she has been letting herself go.

  • boystan


  • A.U.

    Happy for her to get out of the relationship, though.
    Love Selena, I just think she needs to do a lot of squats.

  • RedneckAtHeart

    Though I think she looks great, from this picture I can see where some think she needs to work out. I just think it’s the way she has her back arched.

  • anon

    Okay first of all, that is just an unflattering picture of her and it was taken from a bad angle, y’all know she’s skinny as fuck and has a nice body. Secondly, I kinda feel bad for her, I think it must be so sad to see the guy she spent 2 years and a half in a relationship with, plus the time they shared as best friends but I’m also happy for her for ending a relationship that was clearly toxic. However, I think she might feel a little guilty, we all know his emotional breakdown started when Selena left him, guess he should’ve acted like a man instead of a child in order not to lose her, and yeah, I can honestly see why she’s disgusted, all that casual sex is horrible.

  • guest

    she got stretch marks on her bum if u look close lol

  • BrokenArrow18

    nothing to do with this post but lol at the way she walks and poses when she’s at the beach, her body looks worse that way lol

  • Sorceror Of Ram Tower

    Body And Wine … Cat’s Name Is Amen…