Selena ‘I Won’t Do Big Screen 3D Movie’

selena-gomez-3d-movie (31)Selena Gomez revealed that she WILL not do a 3D movie like Miley Ray Cyrus, Jonas Brothers and One Direction for movie theaters. But she WILL do one for TV so that her fans can watch it for free. What a saint <3 :) First interview under + San Diego interview second.

+ Salt Lake City, Kansas City & Seattle meet and greet pix!

  • cerenagee

    thats awesome. haha i think its hilarious that everyone just loves calling selena a fame whore yet shes so humble and genuine. i love you sel

    • CARRY

      hello she is a famewhore, she has made her name into a everything from perfume to cloths to sneakers to nail polish and she used miley, Justin,taylor,jones, taylor l, she mention anyone who is huge at the moment on her interview or sing the lastest IT song, to bring attention to her, she uses people to get ahead, she a shark!!!
      the reason she says that is because if she didn’t sell concert tickets in full when her fame was at heer fullest in which it was when she was dating Justin and miley was playing wife and she couldn’t do it when she had no competition, you really thinks she will sell a movie concert when her concert didn’t even sell? thinks!!!
      another things in 3d it will show she lypsych and she terrible at it, she keeps missing the song!
      so nobody is going to waist money on someone who don’t sell and she doesn’t sell as much as other artist!

  • javi g

    unfortunately every producer wants there tour 3d movies or movies only in theaters because it makes more money. if she shows the tour on tv i think disney channel or abc(disney owned) should be the networks that should show that tour.

    • :)

      So does this mean that they’re gonna edit the parts where she’s grinding on her dancers and sitting on a chair spread eagle???

  • Asfhjkll

    Because she know it would flop

    • Ricardo

      Even if it flops :) she will earn more money than TV :)

    • Julia

      I think it would do fairly well she was actually approached to do one but she said no.

  • threelittlebirds

    I’m confused. Does she mean a 3D movie for tv or regular 2D? cause 3D TVs ain’t cheap.

    • leggoofmahmeggo

      I think she means 2D. Like the same thing, but just straight on TV and not in theaters like everyone else.

      • threelittlebirds

        That’s what I was thinking. It was just worded weird.

        • leggoofmahmeggo

          Definitely agree.

  • Guest

    She knows nobody is going to pay to see her in a concert movie.Her album hasn’t gone platinum or gold,her tour has many empty seats and gateaway and spring breakers were major box office flops.A Selena concert movie would be a bigger flop then those 2 films.

    • Julia

      Her album did go platinum in south america, and come and get it was number 1 in over 30 countries, so was her album. her films may of been bad but they weren’t flops people still paid to see them and some of her shows where sold out including the ones here in the UK where she did two sold out nights at the hammersmith apollo so yeah i think SOME people would see her concert movie.

  • ayy lmao

    Watching her “singing” live and in 3D? WHY NOT!!! HER VOICE IS SO PRECIOUS I NEED IT OMGOMOMG