Selena Submitted For Oscar Nomination

franco-awardMovie distributor A24 submitted Selena Gomez’s role in Spring Breakers to the Oscars panel to be considered for the Best Support Actress Academy Awards. James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson were also submitted.

The 2013 Oscars will be held on Sunday, March 2, 2014, at the Dolby Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Center and televised live on ABC. Via AnythingDiz. Do YOU think Selena should finally be nominated for an Oscar?

  • Emmy

    In my opinion, I think Vanessa is working her way up in roles. I’m hoping she can work with some great people because the potential has been there. I can’t say the same for the others.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      Vanessa….. is consistently HORRIBLE in ever film she has ever been in. The Journey to The Center of the Earth movie was utter & complete bullshit. Her acting in High School Musical made me gag. Like seriously, what outstanding performance are you speaking of? She’s just not a versatile actress.

      • Emmy

        No, she’s not. I’ve never seen Journey to the Center of the Earth and I do not plan on it. I’m talking about her roles in films like Bandslam, Thirteen, and the Frozen Ground. She’s already been recognized by movie critics. She has something special in my opinion.

        Also, the actors in High School Musical are probably the best that Disney has. It’s the script that was super cheesy and they somehow managed to pull it off.

  • threelittlebirds

    No. If Leo dicaprio can’t get an oscar…

    • mickey

      I was thinking the same omfg

    • Dara

      Poor Leo!! If he can’t get one, there is no way in hell Selena will

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      poor Leo… til this day. Pray for his soul & career tbqh. He was good in that Lana Del Rey movie the Great Gatsby

  • Jeanette Grimshaw

    Selena isnt as good as a actress as ashley benson and vanessa

  • Ee

    Haha what please not even professional actors can’t a Oscar please that’s ridiculous

  • Ty

    What? A Oscar ? Haha please not even good actors can get a Oscar haha wow

  • Javi g

    In my view oscar not yet depends on her to go foward on her career.shes doing indie film maybe an independent spirit.but I think Ashley benson should be nominated for any award for her role in sb.also Vanessa hudgens. She’s good but not that good.

  • Molly1958

    Is this a joke? Selena can’t act. She always plays Selena.

  • Dara

    I’m done! I’M DONE! If this is what passes as good acting, then I’m not going to see any movies anymore. Spring Breakers was so awful and trashy. Selena was in the movie for what, 20 minutes?! She doesn’t even deserve to be on the poster for the movie, let alone be nominated for an Oscar!!

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      girl im cryin! this is the best comment in the history of ever

  • Sarah

    Is this serious??!!!

    She’s an awful actress, well probably the people of Acadeny will laugh out loud and roll in the floor when they see this. lmao

  • ass

    LOL at this article… This movie wont get anythig. There are soo many good films such as the butler, gravity, captain philips, american hustle, nebraska. spring breakers is not at the same level.

    • javi g

      what about indie film awards or film festivals? those are important too. and that movie was a crazy movie.

  • dlovCyr

    What the fuck. Shes mediocre in everything she does, even less than that actually.

  • mickey

    She was in the movie for like half hour maybe less? I don’t understand why this movie is nominated it was nothing but a hipster movie. And Ashley and vanessas acting was so weak, I guess cause it’s a harmony movie idk but this movie or the actors should not be nominated.

    • Silver

      That is why the nominated her for supporting actress.

  • lolumadhuh

    NO. The answer is no. This movie was a hot ass mess. Almost laughable.

  • boystan

    I love Selena, but that movie was boring af. Barely made it half through the movie.

  • :)

    This has to be the most funniest shit I’ve heard all year!!!!! WTF?????

  • anon

    Haters are stupid. They just submitted everyone of the movie, why would they leave Selena out? For real, James Franco is the only one who stands a chance.

  • The movie doesn’t even deserve a nomination.

  • Julia

    Jheeze ya’ll need to calm the fuck down! She isn’t nominated for an oscar, it’s a nomination consideration WHICH BASICALLY MEANS EVERY FILM RELEASED THIS YEAR WILL BE PUT INTO CONSIDERATION, It’s what the film distributors and producers do, submit there entries, I can assure you she won’t win not by far if chosen BUT Every company has to choose an amount of considerations for the supporting actress role and then that get narrowed down then etc etc….jheeze wouldn’t surprise me if movies like pacific rim get nominations nods. NOW THAT FILM WAS TRULY RUBBISH.

    • javi g

      pac rim suck and knowing oscars and other awards they proly nominate that crap in the fx categories and acting for the robots.

  • Guest

    I don’t think she’s ready for an oscar. I don’t think she is a horrible actress, but she still had growing to do. I don’t think Vanessa or Ashley should be nominated either.

  • getlikemiley

    I don’t think she’s ready for an oscar. I don’t think she is a horrible actress, but she still has growing to do. I don’t think Vanessa or Ashley should be nominated either.

  • Asyfghjkl

    I’m fucking leaving the planet if she wins an oscar

  • MARK


  • true dat

    Just my opinion. Selena did not suck her scenes with franco were great. Everyone in the industry loved that performance and William H Macy gave her a role in his movie because of that! Having said that, no, her team should not want that to be the role she is campaigned for. Not a smart move. The only nomination for that film should go to Franco and the cinematopgrapher. I hate to break to you guys but, running around screaming isnt acting, how does everything think she was horrible her crying scenes and scene with franco was so honest ad you saw that true emotion in her eyes. But, thats my opinion.