Miley Lady Gaga Blonde Eyebrow Faceoff

Screen shot 2013-11-20 at 11.42.02 PM
Do YOU like Miley Cyrus new blonde eyebrows copied from Lady Gaga?


  • Pln

    God miley why!!!!!

  • kristin6410

    I don’t like ittt it looks like she has no eyebrows

  • :)

    People getting bent outta shape about the littlest things, haircuts and eyebrows!!!!

    • anna

      It’s called not liking how it looks, not bent out of shape. Everyone is allowed to have an opinion.

      • :)

        No, really!!!

  • Silver

    Miles is kinda adorable though…

  • Godney

    Is this suppost to be pretty?… or what?

  • Misha Collins

    I’m so scared

  • cerenagee

    God this looks so awful, for anyone. Not just miley. Why you’d do that I have no idea.

  • Siel

    Copying Lady Gaga again.

  • rinni

    its kinda scary
    On a plus note she ahd a bigger album debut then gaga did this year so yeah take thay

  • getlikemiley

    Please tell me this is for something she is doing. If this is just to turn heads then GIRL STOP.

    • cerenagee

      apparentlyyyy its for a music video. regardless its ugly AF

      • getlikemiley

        if she keeps them like this because of the attention she is getting then IM DONE

  • Cici

    She looks ugly af & old. dont do drugs kiddos.

  • claudface_delrey

    As much as I love miley I really can’t defend this. Yikes! u.u

  • Rainbow3000

    Just as we thought she can’t look any worse…

  • god why

    lol oh no

  • LikeICare


  • daniela

    looks gross

  • @nn@mmm

    I refuse to vote considering they both look horrid with those barely noticeable eyebrows.

  • boystan

    gaga duh

  • Wino

    miley is copying brooke candy