Justin Bieber ‘Into’ Lauren Pope

a40,p60,s00,x00At Justin Bieber’s trashy stripper party at his mansion, he was spotted getting close to The Only Way Is Essex blonde Lauren Pope, 31, reports The Sun: ‘They were together all night, dancing and talking and seemed pretty into one another. Lauren was accompanied by her friend Donatella Panayiotou, who is in LA filming a new reality TV show for E!.’

  • Austin Ames

    I wonder with these stories from ”sources” why never post any legit evidence? I can go now and write a shitty article about anyone and Perez for example sees it and posts himself and then others copy paste and everyone believes it? Just a proof how naive and guillable have people became, specially teens or those pathetic adults who wait for something to trash the celebrity or anyone who they read about. Fools nothing else.

    • anon

      What do you want? a tape that show him flirting with the woman? a sex tape with the prostitutes? Not everything can be given “legit evidence”. For that is that there are witnesses. Sometimes untruths are told but often truths are also spoken

      • MCMimi

        And what makes you think every single thing you read about him or anyone else is true? Do you know how many people lie for money and are paid to say something or tell they witnessed it? Haha , you make me laugh. Obviously don’t know how Hollywood works and envy ones in it.

        • anon

          where did I said that? Just as you can’t assure every single thing you read about him is NOT true.

  • anon

    who cares? of course he will want fu*k as many hot chick as he can

    • LOL

      I just don’t get it why people judge him so much on everything? He is single now and 19, old enough for many things. He is allowed to live his life and have some fun, it’s not like he’s harming anyone, people should start minding their own business more and first look at themselves before judging others. I can see him only now doing stuff for fun and messing around, sure he made some mistakes but nothing that bad like others did. He’s tired as well which is obvious so she should take a break and get some normal girl who hopefully won’t be there only for publicity and leave him as soon as she doesn’t need him anymore or if things go bad, if you love someone you stick with them through it all :)

  • Tchjjm

    What a whore

  • yup

    this guy will literally fuck anything. Hope he gets himself checked out. theres consequences that come with sleeping around all the time. and tbh the girl isnt even that hot she just has boobs.. i guess that all you need to get his attention lol

  • Julia

    Oh god i hope not, anyone from the uk can back me up, no one in the right mind would touch a TOWIE actress or actor with a pole, they literally have “trash” tattooed over them. Or in Joey Essex’s case “idiot”.

  • Silver

    Can I just say… those breasts though…