Miley Is Not Sorry That Eiza Used Liam

eiza-used-liamMexican actress Eiza Gonzalez used Liam Hemsworth and finalized his divorce with Miley Cyrus to propel herself onto the public eye and further her acting career in the United States, reports She Knows. Eiza met Liam during a weekend visit to Las Vegas with friends in September, just two weeks after she moved to California.

Once Liam found out that she wasn’t just with him for sex, he dropped her: ‘Liam told Miley he’s not seeing Eiza anymore. He found out that she was tipping off photographers; she was totally using him! Miley is thrilled obviously, it’s street justice, especially after Eiza was so cocky about things.’

Less than 24 hours after Miam announced breakup, Eiza was spotted kissing Liam outside her Beverly Hills home on Sept. 17: ‘[Miley has] forgiven Liam. But his hookups with Eiza and the way he was so open about it really hurt her, so in a way she’s kind of glad he got used. Maybe it was a lesson he needed to learn.’

Many who know Eiza said she has no qualms sleeping around to to further her career, but Miley is not sorry Gonzalez used Hemsworth. She sees it as justice because she was deeply hurt by how quickly her moved. She hopes he learned his lesson!

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  • @nn@mmm

    Somehow it doesn’t really sound hard to believe. The part about her using him anyways, the rest is still up in the air.

  • :)

    So basically this Eiza bitch is a well groomed whore!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    Well… some people say Liam himself was never into Miley and just came back to further his own agendas.

    Or maybe he is just not one to show emotions publicly.

    • ayy lmao

      shut up max

  • Silver

    Some say he was never really into Miley also. And that he used her too for his own agendas.

    ….. Or maybe he is just one of those guys who does not show his emotions publicly….

    But this song…. Absolutely love it!

  • *sigh*

    Just the fact that eiza gonzalez had SEX with LIAM FUCKING HEMSWORTH. That’s the fucking thing here…

  • A Cat

    Well, didn’t Liam cheat on Miley multiple times? Why would she take him back?

    • ….

      There was actually never any proof he ever cheated, just media speculation which is usually BS anyway.

      • A Cat


  • thesestrangelittlethings

    “…and finalized his divorce…” They were never married o_O

    • you must be new

      welcome to oceanup

      • thesestrangelittlethings

        Been here for awhile, thanks though. I still like to laugh at the mistakes; I hope that’s alright with you?

  • RedneckAtHeart

    One: They were NEVER married, so there is no finalizing any divorce…

    And two: Not saying cheating is alright, but Miley has said that she neglected her relationship to focus on the album. If a man OR woman feel neglected in any way in a relationship they will try to find that somewhere else.

    I personally feel that they were over long before they even announced the split and they were just keeping up appearances. I think he is a great guy that just got the short end of the stick…

    Plus that Eiza chick was making her rounds through the Hollywood guys. She was seen out with like two other guys two weeks before Liam.. Just another whore trying to make a name for herself in America..

    • Anna

      Plus the fact miley seemed to be having sex with quite a few people after the break up and no one trashed her and said she moved on to quickly.

      • :)

        You got proof she was having sex with quite a few people?

    • Anonymous

      have you ever thought that Miley neglected her relationship to focus on the album because she did not get the attention she needs from a boyfriend/fiancé. Correct me if i am wrong but MILEY ALWAYS went to support and try to spend time with Liam when he was off filming movies. She went to studios in different city just to be with Liam. But has Liam EVER left a country for Miley for more then a couple days? No. So i am glad she left Liam because she deserves better and he deserves what happened to him cuz Karma is a b*tch.
      I am just saying Miley is not in fault here and SHE is the one who got the short end of the stick.

      • RedneckAtHeart

        When has she ever been anywhere for him to travel for him to see her during their relationship? She filmed like one movie and I do believe he did go see her for a weekend or two.

        But you keep being a Miley stan and I’ll keep seeing the big picture lol.

  • SnapeSeverus

    I’m pretty sure he used Eiza for sex.


    well Mexican have a reputation of sleeping around in Hollywood for fame, all Hispanic knows that the only one that don’t know Mexican do anything for money is white people, but in Hispanic round everyone knows to keep their men from Mexican because they will sleep around with anyone just to get ahead.

    • Ggghbyf

      Haha Hispanic is not a race you ignorant

    • PshPlease

      lmfao learn how to spell and form a sentence before you trash people.

  • demo

    so aiza does the samething as selena well they are both Mexican sleep around to gained fame. oh well what else is new?

    • -

      rude and ignorant. educate yourself please.

  • Ty

    Well she is a slut

  • totorolove

    eiza is a babe. that’s all.

  • kristin6410

    cant turn a hoe into a housewife