Olivia & Nick Jonas Real Fairytale Love

*EXCLUSIVE* Nick Jonas and his girlfriend Olivia Culpo enjoy a romantic dinner dateNick Jonas and his girlfriend, former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo hold hands as they leave a dinner date at Osteria Mamma in Los Angeles. The couple appeared to enjoy each other’s company as they dined on Italian food at the intimate restaurant.

The Jonas brother dressed casual in a olive jacket over a blue striped shirt, blue pants and fedora; while his beautiful girlfriend stepped out in a black sweater, leggings, heeled ankle boots and a coral colored clutch. Miley may have to accept that Nick is getting married before her :\ Photos: FameFlynet.


  • anon

    Nick looks terrible and Olivia looks like she’s made out of wax.

    Hope she was worth Nick giving up his entire career for. It’s funny that both of his brothers, the ones everyone thought Nick was carrying, have been working steadily since the breakup and Nick is the one without a job.


    • in jesus name i pray amen

      Wait did I miss something? What does Joe do? Kevin?

      Kevin hosted the HALO Awards & Joe did the show in Mexico with Nick. Both are now without a job, making the trio all without a job. You were saying..?

      • anon

        Joe has been in the studio producing for other artists, and he’s also worked a DJ gig (not as in, “Here I’m playing songs for a wedding” DJ, but a David Guetta etc type of DJ, like a electronic music mixing DJ) that he got good reviews for.

        In addition to the Halo thing, Kevin also was the keynote speaker at a big business conference in NYC (which makes sense, as he’s going into the business side of things.)

        Meanwhile, Nick has…followed Olivia around. First he followed her to New England to pick apples. Then he followed her to Russia. And now he’s following her to LA and buying a house for the two of them. He even said in one of the Russia interviews that he doesn’t have any jobs lined up. And Hawaii 5-0 doesn’t count cause he filmed that before the band broke up.

        • well…..

          nick is pussy-whipped.

          cant blame him, she’s gorgeous.
          cant do much better than a miss universe.
          literally speaking ;)

          • Naomi

            That’s not real love tho!

        • Mia

          I don’t know if you guys are aware of this, but Nick actually writes songs for other artists and also produces songs as well.

      • Tvhjbn

        Sorry but jonas they was not show in Mexico they was invited to sing all poor jonas hahahaha

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    I wonder if their money will ever dwindle and lead them to becoming regular people in the future.

    • anon

      If Nick wants to hold on to Olivia he better hope it doesn’t. Now I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger, but she aint messin with no broke ex boybanders.

  • Anon

    My mom’s friend knows the Jonas family and she said that everyone in the family knows Nick is still hung up on Delta. He really loved her but screwed things up with her. I sort of feel sorry for him. Hope this new girl helps him get over her.

    • ADifferentAnon

      How did he screw things up with her though? He seemed to give her whatever she wanted. She was the one who was hooking up with her costar on The Voice as soon as she dumped Nick. Like, within days.

      My theory always has been he proposed (since they broke up on Valentines Day), Delta said no because she was just getting out of an engagement and that was that.

      • Shelly

        What a joke she left NYC Jan. 28th and went to Calif. and never saw him again. Check your facts. There was trouble when she left, why would he propose when they were having trouble a month before they announced their break up?

        • anon

          Obvs he didnt know there was trouble, since a couple of days before Valentines day he was on the TV blabbing about their plans.

          • anon

            Haven’t we learned by now he always tries to make everything seem perfect when its not. Like how they hid the trouble they were having as a band.

    • Ffghjbh

      Haha knows the jonas family? Please wake up to your fucking dreams sweetie

    • Ghjm

      Haha evybody is laughing at your face drugs is bad for you

  • Jackie

    They both look angry, maybe there is trouble in paradise.

    • LOLZ

      Maybe she didn’t think the house he bought for her was expensive enough.

      • Barb

        Hey right…….after three months of dating he’s going to buy her a house. I don’t think so.

        • anon

          Except he did: http://www.eonline.com/news/482158/nick-jonas-buys-stunning-hollywood-hills-mansion-for-3-2-million-see-the-pics

          Obviously he bought it for both of them to live in otherwise he would have just kept his place at the W. But it’s not homey enough for a girl to live in I’m betting.

          • MelGel

            Yeah he had to buy a different house since him and Delta had already made to many memories at the W. HA

          • ashleyofcourse

            damn he needs to stop throwing all hiis money around like he got a job…

          • mmhmm ;)

            its just their sex mansion.

            now that nick is a “man” ;)
            he needs plenty of space to do it.

          • Tonya

            Yeah, he needs a bigger house to fit her hips through the front door.

      • Naomi

        He didn’t bought any house for her! is his! she is not his wife, Nick is not stupid, believe me darling

    • Naomi

      Hopefully, she is a gold digger! FAMEWHORE!

  • GirlFromYourDreams

    I’m sure Olivia likes it better in LA, there’s way more paps to boost her “career” *cough* famewhore *cough*

    I don’t have a problem with her dating Nick,I have a problem with her goal of being famous. You shouldn’t just want fame. You should be in love with your art (music, acting, designing etc) You should have a deep desire for it, you can’t go a day without it. You should be in love with it. Then after much blood, sweat, tears,and making quality work the fame will come. That is the correct order of things.

    But to just have stars in your eyes makes me sick. You shouldn’t do it for the fame, you should do it for the love and passion. And its not just Olivia I find this with, its anyone who just wants fame.

    • Naomi

      That’s why she is with him, because he is already famous, so she is hanging on to him! FAMEWHORE!

      • wtf that makes no sense

        she’s a MISS UNIVERSE.

        she doesnt need a washed up former pop star to get noticed.

        give it a rest. let the jealousy go already.

        • Naomi

          ha jealousy? don’t think so! she may be the ex miss universe, but rigth now she ain’t got no job lol and besides I’ve seen more prettier girls than her on the streets!

  • Carmen

    He buy big house for her just try to buy her love to keep her

    • Naomi

      That’s HIS house not hers!!

  • anon
  • Heidi

    He is adorable as always but damn she needs some Proactive. Enlarge the first picture and you’l see what I’m talking about.!

    • Naomi


  • Naomi

    This two won’t last for too long, trust me! I know

  • JJ

    Is this what they are reduced to? No work and just going to an early bird special or the movies or for coffee with their women and hoping to get papped? Do they realize that very few people in this country even care about them? Even their loyal fans are fading away. Such massive mistakes. This is like what Miley did with Liam for awhile till she realized that she was dying of boredom and needed to DO something with her life beside being half of a couple. Being a couple is not a job. Your work is what gives you your self-respect.

    • parishiltonsbff

      the band broke up, I don’t think their #1 priority is keeping fans right now.


    idk if its just me, but they don’t look that happy in them pictures… Maybe these two wont last that long!

    • Naomi

      Hope so! hopefully he will open his eyes and she that she is just using him!

  • Naomi

    And who is talking about marriage here Ocean Up?? please Nick is wayyyy too young! besides she wont be his last gf! I tell you that right now!

  • Naomi

    Hopefully the next one is different, i think he should date a FAN! Because we will love him for what he is , not for who he is! just saying!

    • part

      He should go back to miley. she gorgeous but I doubted he only goes to her when he needs help with fame. I don’t think miley is going to let her use her again so he can throw the fame she gives him to a nobody like he did with selena.

  • ..

    LOL at how hard he’s trying to change his image.

    i like how every time theres a picture of him now, he’s got alcohol somewhere close by.

  • kristin6410

    I have a feeling there not gonna last

  • Sicknick

    They just don’t look like they belong together. I’m sure he’s probably already getting bored with her. He should just break it off before he waste any more time

  • anon

    these guys need PR help BADLY. having Olivia tag along ain’t helping either.

  • anon

    notice Nick always has to walk in front of his women? compare these two to Joe and Blanda who always walk hand in hand NEXT to each other like equal partners. Nick always has to look like the dominant one walking in front of his lady. look up pictures of him with miley, selena, delta… all the same.

    • anon

      yeah that is one of the things i love about joe. how he’s so respectful about women. joe actually lets the girls shine more than him.

    • true

      because nick can actually be a bit of a douche especially to the ladies he’s dating. ask miley, selena, and delta. i dont think he even realizes it or if he does he’s not doing much to change it.

  • Sherry

    I used to think he was so sexy and really hott, but here lately the way he dresses and with that shaved head I’m just so not attracted to him anymore. Maybe because he has a girlfriend now to he thinks he need to have the hottest girl in town because it helps his ego. I don’t even think his girlfriend is really that hot tho. Joe is way hotter now lucky Blanda :)