Ariana Grande Christmas Wishes Tracks

ariana-grande-christmas-wishesAriana Grande will release a new song from Christmas Wishes EP every Tuesday: Love Is Everything on Nov. 27, Snow In California on Dec. 4 and Santa Baby on Dec. 11. Are YOU excited for Ariana’s new Christmas music?

  • Alex

    Why is she coming out with a Christmas album when she is no longer Catholic . Thirsty Grande

  • ally

    i dont even know why i just cant stand her anymore loved her when she was on victorious but now i cant stand her

    • true

      she’s too fame hungry, yes she has a good voice, yes she can sing live etc. but something about her doesn’t come across as authentic I don’t know she seems a bit fake and i think that’s why a lot of people are put off by her or cant stand her anymore.

      • Mary Magdalene

        The general public doesn’t even know who Ariana Grande is! .Shes still at the beginning of her career and trying to get heard among the current talentless people who monopolize the media because they have a large “following”. Allow her to make mistakes, to learn, experience life, to create her art as sees fit,. She may end up with another manager who can take her to the next level because Scooter seems to be stuck with the teenage template that he uses for Justin & The Wanted. In 5 years no one will give a sh!t about who her boyfriend was etc..The goal is for Ariana Grande to be a recognizable name for her incredible talents & professionalism.

  • $W4G

    i see that her management (scooter) is making her follow the same plan as bieber. (Christmas album, “music mondays” or “music tuesdays whatever shes doing) many people are already annoyed by her i wonder how long she’ll last cause she has a great voice, but i’ve heard she can be very rude/bitchy so we’ll see