• Ricardo

    Oh! C’mon, Selena receives a lot of hate here! but Selena looks so much better than Demi in this picture.

    • totorolove

      selena has pounds of make up on but demi slightly looks more natural (imo) in the pictures.

  • Sarah

    Demi looks better, Natural beauty not that much make up :)

  • merpaderp

    Demi because she’s all natural, Selena is obviously all fake

    • Godney

      Why is she all fake t ho? because she has make up on? do you not use make up?

  • cerenagee

    I think they both look absolutely stunning

  • taty

    they both looks good but demi looks more original because she looks like she has been on the water while selena is full of makeup.

  • anon

    Selena is baby faced/cute, Demi is more womanly looking hotter. Both are pretty though.

  • ally

    Demi. she looks more natural than selena and im not really a fan of selenas so…..

  • Rosemary


  • boystan

    saint selena

  • PshPlease

    they both have eyeliner on.. how is that so much make up?

  • javi g

    no offense to semi or delena fans but selena looks better. people and society prefers people with make up because of the glamour. I’m not saying that its society look it up.

  • KRP

    Both! Why the hell isn’t there a BOTH option

  • Silver

    I am so jealous of Selena… it would be very hard for Demi to top that look even when she has make up on.
    But it is an unfair comparison because Selena’s was for a commercial, she had to look glamorous.

  • Godney

    I have to say i like Selena, her make up looks great, while demi’s eyes look way too small for her face without make up. If she had just a little make up it would look good.