Floyd Kisses Miley W/ Blonde Eyebrows

flloyd-kisses-miley-blonde-eyebrowsLove is alllllllll you neeeeeed!

  • Alex

    She looks scary .

  • true

    dogs love you no matter how fucked up you look.


      omg this comment slays

      • ISeeSparksFly

        This site HAS to be run by 12 year olds. Seriously. It’s hilarious how immature you are, OU.

        • :)


  • ISeeSparksFly

    She looks awful with those eyebrows. Eek.

  • Rosemary

    she looks like a freak

  • Mellz89

    Omg..she looks so weird and just weird.
    Gosh.. no wonder liam bails on her lol.shes out of her mind