Harry Styles Kendall Jenner Sex Hookup?

Harry Styles dines with Kylie Jenner at CraigsObviously together for publicity, Harry Styles photographed with Kendall Jenner at Craigs restaurant in Hollywood last night. Do YOU think Harry had sex with Kendall after publicity outing? Photos: WENN.

UPDATED with videos under!


  • LikeICare

    Guess Swifty didn’t want him back and he needed a back up plan for album promo, pr obvs.

    • Duckyhoward15

      Lol I doubt it

      • LikeICare

        gurl be real

        • Duckyhoward15

          I don’t think he needed Taylor after he ditched her ;)

          • LikeICare

            u think they were real no he wanted promo for his album just like this time

          • Duckyhoward15

            I think she wanted promo for her tour as well , trust me I know it was fake but lets face it he ended the stunt xx

          • LikeICare

            ooh I’ve thought about that too, but her tour started 4 months before they were seen out. so i guess not, but its good u know they’re fake lmao she looked like she was out with a friend and he looked like he was dying

          • Duckyhoward15

            Well yes but her big world tour started weeks after the BIG BREAK UP right ? I think it was a stunt that both needed, he needed it for his album and she wanted it for her tour and to has her name on newspapers and gossip sites its a win win thing , he looks sad now too hahah

          • LikeICare

            LOL he’s always sad when he’s on “”dates”” like ‘ugh when will this shit be over’ whenever he dates someone i keep using his face to reply to stupid bitches xD & I think they broke up two months before her tour.

          • Duckyhoward15

            Same trust me same ;) and yeah two months before tour she had her name everywhere and it made huge buzz back then , I just hope he isn’t dating Kendall tbh

          • LikeICare

            He’s too nice I’m afraid she will play him around & fuck him over :(

          • Duckyhoward15

            True , I just hope its nothing and just like kim stewart thing but deep down I don’t think it is just a thing, his answer was fishy

  • alex

    I’m pretty sure she likes black men so i ain’t even worried about this.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      Bc she like dat BBC. (BIG BLACK… GERL you know what she like)

      • lolumadhuh


      • Duckyhoward15

        Who is in your icon

        • in jesus name i pray amen

          dylan obrien bb!

          • Duckyhoward15

            He looks like Harry and I was like but Harry has long hair

    • totorolove


      yup… kendall’s ex. he’s hella fine tho

      • Julia

        damn that boy is fiinnnneee

  • landon

    He probably thought she was boring shes awkward and strange. He should have asked Kylie out.

    • asaas

      why ? why would he thinkthat?

  • cerenagee

    just because 2 celebs go out does not mean it is a PR stunt all the time guys.

    • Anon

      Yes, but according to the psychotic one direction fans every girl that Harry dates or even comes near within a ten mile radius is PR and set up by their management.

    • A-Nun Neighmous

      I mean their album is coming out soon tho… Quite convenient timing. It’s a brilliant way for him to be seen with a kardashian who is always the center of attention.

      • cerenagee

        Harry is in the spotlight more often than her though….so…….makes no sense to be seen with someone less famous than you if you’re trying to pull a PR stunt

        • in jesus name i pray amen

          The anon may have a point tho cuz I think The kardashian demographic is probably a lot different than 1D fans.

  • Nancy

    just because a guy and girl hang out doesn’t mean they are dating

  • meggz

    PR stunt ……… are they going to do this every year ? i mean come on

  • Jen

    I’m more surprised that he’s driving. Is that legal with a UK driver’s license?

    • Julia

      Yeah the UK drivers licence is valid in the US up to 90 days after arriving (which is the same amount of time as a tourist Visa) after that you have to either go home or apply for residence then get a US driving licence. I’m bored so i thought i’d inform you lol

  • pily

    I think she can do better!! Too much for that one direction guy

  • Jellybean

    Guess who’s guest starring in Keeping Up With The Kardashians next.

  • Duckyhoward15

    Let’s see how things will go

  • amy

    I really hope that this is a PR stunt. Not because I’m some crazy girl who doesn’t want harry to date anyone. I just am not a fan of the Kardashian’s (Yeah, I know she is technically a Jenner) in the slightest. And to me, this just does not seem like a likely couple. They don’t seem like the type of people who would date each other.

  • Lyndz

    I think they look cute together…

  • Jen

    wtf how random

  • boystan

    omg they actually look cute together

  • Rosemary

    oh God no..

  • Molly1958

    Was her mama holding the camera when they had sex? Kim has run her course, so time for another Kardashian-in-training to step up to the plate.

  • djff

    Completely fake PR set-up. One or both of them are probably gay, also serves as free publicity for the new ID album. So hilariously obvious, but of course tons of idiots will fall for it.

  • bob

    your website is literally so bias. you open an article with “obviously together for publicity”. smh.

  • heather


  • heather

    so consider this:

    Today E! News begins their 1 on 1 interviews with one direction. What channel is keeping up with the kardashians on? yup E!. Also, Kendall has created a recent controversy by posting an instagram pic with her nipples visible. Clearly, someone is hungry for publicity. Not only Kendall though, Harry is trying to gain publicity for the band’s new album considering they were upset it leaked early. Personally, I believe that E! news will cover the story of Kendall and Harry right before they do interviews so that viewers will stay tuned to see what harry has to say about Kendall. Chances are, he’s not going to bash Kendall and will probably say he’s got a crush on her to stir up even more controversy.

    Well played guys. Well played.

  • fyeah

    I’m shipping them so hard right now!!! Kendall is probably the prettiest and hottest girl harry has been linked to and they look so good together. hopefully this rumor is true.

  • fucking hate oceanup, cunts

    so because they went out to eat, they had sex? how the fuck do you come up with this conclusion? so if he looked at her does it mean he did her doggy style? for fuck sakes, actually give news not bullshit on celebrities you hate. like get the fuck over it. and what publicity? they are all famous in their own level, they don’t need publicity. fuck off, seriously this fucking site pisses me off with it’s stupid teenage pmsing bullshit.

  • Lola

    Hey didn’t this happen like a year ago w Taylor Swift?

  • Ac77

    Biff diff between Haylor and Hendall. Almost every pic of Haylor together they were close or holding hands and didn’t act like they weren’t together. That video of Hendall leaving the hotel he took off with his security and didn’t spare a glance back to how she was doing in that mob, no hand holding, no care to her at all. It’s fake or just friends.