Harry Styles Malibu Meeting + Kendall

harry-malibu-kendallKendall Jenner appeared to have slept over Harry’s place because she was spotted with him on Hollywood Blvd today. Harry was also spotted in Malibu with a fan!

UPDATED with pix of 1D at studio yesterday and on X-Factor.


  • sean blishen

    Who cares she likes black men.

  • cerenagee

    Very cute pic of Harry. I love his style. I really like that girls outfit.

  • Duckyhoward15

    They said that he drove her HOME hmmmmmmm

  • boystan

    they look v cute together tbh

  • aldhd

    Bearding for Harry pays well, so congrats to Kendall.

  • Anna

    Fairly certain she is already dating someone!

  • Boomgoesthedynamite

    Not buying this at all. Try harder, publicists. I remember when the british press was desperately trying to pair him with Cara Delevingne, but that didn’t work out the more it became clear that Cara’s interest in men was minimal to say the least. But they keep going back to the drawing board, trying to pair Harry with yet another completely random celebrity. Pathetic.

  • Rainbow3000

    I am so jealous

  • stupid ass teenagers.

    are you guys fucking serious? because she was in hollywood she slept at his house? fucking hell, just because he touches her shoulder he wants to marry her? NO. stop it, this is seriously pathetic, how any of you will even come up with this nasty rumors. leave them the hell alone, are they bothering you? is he yours? is she your friend? no, they are nothing to you guys but role models. but if you are fans of harry or even kendall fucking support them and leave their life the hell alone. GET A NEW HOBBY.

  • Gia