Iggy Azalea ‘I Can Out Twerk Miley’

iggly-azalea-mileyRapper Iggy Azalea revealed to TMZ she can Twerk better than Miley.

Do YOU agree? Watch the video under!

Iggy Azalea said she’s a better Twerker than Freak Miley!

  • Cici

    BAHAHA… “based on meat” . #TeamIggy

  • cerenagee

    Anyone with a nice ass can out twerk Miley. She’s not even good at it like at all hahahaha she’s twerking ass bones together and this chick actually has a fat ass.

  • chhvgn

    wow she got a fat ass

  • Dara

    Well obviously Iggy can out twerk Miley. Iggy actually has an ass….

    • laura

      her ass is fake though..

      • Cici

        Still an ass

        • cerenagee

          dat ass doeee<3

  • RedneckAtHeart

    This Iggy chick actually has the ass to twerk; Miley, not so much..

  • feifeh

    hahaha i saw her live her twerking sucks . yes anyone can twerk way better than miley but iggy isnt that great. go and look up wireless work. her black dancers upstaged her all the time

  • boystan

    i love iggy

  • Lorde Fan (US) ©

    It’s not really fair considering Miley’s ass is tiny and her’s is fat as fuck.

  • right

    Translation: I’m a nobody and I need attention so I’m gonna drop Miley’s name in a challenge, cause that’s definitely gonna stir the drama!

  • yep

    I’m sorry but Miley is a billion times more attractive than this girl and I’d much rather see Miley twerk. She might be “doing it wrong” technically, but she looks way better doing it. And if it’s more enjoyable to watch, then is it REALLY wrong? ;)

    • Godney

      You have issues if you think its “enjoyable” to watch miley twerk

  • hmm

    I find it weird when people say that women like this girl or Nicki Minaj are what women should look like. I don’t know if I’m crazy, but in all honesty these girls look like transexual men to me (I’m sorry if it sounds mean, but I can’t help but feel that way)…it’s just so over the top and exaggerated and with the fake hair and caked on makeup and the complete lack of natural proportions it all reminds me of a drag queen’s look. Even Kim Kardashian’s looks often remind me of that because she has kinda harsh facial features and cakes on so much makeup + exaggerates the fakeness. I just had to rant because it puzzles me…I see nothing feminine in this. I’d rather see a girl all natural and not trying so hard…like I don’t even like Miley, but at least she’s naturally charming. I don’t even wanna see this girl twerk. If I wanted to, I’d go see a drag show, they’re more entertaining.

  • johnny

    The video told the truth, the second twerking went mainstream it died in the urban communities it originated in.