Jeremy Bieber Shoves Son’s Face In Cake

FF to 1:00. It all makes sense now!

  • Sandy McFarlane

    lmao I don’t know why but that headline just made me laugh out loud

  • anonymous

    this explains most things

  • me

    this is such a mexican tradition lol

  • Silver

    I do not know why his music is sucking these days (in my opinion) did anyone else hear how he sang Jaaaacksooon (in the birthday song)? Perfect, why is he changing his sound?
    And Jaxon was totally crying because he thought he wouldn’t be able to eat the cake after his face was in it! lol. Cute video. Terrible Dad :)

    • MCMimi

      Terrible dad? According to your ignorant ass a dad cannot joke with his son? My dad messes with me same way and he’s a great dad so you may shut up with every single thing about Bieber you search something to talk shit about and find flaws in it. Also his music sucks but that’s just your opinion. His sound is maturing into more R&B and it fits him, you dislike it because you’re not into it, I preffer this to his usual mainstream pop autotuned songs actually.

      • Silver

        Please note the smiley face at the end of my comment. Hence….alluding to a joke. Take a chill pill.