JoJo Levesque ‘I Don’t Own My Voice’

JoJo talks about legal battle @ ‘G.B.F’ premiere in LA. WENN.

  • allie

    People should not be allowed to sign long contracts for children. Poor Jojo. #FreeJojo

  • kelseyi

    This makes me really sad, I seen a video of her talking about this years ago! She can’t get out of her contract and there not doing anything with her (producing music) I can’t even imagine how frustrating that must be.

  • gf

    lol I love how blunt she is.

  • Guest

    So sad!! Hope her record label gets it together and let’s her go!

  • boystan

    where’d she go

    • IGround

      Google “Free JoJo”. She didn’t go anywhere… she’s just in a very difficult situation.

  • boystan


  • NotAmandaBynes?

    Love her so much. Her first album is probably the first cd I’ve ever bought. She’s so underrated and not taken seriously. #FreeJoJo