Miley Bigger Popstar Than Gaga Or Katy

miley-popstarVANITY FAIR declares that Miley is a bigger popstar than Lady Gaga or Katy Perry this year! They have critically analyzed the situation and determined that Miley is superior to them: Let’s assess together who nabbed the silver to Swift’s gold.

Who sold the most albums in their first week? Katy Perry, PRISM: 286,000 copies Miley Cyrus, Bangerz: 270,000 copies Lady Gaga, ARTPOP: 258,000 copies

Winner: Katy Perry. It’s pretty wild (“wild”) that only 28,000 albums separated the three of them—but as a point of comparison, and underscoring New York’s coverline claim, Taylor Swift’s most recent album, Red, sold 1.2 million copies in its first week out of the gates last October, stomping all over (in metallic Keds) these three sales figures.

Who saw the biggest sales increase over their previous album? In an attempt to track ‘momentum’, we calculated the percentage change from the first-week sales of each singer’s previous album: Katy Perry’s 2010 behemoth Teenage Dream, Miley Cyrus’ overlooked 2010 Can’t Be Tamed, and Gaga’s 2011 monster Born This Way.

Miley Cyrus: +165 percent Katy Perry: +49 percent Lady Gaga: -77 percent Winner: Miley Cyrus. Born This Way sold over a million copies, so Gaga’s tumble with ARTPOP is pretty staggering. Meanwhile, Miley’s Can’t Be Tamed (remember the music video in which she literally broke out of a cage, just in case we had missed everything else she had ever done or said?) sold an underwhelming 102,000 copies in June of 2010, making Bangerz a notable rebound.

Whose first-single music video has the most views?

Miley Cyrus, “We Can’t Stop,” 281 million
Katy Perry, “Roar,” 212 million
Lady Gaga, “Applause,” 105 million

Winner: Miley Cyrus. It’s worth noting that the video for Miley’s second single, “Wrecking Ball,” which was released closer to the time “Roar” and “Applause” debuted, is actually the most viewed of the entire pack, having surpassed 335 million views. This is the arena Miley truly owned. You may remember Katy’s “Roar” jungle-themed outfit, and perhaps appreciated the lightness of Gaga’s “Applause,” but everyone watched “We Can’t Stop” and “Wrecking Ball” multiple times, as there was nary a summer party that wasn’t spent, at some point, around a laptop watching one of the two Miley videos.

Who were people talking about the most online?

So numbers probably aren’t even necessary for this this one, since we all know which of these three was the most talked about this fall, but we found some anyway! Charting the prevalence of the search terms “Miley Cyrus,” “Lady Gaga,” and “Katy Perry” over the past 90 days on Google Trends, Miley is victorious in terms of “headlines per day” by a sizable 11:3:3 margin. (For some perspective, the “headlines” breakdown the day after the V.M.A.’s was 100:12:5, Miley:Gaga:Katy.)

Winner: Miley.

According to reviews, whose music was the best?

Amusingly, the actual quality of the music can often get lost in the charts-based, “who’s trending” carousel ride of the pop game. The general consensus seems to have been that all three albums were somewhat uneven, reflected in the average Metacritic scores for the three albums. (For every winning top-of-the-album “Legendary Lovers,” “Adore You” or “G.U.Y.” across the three discs, there’s a corresponding back-half clunker.)

Bangerz: 61

Winner: Katy.

But what did the fans think?

Like most internet reviews, the ones on iTunes seem to fall into one of the two extremes (“GREATEST ALBUM OF THE MILLENNIUM GAGA SLAYS ALL YOUR FAVES” or “MILEY IS TRASH AND BANGERZ IS GROSSER THAN BECKY J.’S INSTAGRAM AND WE ALL KNOW HOW RANCID THAT IS”), meaning the average almost always ends up somewhere in the upper mid-range. But! Gaga has a decisive lead over the other two when it comes to the number of five-star reviews.

ARTPOP: 4 stars (15,490 five-star reviews)
PRISM: 4 stars (10,037 five-star reviews)
Bangerz: 3.5 stars (11,380 five-star reviews)

Winner: Gaga.

Who fared the best on Saturday Night Live?

All three women attempted to use Saturday Night Live to enhance their platforms, with Miley and Gaga pulling hosting/performing double-duty (Katy was the musical guest for Bruce Willis’ episode). Miley’s “We Can’t Stop” parody (in which she played Michele Bachmann) and her monologue (in which she announced Hannah Montana had been murdered) nabbed her some headlines, but her outsized behavior in the weeks leading up to S.N.L. made her relatively muted episode something of a letdown. Gaga definitely aimed to provoke with her episode—engaging in a bizarre R-rated “dance” with R. Kelly on “Do What U Want” and starring in a skit that contemplated what life would be like for a no-longer-relevant Gaga in 2063—but the material seemed to be mostly forgotten by the Internet by Monday morning. Anyway, since there is no great way to numerically assess the quality of their S.N.L. episodes, let’s use the ratings their telecasts garnered!

Gaga: 4.9
Miley: 4.5
Katy (and Bruce): 4.3 (Katy was never a host so I’m not sure why she’s included here)

Winner: Gaga.

It was a tight race . . . but the 20-year-old eyebrow-less lightning rod, whose tongue has never remained inside her mouth for longer than seven seconds at a time, comes out on top, winning in three of the seven categories. Congratulations, Miley, wherever you are right now (probably on the set of your next music video deliberating whether to wear a strategically placed mop or a tuxedo made of cow skin).

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  • boystan


  • Anon

    “Let’s assess together who nabbed the silver to Swift’s gold”

    Golden line. But considering that Gaga, Miley, and Katy come no where near Taylor, I think it would be more accurate to say that Swift nabbed the silver to Swift’s own gold. Probably the bronze too, while she’s at it.

  • cerenagee

    She looks really great in this picture. I love it.

  • LikeICare

    “…Miley is a bigger popstar than Lady Gaga or Katy Perry this year!”

    “This Year”

    Taylor’s bigger than all of them .. all years.

    • taty

      taylor has been doing music none stop miley was away for 3 years because she was playing house wife with that ungreatful liam, now that she back in the game miley can even take taylor swift crown if she puts her mind to it, seeing that miley has a better voice than her for country music and sings better, if miley were to go after country she will slay taylor, there is no young star competing or singing fairy tale in country that why taylor is dominating she has no compation everyone is old in country music, if miley were to put her songs in country and promoted that genre she will kick ass. miley is competing with the big girls in pop and she dominating miley has heavy competition while taylor doesn’t, I will love for miley to take away taylor crown and promote for country and put an album for that just so she will shut up and stop promoting selena!

      • Anon

        No, actually. Taylor always has a 2 year gap before releasing another album. I literally laughed so hard at what you said. No, Miley will never take over Taylor Swift, sorry to break the sad news to you. Well, maybe once she has over 180+ awards including 7 grammys, 2 albums that sell over one million copies in their first week, has three highly successful top tours, and is the number one digital selling artist of all time, then maybe she might be considered. But even then, Miley will still not take over her because she is honestly just 20x more successful. Lets also not forget that Taylor can sell out stadiums anywhere, while Miley can’t. And Taylor doesn’t sing fairytale in country, wtf are you talking about? She’s a great and talented songwriter who knows how to connect to millions of girls, unlike Miley. And Miley promotes herself so much its pathetic. She wouldn’t even release the name of her album until she got 13 million twitter followers (Taylor has 37 million btw).
        You were right about Miley competing with the big girls in pop, but Taylor doesn’t even have to compete because she’s so ahead of everyone. And what does Selena even have to do with this? Well in conclusion, Miley will NEVER EVER slay Taylor. Not even in her dreams

    • part

      may I remind you when taylor was writing music miley was already a #1 artist. Miley step away for a while but she back and bigger than ever plus miley is pop not country but I heard 4 by 4 and she can definitely out due taylor in singing. miley has done very good in country with the climb too bad they didn’t promote that song more, but everyone sang it at audition taylor cant see the climb I dare her to do it.

      • Lol

        So what if Miley was already a #1 artist? At least Taylor writes her music. Sure, Miley might have a better voice (not really though), but Taylor knows how to connect with her audience and knows how to entertain without taking all her clothes off. And the climb fits Miley’s voice, which is why its HER song. I would like to see Miley perform a song like all too well or last kiss. I “dare” her to do it lmfao.

  • RedneckAtHeart

    I guess if by bigger you mean more talked about, then yes, she is. Talent wise, she isn’t in their league and I can’t stand Lady Gaga.

    • Nina

      She’s actually very talented, sometimes she just doesn’t show it. Especially if you judge by her We Can’t Stop performance at the VMA’s. Watch her perform Wrecking Ball at the EMA’s or look at some of her older songs like My Heart Beats For Love, she puts a lot into her performances. Plus she sounds wonderful covering Lilac Wine and Summertime Sadness. I find her a lot more inspiring than Katy Perry, watch her video for Liberty Walk.

      • RedneckAtHeart

        I’ve heard plenty of her songs and yes, she does have talent but her action have really “turned me off” so to speak. I feel that’s what’s happening with a lot of other people as well. Her talent is being greatly overshadowed by her outrageous behavior..

        • demo

          Her behavior is strategic, it is meant for people who don’t know her as an artist take a look at her and hear her voice, once she accomplished that she be back in the game and that what she did is call a smart business move. she did what she needed to do to wipe out the competition, she very savvy in that and she knows what she need to do, she has been doing this for a long time and she knows exactly what to do, to turn attention to her, she did the good girl image and it work and now she doing a different image just because they tarnish the other one when they stole her personal items, but regardless people want talent and she has it!

          • RedneckAtHeart

            I’ve said this before and I will say it again. Yes she she talent, but her outrageous behavior really overshadows it for a lot of people. I know people that used to listen to her but now will turn the tv or radio off cause they just expect more weird shit to happen..

          • Anon

            Lol, I’m actually one of those people. I used to be such a big fan but now can’t stand to hear about her tbh. It all just seems so fake. Her album was terrible too. And to that other person, the only strategy Miley has is shock value. Once people don’t find her antics crazy anymore, she’s not going anywhere but down. Miley honestly has an average voice, its really not that great. And yes, I’ve listened to all her songs and live performances. You need to have more than an average voice to be at the top.

          • Cici

            I think it started out as “strategic”, but she is really brainwashed into this image. It won’t last for long

        • Nina

          Unfortunately people let someones image overshadow their talent a lot nowadays, but its a very shallow way to look at things. Whatever happened to “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. Regardless of that though, I don’t see why Miley isn’t in Gaga’s and Katy’s league when it comes to talent, since we’re just talking about talent (which is why I replied to you, defending Miley’s talent). I’ve liked Miley for years, and I would never pull anything like her VMA performance myself but I don’t really care if she does, I still enjoy her music. I see that people are turned off but I don’t exactly understand that mentality I guess, maybe I’m a little more open minded which makes it easier for me to accept her actions.

          • RedneckAtHeart

            Oh I’m very open minded, I’m just not a fan of the new music. Guess you could say I’ve moved on.

          • Nina

            Thats understandable but vocally she is in Gaga’s and Katy’s league if not better ;)

          • Cici

            along with a billion others…we are a over it. Shock us with beauty & class Miley.

          • Nina

            She’s 21 years old, I’m sure she’ll shock us with beauty and class in the future. Thats not where she’s at right now, and thats alright. I’m not obsessed with her image, I just enjoy her voice and how much she puts into her performances. There are these standards for anyone who wants to become anything, it’s always beauty and class (which is great, don’t get me wrong) but there are a billion others with beauty and class as well. Most stars actually look very similar to each other, like clones. Why does everyone want to push her to be this specific thing? We’ve set these standards of this barbie doll image for people, everyone has to look, act and dress a certain way or else society rejects them.

          • Cici

            It’s hard to accept Miley for what she’s doing now, because at one time she had her shit together. At one time she is a very beautiful girl who stood by her morals. & That one time was not too long ago. Shortly after backyard sessions, then she cut off all her hair & sold her soul out of nowhere. The girl has so much potential to be everything, and she’s giving herself a bad name. You know she is not respected in this culture anymore…as far as you get on fb & there is nothing but jokes & memes of her. You say her name & the first thing on people’s mind is trainwreck. It wasn’t always like that. If you want to do urban music, why start dressing in money dresses, & vag revealing outfits & promote drugs? She probably found the most hardcore rap song & adopted their life out of a music video. We ALL know this isn’t Miley & she will grow out of it, but hopefully before rehab comes into play.

    • minymax

      actually, miley has had more experience than gaga and katy while they were still nobodies miley were making headlines with #1. hey I get you don’t like miley but miley can outsing any of them just because she can sing every genra, while katy and gaga are limited in certain aspects. you got to give credit were credit is due. I know certain people are a little off with some of her performance but gaga has been the worse and worse than miley, so I don’t know why you guys are not as hard on her as on miley, also katy has done a lot of questionable things gaga is the worse not miley yet she has a huge amount of fan following. Miley can out perform them and she is younger am glad people in the industry is noticing, the power miley has and the talent, vocally and in entertainment and she a power house as a business women she knew exactly what she needed to do to bring attention to her cd, so people can see her talent she needs to make people looks, and she did that what the entertainment business is all about, once people see her and see she has a voice they start to love her, but first she needed people to look at her talents and she did and that is call business. you guys critized her but in the business aspect she extremely smart once she has her fans set again she will probably tamed.

      • RedneckAtHeart

        Read my comment response to Nina…

        • minymax

          some of her performance were not the most admired by people but to get people talking and listening you need to do things others don’t dare to do and miley loves making music, this only a temporary, I will love for miley to make gorgeous video and shock people making one stunning gorgeous video nobody will expect that lol, but hey that’s what keeps people interested they don’t know what she going to do next because she not predictable you never know were she going to go with things and that what keeps it interesting I guess. she has the talent to back it off, which is what people want at the end of the day other wise gaga will had never had any fans.

          • RedneckAtHeart

            I think many people will be more shocked when she actually starts wearing clothes in her videos and performances..

          • minymax

            well, she has a great body but I think I prefer her in skin tight body suit than naked just because I think she need to leave something to the imagination, she has a great body, but now that she has the attention tours her I will like her to do more thing like that gorgeous video she has done for the rappers, I like the alien style and the basketball she look hot doing both, she looks good in silver. I love miley voice her voice nobody has it, and that what I like someone unique and different and she just has that great voice nobody has, I like demi but she reminds me of Kelly Clarkson and that not really unique, selena well she cant even sing the poor thing is competing in something she has no voice for, I think they just threw her out there because they had no one else, and she like the money so she went for it, they had to put beat in her music so it can at least play in clubs and child easy lyrics eventhought the lyrics and a bit to sexual for kids even more than mileys.

          • Cici

            Katy Perry has a fantastic body & she doesn’t run around flaunting her camel toe. She sold a shit ton of albums as well without selling her soul. A ton more people would go to a Katy show than a miley, because miley is only appealing to her fellow ratchets in the 18-22 range. Katy can bring in 5-40 year olds.

    • GentileJewel

      You needn’t put the Lady part in!

      • RedneckAtHeart

        I was simply stating that IGaga and I’m still sticking up for her. You don’t like my comment then keep scrolling past it.

  • Jess

    I thank God every…single…day that I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s, and my daughters grew up in the 80’s and 90’s before all of these self-absorbed behaviors started with social networking, smart phones, etc. Seriously, it’s disgusting what goes on today and how young women look up to people like Cyrus. Liam Hemsworth got it right. He got the hell away from her!

    • :)

      Oh cry me a river. (violins playing) Pretty sure the same shit was going on in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

      As I recall, Miley called off the engagement. She supported his ass all the time and even dropped movie rolls because of him. He’s nothing but a control freak. Why the hell do you think Miley is happier than ever right now?

      • GentileJewel

        OH! Shut UP! You Bitch! Aside from your obvious lack of respect which is reflective of your time! Not! Theirs! You and your Stupid Ignorant Ass can go! Another reflection! NO IT WAS NOT!!!

        • :)

          Why don’t you STFU bitch and get off my back!!!! Maybe you and your ignorant ass should leave.

    • GentileJewel

      It is the end! That is why!

  • GentileJewel

    She looks like Trash Mixed with Sickness! EWW!

  • Marquis

    I sat here at the edge of bed laughing. WOW! I can’t believe that you all are saying that militia bigger than Lady Gaga. I’m flabbergasted! Gaga next album is going knock Taylor swift off the map. Katy can’t even sing live are you serious? Miley can’t dance. Gaga does everything. Write, piano, dance, and she can sing … please don’t compare the queen!