One Direction Story Of My Life X-Factor

  • boystan

    omg slay

  • JC

    dat screaming

  • Jen

    omg harry screaming hes so hot he kills me its not okay

  • Emmy

    wretched. Liam was the only one who sounded good. Should’ve turned it into a solo. The others were mediocre, it’s sad.

    • Duckyhoward15

      Harry was sick okay and jsy Harry is the only one who puts effort in performances and THEY SAID SO

      • Emmy

        Um, no. I don’t care what they say. I’ve been to their concerts and Liam has the best vocals and technique every single time. He has a clear and warm tone and he enunciates very well. Harry is always “sick”. He has yet to impress me. Liam isn’t stupid and neither is 1D, They know he sings better thna all of them but they’ll never admit it publicily.

        • Duckyhoward15

          Lol Harry sings really well and he has been sick for three times this year on stage but nice try and he has the strongest voice you can only hear/reconginize his voice when they sing the chorus but let me tell you Harry messed up once and Liam did as well remember teen choice ;) they are all equally talented but some of them will sing good in some kind of songs and some will mess it up even if they weren’t sick :)

          • Emmy

            you can go on believing that. But anyone with some real knowledge of singing would know that Liam outsings them and he’s not even singing in his actual range. He’s a baritone. I’ve heard Liam sing enough to know his consistency. You clearly don’t understand some simple concepts in music. You hear Harry in the chorus because he sings the melody. Liam always does harmony because none of those other boys even have the musical ability to do it properly. It’s a fact, so don’t get butt hurt about it.

          • Duckyhoward15

            Lol Harry does harmony for Louis and Niall too but he has a strong voice stronger than Liam , I amn’t the one who is butt hurt babe , I amn’t a weird butt hurt Liam girl who likes to put the others down to make her Liam shine all the people who know of music and listened to the album SAID HARRY AND ZAYN haver the strongest and most powerful voices , nice try suck on it ;)

          • anna

            actually, niall can harmonize too

  • Idkbro

    I think harry has been dating or at least been friends with kendall for a while. I think she is the one he’s been coming to LA to see ehenever he makes trips to la by himself. They seemed really comfortable with each other idk.

    • Duckyhoward15

      Niall said he liked her and moreover Harry was kissing and hooking up with paige while being in America if he didn’t go and see Harry so I doubt it

  • …..

    im so proud :’)