ariana-grande-halloween-albumAriana Grande told Guilty Pleasures: ‘I love Christmas but I like Halloween more. I’m doing a Halloween EP next year! I’ve said it first! I called Scooter [her manager] the other day and I said ‘Why are we doing a Christmas EP?’ and he was like “Because it’s Christmas and the happiest time of year.

You need to do Christmas music, you have the perfect voice for it.’ And I was like ‘We’re doing a Halloween EP next year!’ And he said ‘I am down with it!’ I’ll look dope as a vampire!’ Arianators are ‘killing themselves’ trying to vote her champion of an MTV award online.

‘My fans are literally killing themselves trying to get me to win. And it’s very flattering and sweet and I love my fans so much. But I want my fans to be healthy and sleep!. I’m so happy with a nomination – that means the world to me, but that’s all I need. I love the dedication [of my fans] and I live for them, they are the sweetest kids in the world, but this award thing has got to a point where I am scared for them.

They are fighting and I don’t condone that drama. They’re getting a hard time from other music fans and they’re all fighting for who they want to win the award. I wish they could just vote peacefully.’

  • threelittlebirds

    I think a Halloween album would be awesome. No ones ever done one, I don’t think.

  • gina

    this girl is so thirsty.

    • anonymous

      and naive. christmas is when all the selling happens. scott’s using her saying stuff like ‘your voice sounds great for christmas songs’ and ‘christmas is when everyone’s happy’

  • Bae

    If she could she’d bringt every damn month a album out

  • Finn

    what’s up with her? that picture is so fucked up

  • boystan

    is she dressep up as carrie or just satan bride

  • boystan

    she finally joined the illuminati