Bratty Bieby Bodyguard Arrested Hawaii

bratty-bieby-shirtlessJustin Bieber’s bodyguard was arrested at Shipwreck’s Beach in Kauai when a paparazzi got too close Bieber’s bodyguard Dwayne Patterson. When Patterson demanded the shutterbug delete his memory card, things got heated and he allegedly assaulted the photographer and damaged his camera.

Dwayne was arrested and charged with third degree assault and fourth degree criminal property damage. He was released on $3000 bail shortly thereafter. More pix of Bratty Bieby shirtless in Hawaii HERE!

G-Dragon, the leader of popular boy band BIGBANG, and Justin Bieber have recorded a track together. G-Dragon revealed: ‘To be honest, we’re already finished with the recording. I think the song will come out sometime next year.’


  • Mack

    His head looks oddly small.

  • threelittlebirds

    the girl behind him looks a little too dressed up to be at the beach.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      she’s clearly a hotel rep to discourage the citizens and other hotel guests from bothering him

  • Hanna Ourimi

    I’m sorry this might sound a bit ignorant , but in the us , you can pay to get bailed and that’s it ? They don’t take charges or anything ???

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    LOL @ the hotel rep shadowing him. She is loving it, you can tell. Smile bb you on camera with the Bieby!

  • Guest


    • madi

      I KNOW….but i guess all we can do is hope GD’s genius outshines JB’s douchey-ness….Though I think it might get G Dragon some publicity in the U.S. which is good right?

      • Truth

        As if GDragon is THAT good? It will get him more publicity in the USA and if JB was bad he wouldn’t work with him. Genius? LOL at people who dislike Biebes praising every shit around him but putting him down simply because their pathetic and sick hate towards him. Lol I laugh at comments like this :D

    • MCMimi

      I always wonder how are usual Bieber sheep haters always the first to comment shit on all of his articles. Lmao, obsessed morons. :)

    • ivan

      You cannot compare the two since their singing and songs are different. I am sure G Dragon cannot do R and B like justin does nor play the drums as well. G. Dragon is talented; they are both talented unfortunately you have not seen justin perform acoustically live as i have-no stage props or effects, no autotune[he does not use it but melodyne moderately] or playback. They are both great performers with charisma.

  • boystan


  • JUG

    So sad that Bieber is now introduced so often as “bratty”. I think he was going for “thuggish” or “gangsta” so bratty must be quite a disappointment.

    • ivan

      Last time I looked he’s not going around looking for fights, selling drugs, getting stoned drunk, having sex on stage like some rap and rock stars have-google it, using welfare, being racist, hitting or abusing woman, having multiple kids from different woman, and so on. He’s a choir boy next to a lot of other celebrities that get a pass

  • Anonymous

    That girl looks about 16. Wayyyyyy too young to be a hotel rep or whatever you guys are going on about.

    • kdelly

      its hawaii … everyone is VERY young looking there….what a wonderful place

  • ayy lmao

    I’m here for the bulge

  • ivan

    Why is he blamed for the overreaction of his new bodyguard to a nosy, pushy pap who is only looking for dirt on him. TMZ has paps following him everywhere; can’t they ever leave him along to even enjoy his vacation. Screw the paps!

    • Austin Ames

      You stole the words right out of my mouth!

  • kdelly

    I think its so funny that Bieber or any star’s body guards demand or force people to delete their photos. I’m taking a video/photog journalism class in college (junior) and according to the LAW you can be photographed or filmed without your permission if you are in a public place…that being said even if you ask someone not to take them or post them they o not have to listen…. ALSO briber is a “public figure” and there are SOOOOOO many LAWS protecting private citizens, but once you be come a public figure/have celebrity status you no longer have many of those right….BOOOOM KNOWLEDGE