• Duckyhoward15

    How do you know that ocean up :D ? maybe its like the Cara/Paige thing ;)

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    ok OU… it’s hard to defend you when you shove words in people’s mouths at times lol…. he (nor ken baker) literally never said once that they are friends with benefits NOR that they are even hooking up NOR that they even hooked up.

    • Duckyhoward15

      I like it when you make it easy for people who visit this site :D

  • totorolove

    i like them together. idgaf if it’s for a publicity stunt.

  • Oceanup owners are cunts

    Oceanup, you are a sorry excuse of a celebrity gossip site. Not fucking once did they say or even mention that they were having sex or had a friendship with benefits. Get new material amd for once grow the fuck up with your jealousy.

  • boystan

    aw i want them to date

  • sjkdjf

    Nice try. This relationship is obviously fake. They will never see each other naked.

  • Alii

    Their babies will be beautiful.

  • Gia

    LOL if he himself said they’re just friends and so did Kendall, why is the headline saying “Just hooking up with Kendall”? They’re just trying to start shit that doesn’t need to be brought up.

  • sdfsdfs