Joe & Blanda Jonas Xbox One Launch

joe-blender-jonasdanibabiJoe Jonas, Blender Eggsandbacon and brother Kevin leave the Xbox One Launch party held at Milk Studios in Los Angeles. Both Joe and Kevin left the event with a highly coveted new Xbox One video game console. So happy they are doing something important now! Photos: GSI Media.

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  • cerenagee

    Blanda looks really pretty here

    • JJ456

      He is too…

  • anon

    Joe got his early christmas present!

  • anon

    Nick didnt go, cause he’s team playstation.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      lol… i wonder. Im sure dem bitches are just taking whatever they can for free.

  • M

    Oceanup, I love your sarcasm.
    There was a time when Joe was living the FAST LIFE but now he is living the SAD LIFE.

    It’s funny how they go event after event. He is working so hard as publicist of Blender lol. Pretty sure he will continue to attend these events with Blender trying to make her dream a reality. Being a celebrity.

    Joe better enjoy getting invited to these events because soon, he will be a Z list celeb!… he gets money for attend these events? he needs $ because Blender is living off his money. She is a homeless ..she almost never works

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      girl youre going ape shit

    • well damn

      damn you just went in on them +1

  • anon

    meanwhile nick bought olivia victorias secret panties 7 for 26 dollars.

  • anon

    Joe probably buys the most expensive panties for Blanda. They probably come with a camera attached to it so she can take pictures of Joe jr and sell them to the media!

  • Ka

    ThE FAMEwhore looks like an old MAN and Joe looks like a kid, a short kid

  • XaskTaylorX

    Blanda EggsandBacon (Teehee) looks kind of weird here. Love that name! XD

  • RedneckAtHeart

    LOVE her dress and jacket!

    • anon

      She stole this look from Olivia!! Olivia posted a pic on extra tv with the exact same dress and color so PATHETIC

  • anon

    the jonas publicist said the feud was only about the music but Nick and Joe never hang out anymore. what a lie……

    • JJ456

      We finally agree on something.

  • anon

    Kevin doesn’t hang out with Nick either. actually no one hangs out with Nick anymore….

    • anon

      But at the same time Joe and Kevin have more things in common now. Like Joe and Kevin are both husbands. Nick is still the baby who is not yet married.

      • Ee

        Sorry but joe jonas is not married you stupid only Kevin is married get your facts straight

  • anon

    Do you think the Jonas would have broken up if Nick wasn’t dating Olivia or was just single? or dating someone else?? I don’t know why but I find him douchey whenever he’s with someone. That’s not me being jealous..

    • anon

      They would have broken up regardless. Nick was doing solo projects like the movie way before Olivia was in the picture. While Joe and Kevin were busy being stay at home husbands. I think the issue here is Blanda. Ever since she came into the picture Joe has been lazy.

      • Ffghjbh

        Home husbands ? Sorry joe jonas is not married what are you talking about? Don’t made up things sweetie

      • Ty

        Wow haha husbands wow I wonder that you are not a fan and you don’t know nothing about jonas brothers
        Your comments is embarrassed

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      Nice convo you are having with yourself…. SMH… RMFE… #wecanseeyougerl

  • threelittlebirds

    don’t like the dress, but i love the color

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    “So happy they are doing something important now!” ok

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    who they?

    • boystan


  • su

    eggenshit is desperate to be a celebrity. joe had better girlfriends in the past.

  • JJ456

    Joe looks amazing, I love him in black!

  • boystan

    w h o

  • Sara

    You guys are so pathetic wasting your time on a kids gossip site harassing a couple. Like why don’t Olivia and Nick get this much hate? Olivia has posted way more photos than Blanda or Joe have ever posted with each other. Why can’t you guys grow up and get over the fact that Joe has a girlfriend and actually takes her places and deal with your 2 year old bullcrap. Pathetic.

  • RegReach


  • anon

    unf he looks so good with a mustache.

    • JJ456

      Oh no, is it this time of the year again, lol…saint Joseph (yet Dick gets rewarded).

  • anonymous

    FUCK YOU OU for posting about these two idiots AGAIN!!!!!!!

  • getlikemiley

    eh im just not a fan of her NEXT