• Anon

    hmmm they didn’t get a photoshoot taken while there. maybe cause they don’t call the paps like Joe and Blanda do. I love how low key Nick and Olivia keep things.

    • Anon

      Or because now that Olivia works for Extra she’s giving them all the exclusives about their relationship so they don’t need the paps.

      And they certainly weren’t low key when making out at the US Open for the paps, or making out for the press at Nicks birthday party. Janda has never done anything like that

      • Anon

        Janda has never put on a show for the paps/press?! think again, that’s what they do just about every day. All they do is go to events together and go to places that are heavy with paparazzi so they can get photographed together.

        • parishiltonsbff

          runyon canon is a paparazzi hang out though, so I’m surprised that they weren’t photographed.

          • Anon

            that’s what I’m saying and they’re not out looking for the paparazzi either.

          • parishiltonsbff

            trust me, the paparazzi’s next meal is dependent on selling pictures. If they’re out looking for a celeb, they WILL find them. especially at runyon canon.

      • Jewel

        Since when does Olivia work for extra?

  • cerenagee

    I think its so beyond ridiculous that people make a big deal about celeb couples being affectionate or hanging out in public. are they supposed to stay in side and hide from the sun all day? of course they are going to go out of fucking courseee they’re going to show each other affection no shittttt they are going to attend events together and try to look as well put together and well rounded as possible. they dont want to be picked apart! but somehow you people find ways to do it. they’re damned if they do and damned if they dont.

    like really nick and olivia cant even go on a hike together without that being sketch? come on now.

  • Sherry

    Oh good a picture from far away her complexion looks really good in this pic. : )