Selena Gomez Kansas City Bum Touch

selena-gomez-kansas-city (35)Selena Gomez Kansas City Meet & Greet pix! + more Mall of America pix.

  • Hov

    I remember when Bieber touched fans boob once he was trashed by entire site, but Selena does it almost all the time and ass grabs or whatever and she’s classy queen lol. Just sayin’ if this was Miley it would be trashy.

    • Julia

      I get where you’re coming from but in this picture you can clearly see its the FAN touching her butt *sigh*

    • cerenagee

      I’s like you people have no humor. If Miley did this it would not be trashy. The thing is Miley doesn’t do playful things like this. She takes it to a whole different level.

    • anonymous

      it’s cheap and trashy, but the meaning behind beeb touching his fans is completely different

    • Bae

      The thing is.
      Selena isnt even right getting grabbed. While bieber did grab that tit hard.
      And bc miley. Nobody would say a thing cause its nothin new

  • cerenagee

    I think this is cute that Selena is so playful with her fans. It shows she’s a lot more down to earth than other celebs.

  • Bae

    She looks gorgeous. Love everything aboout her look :)


    This hairstyle really suits her! Most beautiful she ever look! But then again, she’s always beautiful that it’s hard to choose which is the best.

  • boystan


  • Lauren

    if this was Miley…