Liam Payne ‘Selena Gomez Is Hot’

Liam Payne told Latina that Selena Gomez is hot and Harry Styles agreed! Liam told E! News about rumors of Sophia Smith on Twitter: ‘I don’t really think she looks at it too much to be fair,

Because, well, I kind of told her not to anyways. There’s just stuff out there that you just don’t want to see.’ How would Liam feel solo? ‘I don’t really know how it would work. It kind of scares me a little bit.’

Who’s the biggest flirt? Harry Styles. Or actually maybe Niall Horan, sometimes. He’s a bit of a dark horse. You don’t expect it but then you see it and you’re like, ‘oh, OK.’

Who’s always late? Zayn. Zayn and Louis, lately, but Zayn has always never been a good timekeeper. But it’s one of those things when you go into something and you’re open that you’re late all the time.. it’s expected. But when I’m late, it’s a big deal. I get told off for it and stuff.

Who spends the most time on their hair? Um, to be fair, I think when we get to work, I’m the only one person who’s ever done his hair. So probably me, to be honest with you, cause the other lads just come in with their hair all over the place, whereas I leave the house looking sharp.

Who’s the messiest? Louis, 100 percent. If we’re on the tour bus, we usually have a back lounge, and the back lounge is just full of his clothes and shoes, just random stuff everywhere. He’s so messy, I can’t live like that. I have to know where everything is.’

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  • Scar

    Selena’s cute and has a baby face she’s beautiful yes but hot not so much..her body is awkward and she looks very young! But I guess it’s different taste. I think she’s beautiful bot not hot at all.

  • Dara

    I will never ever understand what men see in Selena. I’m not trying to be rude, so don’t give me crap for saying this, but her face looks like a 13 year old’s face. She has no boobs or ass, and even her legs aren’t that great. Are their any guys on this site that can explain to me what is so attractive about her?

    • Duckyhoward15

      I think they are trying to be nice cos she is always nice when it comes to them :)

      • aff

        Harry yes. But Liam was pretty excited

        • Duckyhoward15

          Well men men men

    • Scar

      Yeah I kinda agree, she isn’t all that but she is pretty though :) Like I don’t consider her ever being as pretty as Angelina Jolie or Halle Berry or whatever, she’s actually average to me :) Her body is ok nothing special, to me Demi has a way better body and face…she looks more mature idk :)

      • Anon

        Ia w you and all the guys I know irl find Miley and Demi hotter

    • Peter

      I’m a men and she’s hot and to be honest way more than Miley :P Not a fan of her tho.

      • Anon

        I don’t find her hotter than Miley. Selena is too baby faced to be hot.

        • hvnhn

          some people are like that they have baby face and they are older by their age

      • fghfh

        you are a men yeah right

    • N

      That is all about them lips. You have no idea the power that lips have on men

      • lol
        • N

          I see no difference between their lips? But i will not argue with you. Taste is taste

          • lol

            well I didn’t say her lips are bad they’re nice but there are many better, and her face in total is ok compared to those I send you, she is beautiful but not the most beautiful one

          • N

            Off course, there are women and girls prettier or more atractive than her. The question was about what men finds atractive on her and gave my input. Although I find Selena more atractive than these girls in your pics. But not more than Angelina or Catherine or Charlize.

          • anon

            Selena is hotter than Scarlett Johansson? It’s like saying Liam Payne or Harry Styles is hotter than Chris Hemsworth like not. You’re comparing a baby with a grown woman/man. The baby is never going to compare to the grown woman/man.

          • Ee

            haha you are joking right ?selena is look like a normal girl like anyone please you are probely selena fan thats why you like to talk like that not every one likes selena and her look’s is like regular person please they are more a lots of woman who real are very beatiful

          • n smyth

            your a fuckin retard

          • lol

            Rihanna has the best lips though !

      • micheal

        her llips look like the ass she don’t have what are you talking about? she a cute girl like a doll because they have that chubby face on dolls but she certaintly don’t look like a woman, she looks like a child, she is cute but when she tries to look sexy she looks ridiculous. like she trying to hard. I do find miley to look more like a woman and she looks more grown up than selena, selena stay with the baby face, miley grow out of the baby chubby cheeks baby stage and selena didn’t. they are saying that about selena because theey are been nice, but they said miley was hot and seeing that they keep mentioning miley and dressing like her I think they find her more attractive, but they know selena and they don’t want to hurt her feelings. she looks better with makeup but without makeup she looks ever younger. she does have pretty lips like a doll but she always has them open like trying to act too desperate to look sexy and it doesn’t work for her because of her super chubby cheeks.

        • Cici

          Selena is just overall a beautiful girl. Your attitude, personality, & what you put out in the world makes up a lot of your beauty.

    • Austin Ames

      Well I’m a guy and I don’t see anything special in her at all. She looks young and her face is nothing special without all that make up, she is really beautiful but compared to many she’s nothing.
      Beyonce’s hot,Megan Fox,Penelope Cruz,Angelina Jolie, Catherine Zeta Jones is hot and many other.

      • aff

        You are not a guy MCMimi

        • Austin Ames

          Selena’s fans are the funniest lol. Come back with something better little girl/boy, but nice try :D

    • A.U.

      Maybe personality is what’s attractive…Some guys don’t go for a perfect body, just a pretty face, intelligence, and a good heart. I need to find me one of those men, lol.

  • Cici

    Yeah can’t really call Selana “hot”..yet.. give her a few more years to mature look wise. Like her mom is a beautiful woman & Selena is beautiful girl.

    • ty

      well you say that because you are a fan of her thats why not anybody found her pretty

      • Cici


        • ty

          are you?

  • boystan

    the bae is so cute

  • Silver

    Lol. So many guys have said Selena is hot… famous boys that 85% of young girls would do anything to date…. but the women on this site… “Nothing special… too young looking… meh, etc”, lol unless you are a lesbian your opinion does not really count.