Miley Gets Rid Of Bleached Eyebrows

Screen shot 2013-11-23 at 2.05.07 AM
The hypocritical Miley Cyrus has finally gone back on her decision to dye her eyebrows bleach blonde, and has reverted back to brown eyebrows. Looks like she could not pull off the Lady GaGa look for long.

  • getlikemiley


    • Molly

      Are all of you aware that she did it for a photoshoot, right?

      • :)

        I knew that!!! Unfortunately you have some kids on here that it just goes right over their head.

      • getlikemiley

        I was aware that she bleached them for a project, but Miley goes with the reaction of people and I’M GLAD SHE DECIDED TO CHANGE THEM BACK INSTEAD OF KEEPING THEM BLEACHED FOR ATTENTION.

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  • celine

    And the biased, biter and anti-Miley gossip site posted yet another childish post just to make Miley look bad. Seriously though, this could have been one amazing gossip website if it can post articles that does not bash Miley or any other celebrities for that matter.

    • Anon

      It’s actually not the site that makes Miley look bad, it’s Miley that makes Miley that makes Miley look bad

      • celine

        While that is given, the site, I think is exaggerating almost every thing. Do they really need to label her as “The hypocritical Miley Cyrus”? I don’t think so. She may have been behaving in ways that are not acceptable to maybe the majority but it’s not their lives. She have feelings as well. How can we all be sure that what’s been shown in the television is what’s really happening or if that’s what she really feels? Some people can comment all they want but to name call and bash. They can be discreet and simply say that what she did was wrong or simply say “what was she thinking?” but to call her names. That’s just insensitive when in the first place, Miley didn’t do anything bad to them personally. Besides, it is her birthday. Give her a break for once. That’s all.

        • cerenagee

          they go from calling her that to Miley Christly. Its a gossip site, really what were you expecting?

          • yes

            just because they call her that you shouldn’t tolerated is wrong in so many levels half of the stuff they said are not true about miley and made up, why don’t they talk about the good nice things she has ddone and more so than selena and demi.

          • cerenagee

            Quit comparing her to Selena and demi. She isn’t either of them.I’mcomparing her to her old self. I say the good things she does all the time. That ddoesn’t mean I have to likeher look aand just because it offends you doesn’t mean I’m going to be quiet about it. If you can’t handle people criticizing miley then don’t go on a gossip site.

          • part

            what you think that miley don’t know you hatred spread around and that is againt god wished, what has she done to you? NOTHING personally, just because is a gossip site is not to tear people apart is to see what they are up to and say good things people makes excuses by making that stupid excuses is a goissip site that your argument? really that all you could come up with? that doesn’t make it right in bullying her constantly what you or anyone say spread and they are stupid people that actually go on her twitter and hate people with no lifes, instead of talking negative why not see the good in her which is definitely a lot more than selena and demi has done, but of course that wouldn’t make you feel better talking about the good deeds right!!

  • Yay

    She has really lost her femininity. She’s looking like a 13 year old boy every each day.

    • Sonny

      No matter looking like a boy or girl. I’m just glad that she’s looking human again.

    • HarryCurls

      She kinda reminds me of Aaron Carter of back then in the main pict

  • Cassandra

    Why can’t people just leave her the FUCK! alone.She does one thing then everyone attacks her,and stupid celebs feel the need to publicly express their dislike for it,when it wasn’t even permanent!! i seriously feel so sorry for Miley,i just want to give her a big hug.She is constantly being put down,and hated on.She is 21yrs and doesn’t have to impress ANYONE or act how society expects her to act,goodness sake LEAVE HER ALONE soon she will become depressed.She is being bullied all the time!!

    • anon

      You guys that disliked this are low lifes and are scum of the earth that have no heart.I wonder how you would feel if you were Miley being constantly hated and attacked on.I agree with cassandra,but sadly that will never happen.People are cold hearted

    • Alii

      Calm down, Chris Crocker.

      • kurty

        is true why should she come down you are one of miley bullied, and constantly bashing what did miley ever do to any of you????? you are a bush of haters she a sweet girll and she don’t deserve the hate from nobody because she hasn’t done anything to nobody.

        • Alii

          Speak for yourself. I have my reasons for not liking her anymore, as do most of these girls.

          • CARRY

            NO they don’t have reason for hating what are the reason? did she personally abuse you? did she personality hit you? did she personality bullied you? because you are bullying her!!! for what for being herself? that what bother you! that your problems not hers!!!

          • :)

            They don’t like her anymore but they continue to show up on her posts. I guess it makes them feel superior when they knock someone down.

          • Alii

            Funny how you despise this website and the people that go on it yet you continue to visit the site and make comments like those.

  • Rosemary

    She’s honestly just a mess

  • Olivia

    Wow she looks so handsome. Her jaw looks so hot!

  • mayonaisse

    “birfdayyy?” “pressie?” Looks like someone’s vocabulary hasn’t expanded.

    • HarryCurls

      She’s no Einstein or Shakespeare

  • cerenagee

    i like the brown brows wayyyyy better

    • Too bad

      She still ugly though

      • cerenagee

        totally agree. she still looks just blah in this picture. like a lot of the other commentors said, she totally lost her femininity and she looks super pasty in this picture too and her lips look ick. poor thing. she used to be fucking beautiful

        • cerenageee

          shut the fuck up you dumbass beaner, she’s always been beautiful. you on the other hand shouldn’t even be talking….

        • Cici

          Agreed. She hasn’t lost it completely like Lohan…it can be salvaged!

      • in jesus name i pray amen

        she just looks ESPECIALLY butch/lesbian.

        • cerenageee

          so do you. stop talking about yourself.

    • Cici

      Hopefully next is dying that hair back brown

  • anonymous90

    You haters suck.You act like you are better than her.Self centered bitches on here

    • :)

      They’re heartless bitches.

  • part

    I don’t understand why ocean call her hypocrital? she change her mind just like selena has multiple times about making music and sleeping aroun with underage kids, how Jonas change their mind about virginity, just like demi change her mind about drugs and punching people. why say that about miley and not the others, miley gave you fame be and all of this people too don’t be ungratefull now.

  • anon

    thank god. those eyebrows were horrid.

  • Pln

    Oceanup your so dumb stfu it was for a photo shoot!

    • cerenagee

      It was for a music video? And OU is simply reporting the facts. Miley is a hypocrite. She also just died her eyebrows back to normal. Sit down and chill.

      • cerenageee

        bitch you need to SIT DOWN AND CHILL. she can dye her eyebrows any color she wants to and still could rock it better than your beaner ass

  • @nn@mmm

    No Lady Gaga look should be copied ever.

  • boystan