Thompson ‘I Blame Society For Miley’

miley-cyrus-sexymiley-browsActress Emma Thompson spoke out tot Daily Mail about Miley Cyrus: ‘She made the choice of going hyper-sexual for a reason, and we’re all responsible for that, because that’s what we buy, and that’s what we click on. Those quick clicks are dangerous.’

On the influence social media has over teens: ‘There’s no jurisdiction or protection. Thank God, this is a highly intelligent generation and it needs to be, because it’s exposed to things we simply were not exposed to. And we were exposed to all sorts of things.

Particularly for the parental generation, it’s a big concern. Men who look at porn regularly cannot function sexually because they’ve lost the use of their imagination.’

  • kik

    Wow, the two Mileys don’t even look like the same person. She’s changed SO much. I agree with Emma Thompson, if sex didn’t sell and if people didn’t click on it and didn’t give Miley millions of views, she probably wouldn’t be doing this. Sometimes I think that maybe if Disney didn’t control her moves and the things she wanted to say so badly, she wouldn’t be exaggerating this much. Her lack of freedom made her be like this today, she probably felt so much pressure and couldn’t do what she wanted to do, and now that she can, she’s doing EVERYTHING possible to break free. Remember she was even younger than Selena and Demi when she entered Disney.

  • cerenagee

    dang thats crazy how much shes changed. I personally really like this picture of the current miley though. I thought she looked really cute this night

  • xx_lola

    but miley didnt shave her eyebrows so why would she..i am done with humanity.

    • oh

      I think that was the joke…since Miley has no eyebrows, she’s sending her her eyebrows so she can use them? If it’s not a joke, then uhhh..yeah that’s disturbing.