1D Story Of My Life X-Factor UK Lip Sync

  • Julia

    Are you serious? that’s not lip sync…!

  • Duckyhoward15

    Ocean up , Harry has rougher voice than the original one , Louis is softer here even Zayn played with his voice when he said ‘Gone’

  • boystan

    doesn’t sound like they’re lipsyncin

  • live.love.learn.

    Wait what?? When is this from? Are they not in America for the AMA’s? O.o

    • Duckyhoward15

      It was prerecorded :)

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      twas a week ago

  • Bonnie

    they were formed on a singing show so why would they need to lip sync now… oceanup literally sucks at keeping up with things.

  • Julia

    What OU means is that the audio was pre-recorded then they lipsynced to it during there pre-recorded performance for the UK X Factor as they’re in LA for the AMA’s at the moment. It’s completely normal in TV, nothing to get fussed about.

    • kay

      the performance was pre-recorded not the audio they actually sang the song live and recorded the performance

      • Julia

        When they shoot a performance for TV they take several takes and shots so they can edit it together later, they need to pre-record the audio so in editing they can layer it over the footage. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s the way TV is done unless actually live then it’s brutally rehearsed months or weeks in advance. I know what you’re saying,I’m not trying to be horrible. it’s lipsyncing but NOT the lipsyncing you think I mean, it’s editorial lip sync. OU twists stuff we know that but i thought i’d let you know how it;s done. I’m a film production student :)

  • me

    not a fan but this doesn’t sound like lip sync you need to get your info right next time…

  • anjelica

    Guys this is the exact same performance from the US show, they just make the judges blurry so you can’t tell!! and if you watch the US version and the UK version they altered their performance.

    • t.

      it’s not from the US show because the stage this year on the US show is in the shape of a letter X

  • Lucy H.

    This is so not lip sync.. If you hear this and the track you can see how it sounds different. The fact that any artist may sound good doesn’t mean that its on playback. Its just that they have talent and that’s why they become famous and succeed! (:

  • milena

    this is not lip sync.. hear harry’s voice… it sound raspy and also with all of their voices..TOTALLY NOT LIP SYNC !

  • s

    better than x factor usa :/